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Windows 7: Context Menu Image Resize: Image Resizer for Windows Software & Sites 08 MAY 2013

Having shifted to doing most of my work on a Windows 7 laptop here at home as opposed to my usual trusty Ubuntu workhorse that I’ve been using for the last couple of years, I needed to replace the useful functionality of quick image resizing via the context menu which I had simply adored on Ubuntu.

Luckily I found a great little replacement without too much difficulty: Image Resizer for Windows, written by Brice Lambson.

From their website: Image Resizer for Windows is a utility that lets you resize one or more selected image files directly from Windows Explorer by right-clicking. It was created so that modern Windows users could regain the joy they left behind with Microsoft’s Image Resizer Powertoy for Windows XP.

It’s a small download and a simple install, and I’m happy to report it works great, right out of the box. Well worth giving a run if quick image resizing is a game-changer for you then.

image resizer for windows ContextMenu

image resizer for windows ImageResizer

Related Link: http://imageresizer.codeplex.com/

Ubuntu Lucid Lynx: Simple Resize of Images by Right-Clicking on It! CodeUnit 26 JUN 2010

Seeing as we are all using Ubuntu/Gnome’s powerful Nautilus file manager, a particularly quick and easy way to resize or rotate images by simply right-clicking on them comes courtesy of the extremely handy little Nautilus-image-converter extension.

Installing this extension and then restarting nautilus (or simply logging out and then back in again), reveals two new right-context menu options available when clicking on an image file’s icon, namely “Rotate Images…” and “Resize Images…”. Selecting either one of these options brings up a dialog which then allows you to simply either rotate the selected images or resize them to the dimensions of your choice – without having to fire up an external application like GIMP for example!

To grab the helpful little extension, simply run the following from your terminal:

sudo aptitude install nautilus-image-converter

Simple as that! :)

Image Resize: TimThumb PHP Script CodeUnit 17 DEC 2009

PHP-logoTimThumb, created and maintained by Tim McDaniels, Ben Gillbanks and Darren Hoyt, is a rather popular open source, image resizing PHP script, mostly used for generating thumbnails for blogging purposes on the fly. The script is fairly powerful, executes quickly and needs almost nothing from a developer in order to get it up and running on their own project.

The script makes use of the GD library to resize images based on the parameters used when calling the script. Thumbnails maintain aspect ratio and the script deals with jpg, gif and png files pretty well. It also has a caching system built in which helps keeps things fast.

In terms of parameters, the script allows you to set any of these for an image to be resized: