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Knocked off My Perch My Life 10 JUN 2011

Sigh, knocked off my perch so quickly.

After my epic championship performance at our four man FIFA battle (chronicled here), and due to another scheduling faux pas of the optometrist visit on my part (I do now actually have an appointment for next week, meaning that we’ll probably have our third FIFA get together in a row!), meant that I was back in Bellville on Tuesday evening, battling with the boys over a gamut of FIFA soccer games using nothing more than our dedicated thumbs and tireless wireless controllers.

This time around though, we did have the foresight to bring with a popcorn maker, popcorn and some Coke Zero, in order to fulfill the dual purpose of satisfying the munchies and acting as a distracting agent in order to beat another man’s defense as he reached for the bowl.

Ryan and I took on Karl-Heinz and Terrance for the first round of three, and surprise surprise, the level of play had increased tenfold since the previous week, meaning three hard fought battles in which KT even managed to draw a game for a change!

I did however score what was to be the top goal of the evening in one of these early bouts, blasting home a rocket from Totti into the top left corner, clipping the side of the goal post as the ball nearly tore through the roof of the net!

For the next round of three, Karl-Heinz and I went on the offensive and despite our best efforts, we too managed to only pull a single draw out of the hat, and yes, Karl failed to score again, much to our delight because it gives us a good target to rib. (You should have seen his major “welly” attempts. I think the ground staff had to send someone outside the stadium in order to retrieve the ball, that’s how far and high he blasted one particular shot over the net! :P)

I did however also manage to claim the most absurd goal of the evening during this round, with a half hearted header/bouncy thing off a Karl corner that trickled past everyone, hit the post and kind of just flopped over the line. Not exactly my finest attempt, but a goal is a goal so I’ll take it! :)

Anyway, for the final three, Ryan and Karl-Heinz took on the might pairing of Terrance and Craig and after the first real wallop for the evening in which Terrance I obliterated the RK pairing, the unbelievable happened and Ryan knocked me off my previous week’s perch, as he not only managed to draw a game with Dr. Storbeck, he even managed to win one!

But when we say win, you won’t believe how it happened. Although they were rightfully two one up in the second half, Terrance and I worked a fantastic goal, dummying the keeper and setting it up for an easy tap-in to score the equalizing goal. We were already celebrating with high fives when we realized that the whistle had blown after the celebratory animations and the referee then proceeded to call us back to take our free kick for a foul committed outside of the box. Outside of the box. And we scored a goal from the resulting advantage! Our jaws simply dropped to the floor.

But as Ryan says, all that matters is the numbers on the scoreboard at the end of the day, meaning Karl and him walked off with a win, making Ryan the undisputed overall champion for the night!

And as for Karl, nope he didn’t manage to score even once in the entire evening. Again. Shame man, at this rate he’s going to develop a complex about it… ;)

Anyway, it was loads of fun as per usual, so thanks to the boys for making this one happen, and hopefully we’ll be doing it all over again, come next week Tuesday!

Turning 31 My Life 10 MAY 2011

Tomorrow I will be officially 31 years of age. Yup, now well and truly on the slippery slope downwards, towards the dreaded “old age” that will eventually catch up to all of us. A lot changed in one year, and from having a lot of goals in front of me, and perhaps being a little despondent and questioning at this exact point a year ago, I am now down to only a handful of life achievements that I aspire to, or that I can at least think of.

Case in point. I now have my loving wife, my comfortable home, my beautiful daughter, I’m earning a decent salary in a field which I enjoy, I have a reliable car for a change, and my journey towards that elusive black belt continues at a steady pace.

So what does this mean for me and the things I still want to achieve in life?

Without a doubt, one of my crowning achievements in life! :)

Well actually I’m in a pretty rosy position, considering that I literally only have four identified achievements that are of any importance to me – and best of all, all four of these “life” goals are actually very, very achievable. And so in no particular order…

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