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Quick and Dirty PHP URL Shortener Software & Sites 27 JUN 2013

github logoAn URL Shortener isn’t a particularly difficult piece of code to write, nor implement. Basically it is nothing more than creating a short unique string and associating it with a full URL, with some redirect code written to handle any incoming short code links.

That said, just because it’s easy doesn’t necessarily mean that I feel like writing my own version right now, which is why it was super useful to come across Brian Cray’s nice, simple and very portable PHP-URL-Shortener project (on GitHub) that makes it a snap to get a quick and dirty URL shortener system running on one of your hosted domains.

Setup is little more than creating a database and user account in which to store the links, upload the provided files, edit the config file, and rename the .htaccess file. Literally a five minute job!

You can shorten links both manually (by browsing to the location you installed to) or programmatically via the supplied API.


Related Link: https://github.com/briancray/PHP-URL-Shortener

MD5 Hash Prefixer and Image Size Standardiser Projects | Software & Sites 03 SEP 2007

Two more quick and dirty applications that I needed can now be found under the CodeUnit banner.

MD5 Hash Prefixer

MD5 Hash Prefixer takes all the files in a specified folder, creates a MD5 hash for all the file names and then prefixes that hash to each file name. Note that the folder parsing is not recursive in nature.

The files are all backed up before the process is undertaken.

md5 hash prefixer screenshot

Image Size Standardiser

Image Size Standardiser allows you to force all the image files in a specified folder to either a specific width or height (in pixels). The images are all stretched and shrunk to meet the required measure, though this is done while maintaining the image’s original aspect ratio.

The files are all backed up before the process is undertaken.

image size standardiser screenshot

Related link: https://github.com/craiglotter/