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Generate Your Instagram Top Nine Software & Sites 28 DEC 2018

At the end of every year, Instagram users all tend to start releasing their “Best Nine” post for that year, essentially a collage image featuring the top nine posts (in terms of likes) for that account.

Strangely enough, Instagram doesn’t actually offer this fun little feature as a native function within their app – meaning that you need to turn to other apps or websites to do the dirty work for you.

Now bear in mind, there are a few websites/apps that require you to authenticate or at least link your Instagram account in order to proceed (essential if you operate a private Instagram feed), but seeing as I don’t really want to trust any third party site unless I absolutely have to, I skipped all of those and headed straight over to the 2018 Best Nine website.

A quick enter of my Instagram handle (craiglotter), a little twiddling of the thumbs, and out popped a nice square collage, ready for sharing. Simple stuff.

(Bonus: If you are looking for an alternative, then Top Nine also does a pretty good job.)

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How to Download a High Quality Image from an Instagram Post Software & Sites 01 NOV 2018

These days I try to almost always use photos that I myself took when writing posts for this blog, and seeing as Instagram has very much become my social media network of choice over the last year or two, I essentially always have a picture on hand when I need it.

That said, grabbing a high quality image off of Instagram is much harder than what it should be, which is then exactly where the exceedingly useful DownloadGram steps in.

First, grab the Instagram post that you want to get the image from (easiest is to click on the share icon and select the Share URL/Copy Link option), next, fire up the DownloadGram website, paste the link into the first big textbox, and hit the “Download” button.

If DownloadGram successfully identifies the source of the image, it presents to you a big green “Download Image button”. Click on that and you have your better than low-res image.


(Bonus: If you are looking for an alternative to DownloadGram, then 10insta also does a great job of locating the higher quality versions of Instragram post images.)

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