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Travel Insurance for You
[Partner Content] 13 MAR 2015

Going for a holiday overseas is pretty daunting. So much planning, so much thinking, so much packing. Of course, one thing that doesn’t usually cross your mind is “What if something goes wrong?”.

Well it probably should, because just imagine you slip on a damp ramp in an Austrian restaurant and your knee folds in ways knees are designed to fold? Or perhaps you’re strolling around Mexico City, snapping pictures and then step into an open manhole courtesy of a stolen manhole cover?

Sure its funny now, but these things do invariably happen, which is exactly where the concept of travel insurance comes in to play.

Travel insurance is in essence a short-term cover that applies when you are travelling internationally. In general it covers a range of things from trip cancellation and luggage loss to emergency medical and personal accident assistance – the emergency medical probably being the most important of the lot!

(The South African rand doesn’t exactly stretch far in most foreign countries, making the thought of expensive foreign medical fees rather daunting to say the least!)

Respected insurance provider AIG now also plays in the travel insurance space, and has packages suited for individual travel, business travel, and for those of you still young enough to qualify, student travel.

So worth a thought then when next you find yourself on the airline website busy pricing tickets for your latest overseas getaway!

Lunch Time in Shinjuku, Tokyo

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Santam and its One-of-a-kind TV Advert General Nonsense 06 MAR 2015

Back in the day, I used to insure with Santam, and actually quite liked them, which makes sense given that they have always produced some pretty enjoyable insurance-related television adverts over the years here in South Africa – and actually provide a pretty damn decent insurance  service to boot. (There, now who says advertising doesn’t work? :P)

Anyway, their latest television advert brings a smile to my face, not because I’m actually going to insure with them again, no, but rather because of the little twinkle of pride in my country that it invokes.

santam one of a kind country tv advert screenshot - hippo crossing

Essentially the set up is this: foreigners returning home and telling everyone about some of the unique quirks that makes South Africa… well South Africa.

If you are South African, then you’ll probably enjoy this. If not, then just know that all of it is absolutely true!

Love it! Just as Santam says on their advert reveal page:

“There are things that happen in South Africa, that are part of our lives. Some weird, some wonderful and some more serious. They’re one-of-a-kind things that you need one-of-a-kind insurance for. As South Africans, we’ve become so used to them, that we don’t even give it a second thought. But to foreigners, they’re often bizarre. 

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Knocking Down Auto & General Insurance’s High Premiums My Life 27 FEB 2012

The truth about short term insurance in South African is that nowadays we’re in a VERY competitive market, meaning that unlike before, the insurance companies are finding it a lot harder to rip people off, thanks to the fact that if they aren’t doing their job properly or perhaps trying to charge just a little too much, it really is a simple matter of just picking up the phone and changing to a different insurance provider – something that can probably be done in well under 10 minutes!

Anyway, I was with Santam for my insurance needs for quite some time, before Chantelle eventually got me to switch our insurance needs over to Auto & General, a) because we saved a lot of money in the process and b) she had heard great stories about them, so was willing to give them a shot.

So we did the switch and have happily chugged along for the last while, until we recently received a message in the post announcing an increase in our premiums that was well above the current inflation level.

This did not make Chantelle a happy woman, and as such she immediately phoned up Auto & General and demanded to know why we were subject to such a high increase and how much notice we need to give in order to switch to an alternative insurance provider.

She had to wait a couple of minutes for her rant to set in and for the call operator to first speak to his superiors, before he got back to her and announced a new rate of R912.59 for the same cover we currently have – which is a full R352.13 less than what we were currently paying before the annual price increase even kicked in!

So I now sit with a pretty chuffed wife, as well as a good reminder that it pays to check up and evaluate all your service providers on at least an annual basis. Competition for your business is fierce and nine out of ten timess the insurers will better your rate if you threaten to call the Hippo or whatever it is those adverts keep prompting us to do!


(Just a note though, Chantelle’s folks reckon that even at the new price from Auto & General, we’re still paying too much, so it may just be time for Super Chantelle to pick up that phone and head out into the breach once more…)

Death, New Life, Insurance? My Life 19 MAY 2010

Last Friday didn’t get off to the best of starts, and technically the drive home didn’t end on a good note either.

You see, I arrived early morning at the Steenberg Virgin Active gym like I always do and as I proceeded to swipe in, I was asked to please stick to the one side of the gym as they were currently dealing with a medical emergency on the other side. There on the lower level, down the left hand side of the pool a number of screens had been put up and you could see a number of paramedics working on someone lying down on the ground. Twenty minute or so later, the foil sheets were pulled up, police arrived and a bodybag made its appearance.

You see, as Chantelle later confirmed via a newspaper article, a middle-aged man had succumbed to a rather unexpected heart attack while swimming laps.

This got me then thinking about how death really can strike at any time and now with all my family responsibilities, I really do need to make better preparations for that possible eventuality. After all, now that I have a child on the way and something was say to happen to me, how would my wife be able to cope financially, never mind emotionally and everything else that comes with an unexpected death?

So what does this mean?

Well for starters, it does mean that I really should start looking after myself a bit better. I’m one of those “if I don’t know about it then I don’t have to worry about it” sort of blokes and as such have no idea of  my current health status other than the rather informal “I feel fine” verbal test. Maybe, just maybe I guess I need to start forming some sort of relationship with a healthcare practitioner sooner than later, something I’m pretty sure Chantelle will be pretty wild about! :)

More importantly than that, I do now have to look into things like life insurance policies and the like, because quite frankly, I really don’t want to sit with a situation where if I pass away my wife and child are dropped into absolute poverty or something like that. Of course, this means a bit of legwork from my side, and also leaves me with a question or two which I guess I’ll have to make time to find the answer to.

Sigh, all these extra things to think of and plan for now that one has padded themself with a family!

But responsibility is good and providing for is one of the things that makes a man a man and for that I am pleased to be in the process of building up the next generation Lotter family.

But it wasn’t good starting the day witnessing the life of a man ebb away after something as trivial as swimming a lap in a pool. Nor was it good to witness another man lying dead in the road after being knocked down by a car on my way home…

I won't lie, the desire to continue my morning gym session was not particularly strong after the incident.