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A Cupcakery Update My Life 18 OCT 2013

So we are now well down the path of Chantelle running her own little baking business from home, meaning that it’s probably about time I give a little update as to how its going.

The most recent big update to come out of the whole thing is of course the name change that’s taken place. Formerly known as Chantelle’s Cookies and Cakes, we’ve rebranded to emerge as Chantelle’s Cupcakery, with an image shift towards being more classy than the old homely appeal that we had pushed in the past.

We roped in our friends at Branch Designs and commissioned this stunning logo from them – which I then promptly went and added to all our official letterheads, posters and business cards:

Chantelle's Cupcakery Business Card

(Sadly, I’ve been far too busy to even think of getting around to updating the new website, but that will come all in good time. At least the domain and new e-mail address are up and running though.)

In terms of our presence, outside of all the private orders of course, you can still catch our cupcakes, macaroons and cheesecake at the Sacred Ground coffee shop in Franschhoek, and of course at the weekly Willowbridge Slow Market in Durbanville. We’re currently in talks with Fruit & Veg Stellenbosch to get our cupcakes into their little coffee shop, and from this Summer season onwards we’ll be expanding our markets footprint, starting with the Doilie Market at D’Aria Winery in Durbanville, and the Century City Natural Goods Market in Century City. (In fact you can catch us at all three market locations on the upcoming weekend of the 26th October!)

In terms of production, Olga and Chantelle’s mom are now regular hands on deck to assist in all the baking and decorating, and if you pop along to Willowbridge on a Saturday then you’ll see new face Leandra manning our stall (though every now and then we steal her spot because we also love meeting all the people at the market!).

I’ve appointed myself official finance guy of Chantelle’s business and so we’ve spent many tedious nights doing costings and finances in my trusty Google Docs Spreadsheets, the end result being that I can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that Chantelle’s business is at least happily chugging along in the black.

And then of course there is the big Stellenbosch Christmas Market we’ve been accepted to be a part of that is busy looming its ridiculously large head…

So all in all it is good news all around for Chantelle’s Cupcakery! :)

And now you know.

chantelle's cupcakery high heel cupcakes

Chantelle’s Cookies and Cakes My Life 14 DEC 2011

So a little earlier this month, wifey Chantelle got her game on and went ahead and launched her homemade treats as gifts business (just in time for Christmas!), which I then went and duly dubbed Chantelle’s Cookies and Cakes after deciding that she needed a website to support her new venture.

So why Chantelle’s Cookies and Cakes as a name then? One, it describes pretty accurately what Chantelle is doing and two, her previous venture back when she was fresh and just starting out had been called Chantelle’s Cuisine, so this just seemed kind of apt.

Pleasingly, she seems to like it.

She’s already taken a couple of orders which is pretty exciting, and after being “forced” to do some quality assurance after I convinced her she needs to make trial batches in order to get the pricing right and so that I could get some pictures for the site, I’m happy to announce that if you have a sweet tooth or are keen on giving someone something pretty awesome this festive season (or any other time for that matter), then you should certainly give Chantelle a shout at chantellelouiselotter@gmail.com!

So far the pricelist includes such decadent delights as chocolate truffles, chocolate-dipped turkish delight, chocolate brownies, real butter shortbread, peanut butter cookies and outydse soetkoekies.

And yes, I can indeed vouch for them all in terms of quality and taste! ;)

So yeah, now you know.

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(And for the record, the website is coming along quite nicely, though there are still a lot of tweaks and whatnot I need to give it under the hood before I’m completely happy with it. But at least it is up and running, populated and ready to inform, just as a website should be!)

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