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Photo Gallery: Honeymoon Road Trip – Schotia Safaris Game Reserve (Addo) (2009-11-18) My Life | Photo Gallery 18 NOV 2009

Schotia Safaris Game Reserve is a privately held and run game reserve, which offers fantastic game drive packages, which start off in the late afternoon and end up with a great big group supper. Dashing back from our trip through the Addo Elephant National Park, Chantelle and I made it just in time for the start of our game drive – which turned out to be yet another highlight of our amazing honeymoon road trip around South Africa!

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Photo Gallery: Honeymoon Road Trip – Addo Elephant Park (2009-11-18) My Life | Photo Gallery 18 NOV 2009

No real vacation in South Africa is complete without visiting at least one big game park, so the one that we visited as part of our big honeymoon road trip was of course Addo Elephant Park, where we spotted a grand variety of wild life, enjoyed a good lunch, played the part of tourists, and then acted like hooligans in order to get out of the park as fast as possible in order to make it back in time for our scheduled game drive at the Schotia Private Game Reserve!

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Photo Gallery: Honeymoon Road Trip – Lemoenfontein Game Lodge (Beaufort West) (2009-11-09) My Life | Photo Gallery 09 NOV 2009

The first stop on our whirlwind two week trip around the country for our Honeymoon saw us sleeping over at the fantastic Lemoenfontein Game Lodge, just past Beaufort West. We were treated to a private game drive, enjoy a marvellous supper, and then sat the next morning eating breakfast whilst looking over probably one of the most breathtaking landscape scenes ever!

A highly recommended weekend away if you ever find yourself in that area, that’s for sure! :)

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