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Joggers and Birthday Parties at the Jack Muller Danie Uys Park in Bellville (2017-10-28) Photo Gallery | Travel Attractions 16 NOV 2017

Around 2013 the City of Cape Town embarked on an ambitious project to upgrade its aging district parks, with the goal of developing world class, public open spaces of which the local communities could be proud of.

One of these spaces that saw (and is seeing) a significant upgrade (to the tune of around R15 million) is my old home town of Bellville’s previously dilapidated 13 hectare large Jack Muller Park.

Earmarked to be developed as a facility capable of hosting major events,  the Jack Muller Park (also known as the Danie Uys Park) saw the installation of a borehole based irrigation system (as a part of the City of Cape Town’s commitment to reducing water demand on potable water resources) as well as the updating and laying down of new footpaths throughout the grounds.

The large picnic area was completely revamped, and loads of fresh instant lawn was laid down. Bathroom facilities were updated, new security structures were built around the park, kids play areas were added (as always, the jungle gyms are a hit with the little ones), a dedicated biodiversity section was established, the amphitheater rehabilitated, and of course (it is currently a very popular thing for public spaces to do), an outdoor gym was installed.

We visited the park recently in order to celebrate Damen and Michelle’s kid’s birthday with our friends and I was pleasantly surprised to see just how popular the park seems to have become.

There were loads of birthday parties, joggers and outdoor enthusiasts to be seen, and the environment appears to now genuinely be a nice one to visit.

We’ve been to the outdoor cinema held here before, and I know that music concerts are sometimes hosted as well, but by far the most popular activity for the park must be the weekly Bellville Parkrun, which sees hordes of joggers and walkers arrive at 08:00 on a Saturday morning to tackle the timed 5km fun run.

One day I suppose we should actually join them.

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So, a great free green space option if you are looking to get some fresh air in Bellville then.

(Bonus: You might have noticed that the last picture in the photo gallery looks very different from the rest in terms of landscape scene. This is because that photo was taken on the same day but at a very different location! After our turn at Logan’s birthday party in the park, we raced back to Somerset West to make the pirate-themed spitbraai social get together for Emily’s Vergeet-My-Nie playschool. We arrived a tad late, meaning that the girls and I set out into the backwaters of Lourensford Estate in the hopes of catching up with the treasure hunt party that had already set out. Hence the lush green photo opportunity.)

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Movie in the Park and Lunch at Wild Clover (2016-03-05) Photo Gallery 20 MAR 2016

I’m not really familiar with the Greater Tygerberg Partnership (GTP) at all, though their website pegs their purpose as being: “GTP pursues the goal of an inclusive and economically prosperous greater Tygerberg region. Much of our energy is focused on assisting the area to become a vibrant, thriving and desirable place to live, work and play. To this end the Greater Tygerberg Partnership offers various services for investors, business owners, building owners and developers, students and the community in the area.”

That said, one of their events did however catch our eye on Facebook, namely their Movie in the Park initiative, which saw GTP rope in the excellent (and popular) Galileo Open Air Cinema company to host movie evenings in the beautifully renovated Jack Muller public park in Boston, deep in the heart of Bellville (my old stomping ground).

IMG_20160305_184803 galileo open air cinema at movie in the park in jack muller park bellville

All in all, four movie evenings were held in the park, with us catching the last screening in the series – a Saturday evening viewing of firm family favourite, Disney’s Lion King!

Alongside friends Evan, Natasha and Evalynne, Chantelle also roped in Monty and Cheryl, as well as Rob and Tarryn to join us for a movie evening under the stars, which I am happy to report was a huge success! (Apparently, just about 800 people pitched up!)

IMG_20160305_184738 craig lotter with emily at movie in the park in jack muller park bellville

Chantelle went all out in terms of the picnic basket, whipping up a delectable selection of gourmet treats, the weather was absolutely perfect (if a bit nippy towards the end of the evening), the entertainment was top notch (a Settlers High flash mob dance performance added to the night), and both our little girls seemed to thoroughly enjoy a grand old evening out (even if said evening out included the surprise pop up of the sprinkler system half way during the movie!).

Also, I have to add, I was suitably impressed with the visual and audio quality on the night, meaning that now that I’ve experienced Galileo’s Open Air Cinema experience for the first time, I’ll definitely be making it my mission to catch more of their showings in the future!

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Seeing as it was a pretty late evening out in Bellville, we opted to sleep over the night at Monty and Cheryl’s place, meaning that come Sunday, we needed to come up with a spot of entertainment for us and the girls.

Having seen Internet mentions of the kid friendly Fun House situated in the Durbanville winelands before, I thought it a good idea to try them out for a change, and so put out a pretty late invite to our friends to see if anyone in the area wanted to join us on the day.

Of course, the late notice was pretty much of no use to anyone, but amazingly Michelle answered our call for company and so came out to join us with young Logan in tow!

IMG_20160306_125210 chantelle lotter at wild clover restaurant in stellebosch

Sadly though, on arriving at the Fun House (which is really, really, deep in the Durbanville winelands by the way), it quickly became apparent that they were closed on the day (something regarding an emergency having arisen thanks to a cat and baby bunny incident from what we could glean), meaning a quick change of plan was now in order.

Although looking rather pleasant, we decided that Ntida wasn’t quite what we were looking for either, and so we decided to head all the way back towards Michelle’s stomping grounds, heading up the R304 to Wild Clover, a particular favourite of mine when it comes to kid friendly places on days with good weather!

Finally there, we secured a good table, took in the great music and ambiance, enjoyed some food (my pizza was pretty good), and chatted up a storm, all while the kids happily entertained themselves on what turned out to be a gorgeous summer’s day!

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(And pretty exhausting too by the look of it!)

IMG_20160306_170231 chantelle lotter asleep on the couch

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