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Reluctantly back at Gym My Life 26 SEP 2015

So reluctantly, I find myself a gym member once more. For probably just more than a month now, Chantelle has us both signed up by the ridiculously convenient (in terms of location) Bay Fitness Gym.

The gym is situated in the Mountain View Centre (next to Woolworth) in Avondrus street, making it a whole five minutes, if not less, away from me. Obviously it is a lot smaller than the large gym chains like Virgin Active (where I have gone to gym for the majority of my adult life), but is nevertheless spacious enough to play host to all the weights and machines that one needs, with a handy little studio floor tucked in via a second floor platform perched on top of the very decent bathroom facilities.

As I said, all the usual suspects in terms of weight and cardio machines can be found on the floor (in limited quantities due to the space restriction), but the weights section is well stocked, the music system upbeat and on point, and the staff are particularly friendly, helpful and available.

There are some classes presented in the morning and evenings (including spinning), but as I have not yet been able to try any of them out, I can’t quite comment on that.

Sadly though, Bay Fitness continues that horrible gym practice of encouraging lengthy term sign ups rather than more simple, friendly month to month ad hoc arrangements, meaning that Chantelle and I both signed up for an initial six month period at a rate of R390 per person per month.

(And of course, as gyms are always prone to do, there is also a big sign up/administration fee upfront which can’t really be explained and is needless to say, a bit of a turn off).

We did however receive two bottles of wine on sign up, so I guess that counts for something! :)

bay fitness gym gordon's bay weight lifting

All that said though, the setup is decent and well run, the atmosphere good, and admittedly, I’m rather fond of it already (even if I find myself not being particularly fond of gym itself any more).

The icing on the cake however has to be its location. By far the most convenient gym option of Gordon’s Bay residents, I now find myself dropping the kids off at their respective little play schools and then popping into gym for a quick session before heading home to work – with the entire journey being pretty much in a short straight line!

And you know just how much of a sucker I am for convenience… :)

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Dekneecapitated My Life 18 AUG 2010

It would seem that the treadmills at Steenberg Virgin Active have suddenly all decided to rebel against me.

So picture this. It’s lunch hour and I find myself happily kitted out in gym and ready to put in a quick 20 minute run before I return to my ball and chain back at the office.

The first treadmill I step on has much promise, overlooking the swimming pool, a working television monitor, looks pretty clean – only one problem though – it looks like the software has jammed up because this damn thing simply won’t start up!

No worries though, this is a whole bank of treadmills, none of which are currently in use. So I’ll simply shift over to the next one, and punch in the exercise plan and hey, I’m off.

However, only five minutes into my run and all of a sudden the unit loses power and decelerates to a stop, leaving a rather sweaty and bemused Craig standing at a complete and utter loss for words.

Bugger. Two treadmills in one session?

Oh well, on to the next one then I suppose. This one started out a lot better and soon I was happily huffing and puffing away, plodding along at a fair speed and enjoying the exertion while watching some TV on the monitor, when all of a sudden, without warning, the machine stopped dead in its tracks, screaming a message about the track being blocked and catapulting a rather surprised Craig violently forwards.

Now of course, with my body weight being what it is, it takes a little longer for my upper body to stop going forward after my legs have already been planted (damn you inertia!), and so there was no real alternative other than to crash heavily into the front of the treadmill.


Needless to say, it really isn’t a surprise that I now pick the exercise bikes until I reckon it’s safe to approach those nasty treadmills again! :P

See, see, they aren't targeting her at all!

Race Condition for The Towel Hook? General Nonsense | My Life 03 JUL 2010

Why, oh why does Steenberg Virgin Active seem intent on creating a race condition for towel hooks in their shower facilities? Look, I love the fact that this is one of the few Virgin Active’s that saw it fit to actually put doors on their shower cubicles for a change – which is pretty cool – but for the life of me I can’t understand why the 12 shower cubicles, arranged in a inwards facing square consisting of three attached cubicles on each side, all feature a ration of two towel hooks per three showers.

