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Not a Particularly Happy Weekend My Life 23 APR 2013

This past weekend wasn’t exactly the greatest it must be said, thanks for the most part to both Chantelle and I being laid out cold with the first proper illness brought on by the changing season – all thanks to little miss Jess who happily passed on all her bugs to Mommy and Daddy!

granny bothma at christmas lunch

I didn’t go in to work on Friday in order to attend Granny Sedge’s memorial service, which was held at the Eden Park Retirement Village. The service was well attended by both family and friends, and I was honoured to be asked by the family to do the eulogy for my late gran. After the sad affair and a little bit of tea and sarmies were indulged in by the guests at the retirement village, the close family was invited to meet up at my folk’s place for some lunch and snacks, and while Chantelle eventually left to continue her baking work, I ended up pretty much spending the rest of the day there.

Saturday I awoke feeling as if a bus had driven over me and after taking some medication and killing a little time at home, I drove through to Kuilsriver to meet up with the family at Gran’s house in Eden Park, in order to start the process of emptying the little place of all Gran’s belongings. Dad hired a nice big trailer for the job and in the end, we pretty much managed to find a home for all the bigger items, with little Jessica scoring a beautiful white toy box in the process. Not feeling particularly well at this point, I left in the afternoon and joined up with Chantelle at her folk’s place in Bellville, where I promptly crashed on the guest bed for an hour and a half or so, before rising to eat a little supper and watch a little rugby, finally making the long trip back home where I promptly crashed into bed and slept from 21:00 right through to 08:00!

Sunday saw both Chantelle and I still feeling pretty grotty, so we organized for the Montgomery Clan to come over for a visit and for Monty to see if he could fix the braai room lights that had blown a few weeks ago. As it turned out, the lights was a relatively simple fix, mainly a matter of locating the burnt off wire and reattaching it to complete the circuit, meaning that after a light lunch the sick Lotters joined the healthy Montgomery Clan and little Jessica for an enjoyable outing to the Strand Duck Pond, which saw plenty of pieces of bread being devoured by the ducks, and lots of excitement on the kiddie’s playpark!

As for Sunday evening, I spent the majority of it in bed once again.

(But at least I bounced back feeling better in the morning.)

Grandma Bothma Eulogy (2013) My Life 22 APR 2013

Sadly, my mom’s mom, my Gran, passed away recently. I was asked to say something at the memorial and in an effort to preserve it online, this is what I said.

Iona Ray Bothma (1930 – 2013) – Memorial 19 April 2013

Thank you for all coming today. We’re gathered here in remembrance and to pay our respect to Iona Ray Bothma, who some of you would have known as Iona, others as Mom, and to me and my brother and sister, Granny Sedgefield.

Gran was born in Hanover in the Karoo, though most of her schooling years took place in George where she spent the majority of her childhood. Then it was off to Cape Town where she would eventually meet and fall in love with my grandfather Stefanus, and from there it was life in the Northern Suburbs for them, where they were eventually blessed with two wonderful children, Stephen and Cheryl. Finally it was off on retirement to Sedgefield, which is the part of their lives which we grandchildren associate with the most, hence the moniker of Granny and Grandpa Sedgefield, which to this day remains the way Ryan, Claire and I refer to them.

We spent pretty much every holiday and long weekend travelling up to Sedgefield to visit with our grandparents and it was there that we were spoiled and loved, and truly experienced Granny’s remarkable kindness and empathy, her genuine interest in and love for all her family.

She was a home-maker good and proper, with a huge love for her sewing and knitting, for her gardening, and of course her two little furry doggy companions, Piaf and Chloe. Together she and grandpa were without a doubt the highlight of our lives as children when away from home, always ready with a surprise present, or a delicious snack, or just that much needed hug and cuddle.

Eventually old age caught up with them and they moved back down to Cape Town, and joined the “family” here at Eden Park, where funnily enough, my father’s parents had also moved in. Sadly though, my grandfather took ill and passed away (almost ten years ago now) which was of course a terrible blow to my grandmother, but who instead of just giving up, silently soldiered on, long enough for both my sister Claire and her husband, and myself and my wife to present to her her great grandchildren, Devon and Jessica.

One of the first (and most striking) things that comes up whenever you talk to friends or acquaintances about Gran is the incredible level of thoughtfulness she had when dealing with people, that incredible patience and kindness she showed to everyone, a quality which without a doubt defined her very being.

And it truly is sad to lose a person like that.

The only solace we as family can take from her passing is that she did touch a lot of people with her kindness over the years, and more importantly, is now finally at rest, reunited with her beloved Stefanus and Stephen in heaven.

We will miss you terribly Gran, but we can rest assured that you are smiling down upon us and for that, we are grateful.

Rest in peace Granny Sedge.