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Games-Xetra Durbanville Games | My Life 20 MAY 2010

I’ve mentioned before that our pals Andy (Andrea) and Albert Snyman went and opened a gaming store out in Durbanville called Games-Xetra and now thanks to some video magic from the ever creative Albert, here are two video adverts showcasing the new shop.

The store itself is actually pretty great. Nice and large with a good selection of both new and second hand games, not to mention a nifty little gaming nook for you to test out the latest games at, plus a host of other gaming peripherals on offer. Those of you keen on trading in games will also be glad to know they accept trade-in on PS2, Wii and XBOX 360 – for more than a decent price (better than any of their competitors, that’s for sure!)

You can hit their online presence at http://www.games-xetra.com/2010/durbanville/ or visit the shop in person at Shop 4, Die Fakkel Sentrum, 22 Oxford Street, Durbanville. Alternatively, give them a ring on 021 975 7355.

As far as I’m concerned, another gaming store is always a good thing and now that I’ve done my plug, it’s time to sit back and enjoy Albert’s wizardry! :)

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Stupid Gaming Addiction My Life 26 MAR 2007

So I’m out buying a gift voucher for my buddy Karls wifes birthday on Saturday when I decide to go to Musica to see if I can get her a nice one there. The first thing I do when I walk into the shop is not go to the till point and enquire about the voucher, oh nooo, I have to walk straight into the games section and check out whats there. (Well, there were a hell of a lot of PS3s lying around I must say definitely not flying off the shelves).

A quick look around leads my eye to fall on a double pack featuring Superman Returns: The Videogame and The Godfather for a ridiculously low price of R220. Obviously my damn cheapskate gene kicked in and I picked it up an bought it on the spot. Damn you Musica for making me buy more stuff!

superman returns ps2

(Oh, I also snagged .Hack//Quarantine Part 4 on Sunday as well well at least I intended on buying that one from the start :))