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Gorilla Glass vs Sapphire Glass in Touchscreens Science, Technology & Curiosity 30 AUG 2016

Most of us are pretty familiar with the term “gorilla glass” when it comes to selecting which phone we need to next buy, but did you know just why gorilla glass is so tough? (Hint, it is strong on a molecular basis!)

gorilla kissing glass with reflection

And then there is the new kid on the block known as sapphire glass, which is more or less made from, well sapphire.

Linus Sebastian’s team at Techquickie have put together a great little video explaining Touchscreen Glass as fast as possible:

Not that you need it for smartphones as such, but if you are looking for glass resistant to thermal shock, then there is always Borosilicate glass to be considered…

The science of glass – who knew? ;)

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My Introduction to Android: Galaxy Ace S5830 My Life 15 JUN 2011

What, who, how?! I didn’t believe the SMS I received the other day from Vodacom, alerting me to the fact that I could now upgrade. “That’s impossible,” I exclaimed, “there is no way that I’ve had my delightful Samsung Star for two years already!”

But a quick check in my records revealed the truth – it had been two years already and I was indeed due for an upgrade, nice, and after seeing an advert on TV for the new Samsung Galaxy Ace on a Vodacom contract, I sprung into action and did some Internet research – all of which led to a very quick realization that this was indeed the phone I wanted, my first ever Android “smartphone”, and most importantly, probably the shortest ever phone search in the history of me owning a mobile phone! :)

Anyway, I placed a quick phone call to the Vodacom shop in the mall (Somerset Mall in case you were wondering) just to make sure they had some Galaxies in stock (they had 5) and half an hour later, I found myself seated in the Vodacom Shop waiting for assistant Wendy to fill in all the necessary forms before I handed over my upgrade administration fee and left the store, now a proud owner of a shiny black Samsung (I’m such a fanboy) Android midrange smartphone.

And boy am I pleased with my upgrade (as is Chantelle who is quite jealous and now full of respite that she didn’t do the necessary homework before going for her current Windows Mobile device).

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