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Review: Golden Boy (1995) Anime | My Reviews 21 MAR 2014

golden boy anime 1Oe Kintaro, age 25. A professional wandering spirit, he withdrew from Tokyo University Law School before graduating, but only after he had already completed all the requirements for graduation. Ever since, he has travelled the highways and byways of Japan, trying out new jobs and positions, and learning about life to the fullest. Riding his favourite bike, the Mikazuki 5, he keeps moving forward, always on the lookout for new knowledge and adventure.

In tip top physical condition and sparkling mental health, his hobby is studying the world (and the girls) around him. And who knows, someday perhaps he may just be destined to save Japan – or even the world.

Or then again, maybe not.

Golden Boy is based on the manga written by Tatsuya Engawa (who even makes a cameo in episode 6). It is an extremely funny 6 part OVA that takes a look into the life of Kintaro Oe, a professional wandering spirit. Kintaro is a free spirit, moving from job to job whilst travelling throughout Japan on his trusty bicycle. Kintaro is a very bright, athletic and healthy boy, though one wouldn’t say so from watching his actions. Kintaro is a good man with a good heart and will go out of his way to help others without them even realising that he is helping them. Coming across as an idiot and a nobody, Kintaro uses this to his advantage to learn more about the world around him. All his experiences are jotted down in his trusty notebook, his crib notes for life. Kintaro’s only weakness is his eyes for beautiful girls. Kintaro is a bit of a pervert, who can’t stop thinking about sex and pretty girls. Although never doing anything about his perverted visions, Kintaro does have one strange vice – the weird obsession with hugging and drinking from the toilet that a pretty girl has used.

The OVA follows Kintaro through six of his adventures, all involving a host of pretty women. He works as a software house janitor, a noodle maker, a swimming instructor, a house boy, an election campaigner and even an animation production assistant. And in each job he finds some girl that needs his help – even if she doesn’t know it yet. The stories are all funny and charming, with one sitting on the edge of their seat to see how Kintaro resolves matters right at the last moment. The only problem with the series if there is one, is that the stories all follow fairly the same plot. Kintaro finds job, Kintaro sees girl, Girl has problems, Kintaro solves them before running off into the sunset. However, given that this is only a six-part series, it gets away with it just fine.

The animation for this title is excellent. The use of facial expressions to emphasize the humour couldn’t have been better done. Every time you see Kintaro doing or thinking something stupid you can’t help but laugh. The women are all sexy and well-proportioned and the action sequences are fluid and exciting. The colours look a bit washed out, but that may just be the copy I watched. The voice acting for both the Japanese and the English versions are good, though I must say that the English version brings across the blithering idiot character of Kintaro across far better than its Japanese counterpart. The opening sequence animation and score aren’t up to much though it must be said.

If you are looking for a good ecchi laugh, the Golden Boy will deliver. A truly funny anime, it is a must see for all serious guy otaku.

golden boy anime 2

(Historical Note: This was written back in October 2004. Thankfully my writing has improved greatly since then.)

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Screenshot Saturday: Golden Boy (Episode 2) Anime 13 MAR 2010

Golden Boy, how can you not love this classic? Honest lad, seems a bit simple at first glance, loves the ladies just a little too pervertedly, always gets in trouble… anyway, today’s screengrab for our Screenshot Saturday slot comes directly from episode 2 of the original OVA series…

How can anything compete with this overwhelming sense of joy received from cleaning a beautiful young lady's exclusive toilet I ask you!?

Tatsuya Egawa’s Golden Boy is undoubtedly one of those guilty little pleasures one has to afford one’s self  if you are a big Anime watcher. Very naughty in places but always with tongue stuck firmly in cheek, the series as a whole is just an absolute laugh-a-minute, serious to the core delight which is easy to digest and an absolute must in any young man’s collection.

Today’s Screenshot Saturday grabs its material from episode two of the 1996 OVA, entitled “Temptation of the Maiden”. Basically we find Kintaro hired on as a campaign staffer for a mayoral candidate, where he is assigned to tutor his boss’ attractive teenage daughter, Naoko Katsuda. Unfortunately for him though, little Naoko isn’t quite as naive and innocent as she looks!

Of course, as you can see from the above, none of this quite matters to Kintaro (and all his fetishes)  just yet – as long as he can clean the toilet on which her pretty bum normally rests, he may as well be the happiest temp around! :)

Indeed, this may be the only way to be close to said lady's bottom...

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