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Ending a Touchwork year at Groot Constantia and Pastis, Cape Town (2018-12-11) Photo Gallery | Travel Attractions 26 FEB 2019

Following the last year-end function at Monkey Valley in Noordhoek, 2018’s Touchwork/Hypenica year-end function moved a little closer to home with a delightful session of wine tasting at the granddaddy of Cape wine estates, Groot Constantia, followed by a delectable French-themed lunch at nearby Pastis Brasserie.

Now a provincial heritage site, Groot Constantia is recognised as being the oldest wine estate in South Africa, with this age old winery having been established in 1685 after the land was first granted to Simon van der Stel, the then VOC Governor of the Cape of Good Hope.

These days, in addition to the production of excellent wine, Groot Constantia is also a major Cape Town tourist attraction (a member of Cape Town’s Big 6 to be exact), with the grounds being home to the Cape Dutch Manor House, the famed Cloete Cellar, two restaurants, a wine tasting centre, wine and cultural history museums, and walking tours of the vineyards and modern-day production cellar.

As for us on the day, we were there to taste wine, and taste wine we did.

Next up, a short stroll down the road lead the French-themed team to the Pastis Brasserie, a French inspired eatery that has been around since 2004. More wine was drunk, speeches had, Mystery Santa played, and lunch tucked into.

Great way to end off another good year for both sister companies really.


Celebrating Claire’s 30th Birthday with a Lunch at Jonkershuis My Life 23 NOV 2011

I rather enjoyed our big Touchwork team build lunch earlier this year, held at the magnificent Jonkershuis restaurant situated in the heart of the iconic (and historic) Groot Constantia wine estate.

Thus, you can quite understand my excitement when a mail arrived in my Inbox from Claire earlier in the week, inviting the GB Lotter clan to join Riley and herself on Sunday in celebration of her 30th birthday – which as it would stand, had fallen on the previous day, i.e. the day of Jessie’s big 1 year old birthday bash!

It would seem that Jessica’s party had sucked up all the sunlight and good weather on the Saturday, leaving little other than dark clouds, loads of rain and a fluctuating temperature and humidity to deal with on the following Sunday. Nevertheless, Chantelle, Jessie and I made it safely through (thanks of course to the help from my faithful old TomTom GPS unit!), albeit 10 or so minutes late – unfortunately we were delayed due to Jessica’s first “roll off Mommy and Daddy’s bed and hurt yourself” incident! (Just a little bump on the head, nothing too serious in case the previous sentence made you gasp).

As it was, we actually rode in directly behind Dad’s Lexus, who came bearing mom, dad, Ryan and Granny Bothma! Originally the plan had been to sit outside on the terrace and enjoy lunch, but the rain had pretty much put a stop to that idea, meaning that instead the Jonkershuis staff had to create a seating for the 10 strong gathering. Thankfully this didn’t cause any problems even in the slightest, and in fact, we were given a fantastic table in the very cosy main restaurant!

It was great to have the whole family together and lots of catch up and taking in Jessica was had, before we tucked into lunch itself, picking from the fabulous varied menu that is the Jonkershuis experience. (For mains I enjoyed the most delicious and succulent of steaks I might add!)

The afternoon very much flashed by, and after just short of the three hour mark, the weather cleared and it was time to go, but not before grabbing a few more important photo shots.

So here’s to my sister on her 30th birthday – I trust you had a good one, that Riley spoiled you absolutely rotten, and most important of all – that there are still many more to come! :)

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(P.S. Thanks a stack for lunch Claire and Riley. As for the rest of you, you can check out the rest of the gallery here. Nifty.)

Touchwork Jonkershuis Lunch and Team-build Outing My Life 06 SEP 2011

Whilst I’m still barred from blogging regarding my work here at Touchwork, I always enjoy mentioning the few times we get to let down our hair and enjoy ourselves, like last Friday’s first Touchwork team lunch since the sales and marketing division joined, coupled with a clever little team-building session thought up by Rory and Robyn who had been tasked with organizing the whole event.

Having navigated through the morning’s various disasters (things always seem to go wrong on days when you plan not to be in the office!), the team eventually left around 12:00 and made their way through Constantia to the renowned Groot Constantia Wine Estate, where we successfully located our target of the Jonkershuis Constantia Eatery.

We had booked out one of the entertainment/conference rooms in the old classic Cape Dutch style farm buildings, with a huge roaring fire to ensure it remained cosy and four tables arranged in a square so that we could all be seated facing one another. A seating plan had already been drawn up in order to split the divisions and the four at each table then automatically became a team for the upcoming team-build events. As it turned out, I was placed in a team with John (marketing manager), Disha (QA tester) and Theo (sales guy).

After an introductory talk from Rory, the teams leapt straight into battle over 30 Seconds, with two teams featuring Sven and Rudi quickly proving to be the top dogs in that arena, whilst Rory’s troops and our team battled not to be last! The game was interrupted by the arrivals of starters, and I must comment that my beef teriyaki was simply divine! 30 Seconds continued until mains were served, and again the food (I had the steak) was absolutely fabulous, as was the conversation from the now warmed up crowd! :)

Lunch was followed up by the next fun task, this time with Robyn and Rory surprising us all by pulling out the Lego sets and setting us an initial task of building a bridge within a given time limit that needed to be strong enough to hold Robyn’s weighty iPhone without collapsing, but with the added criteria of being the longest and tallest in order to take top honours! This task was loads of fun (I must have been a kid the last time I touched any Lego!) and despite murmurings of foul play due to prior build plans, Rory and Robyn’s team easily walked off with the win.

The second task was even more fun, with the goal being to build the highest Lego tower, which was stable enough to stand upright for a minimum of 10 seconds in front of the office fan which had been hauled along for the ride. After some last minute corporate espionage to get the winning height right, our team actually won the challenge, weighing in with an impressively tall structure which was as solid as a rock in front of the fan!

All this fun was then followed up by dessert, which was pretty funny because there was a lot of dessert swapping going on as guys conveniently forgot what they had pre-ordered during the week, though I was luckily able to secure the chocolate bread pudding which I HAD ordered off the menu, and once again, I have to admit that it was absolutely delicious. Seriously, I can’t say anything bad about their food or service whatsoever! :)

A cheese platter with coffee, combined with the prize giving rounded out the day long event, I won a beautifully plain teal coffee cup in case you were wondering, before everyone finally decided to call it a day and abandon ship. A quick stop to drop Disha off at her house, and then it was the long road back to Gordon’s Bay, with me ready for a nice quite night with Jessie and Chantelle, followed by an early bedtime – because yes, I did have a little bit too much wine and beer in the system, let’s not lie about that! ;)

So thanks once again to Rudi, Rory and Robyn for organizing and hosting such a successful Touchwork outing!

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