It simply doesn’t add up!

So what follows now is a race to claim one of the towel hooks before they are all gone, with the potential of causing some pretty nasty and potentially embarrassing scenes.

So tell me Virgin Active Steenberg – do you really want grown-up, naked sweaty men fighting in your shower area? O.o

The Randomness of it All My Life 05 JUN 2009

Seeing as Chantelle remarked on just how random yesterday’s random post was, I thought I should randomly churn one out again, just because I had another good gym session this morning. Actually, on that front I’ve really kept up the pace of the gym in the morning before work gig, literally not missing a single step these last few weeks apart from the days where a) I didn’t have a car and b) I was in Johannesburg on business. Round this off with my relentless karate on Monday and Wednesday, katabox on Thursday and then evening treadmill sessions on Tuesday and Friday after work, I certainly can’t help but feel a little more confident about losing the necessary centimetres for the wedding…

yellow tape measure

Exercise Disaster My Life 05 MAR 2009

Ha ha, not often that this happens, but this morning I made all the effort to get up early for gym (as per usual), got dressed, got to gym, stepped on the treadmill for 30 seconds, did two lat pull-downs and then promptly stepped back into the change rooms, showered and went to work.

I wonder if I can blame it on this Cape Town heatwave or perhaps the great big shroud of smoke hanging around Somerset West and Tokai? Or perhaps on the flickering electricity supply that put all our electronics through absolute hell last night, forcing Chantelle to jump on me at midnight in order to do something about all the flickering lights that were keeping her awake?

Sigh. What I do know however is that I’m tired. Very tired. Perhaps tonight I shouldn’t read through a third of a novel (Terry Pratchett’s Making Money was awesome – as always!) or watch Marvel’s Next Avengers (which was pretty fun too) like I have been doing the last two nights in a row (in amongst doing Commerce I.T. work of course!)? Hmm, going to bed early for a change, now there would be something new… Oh wait, I’ve already booked tonight’s tickets to Pink Panther 2 – Chantelle is so going to hate me for this! :P

Guess maybe I’ll just have to sleep in tomorrow instead of faking gym again then! :D

gym lat machine

Mass Delay My Life | Sport & Health 27 NOV 2007

Lift WeightsWow, last night was the first time in ages that I’ve experienced a delay with the train system, the result of which saw me only arrive back at Bellville station a good half hour later than normal. I’m thinking it is because the forces out there were doing their utmost to keep me from going to gym. They already lashed Cape Town with enough rain and gloomy weather to put me off, but the delayed train was a stroke of genius on their part, I must admit.

Unfortunately for these malevolent forces, enough is enough and yesterday was the day that I was finally going to return to my gym routine. For a good couple of weeks (if not months!) now I’ve been slacking, using my knee, my health, my level of fatigue and even the weather as factors in not going. In fact, I’ve even used Chantelle’s visits as an excuse not to go train!

But my body is starting to show this lack of commitment to my fitness regime, and to be honest my energy levels appear to be at their lowest ever as well. I’m growing older by the minute and I need to keep at least a moderate level of activity in my lifestyle if I don’t want my health going totally downhill. – So amazingly enough my resolve held, and I did indeed venture to Virgin Active for a totally rejuvenating sweat-out session. It felt good to be home, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that the gym had in fact rearranged all the equipment back to the way it used to be – much better if you ask me :) Guess when enough people complain, changes are made.

In any event, hopefully this is the start of a trend and I can finally get my body back on track! I’m planning on going again tonight, and nothing is going to derail me!

(Apart from a train maybe)

We’ll also just ignore the fact that I pigged out at Starlight Diner last night though – I was craving for one of their big Mexican burgers and just couldn’t help myself! Thank goodness Chantelle was home last night, so I could use …Taking her out to supper’ as a valid reason for going :)