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The Teeth are Coming, the Teeth are Coming! Jessica 04 AUG 2011

Jessica hasn’t been 100% as of late, snotty, endless coughing, restless at night, moaning more than usual – pretty much all things that you normally associate with babies when it comes to Winter time. However, we’ve been keeping a close check on her temperature (we have about three or four different tools/methods) and so far no fever, meaning no drastic action other than clean-up operations have been on the go.

However, we have been suspecting that dribble monster’s teeth might finally be on their way, what with all the chewing and gnashing going on (never mind the fact that teething gel seems to calm her down), and at long last it would seem like our suspicions are now accurate, with some very telltale hard bumps towards the back of her gums, lower jaw, front and center.

They haven’t started cutting through yet but they seem to be definitely there, so I guess we had better start stocking up on sleep before the big unhappiness rains down upon us! :)

And on another completely unrelated note, Jessie is still loving the Baby Steps creche, and thus far I have to admit that I’m pretty impressed with the operation. They keep us up to date with the log book, Chantelle has built up a good report with the girls on duty, and Jessie seems to be advancing far faster than what she would have if left to our own devices.

That said, it is also apparent that Jess is definitely behind in terms of her developmental growth at this stage, but seeing as she’s a prem that is pretty normal taking into account what we’ve been told, and thus definitely nothing to get too stressed about at this point in time (try telling that to her depressed Mommy though!).

As for me, I’m just happy she still laughs and smiles at all her silly daddy’s antics and songs, and I’m determined to enjoy/milk her to the fullest while she still finds me at least somewhat amusing! ;)

Jessica versus the Hiccups Jessica | My Life 07 MAR 2011

It is disarmingly cute when Jessica gets the hiccups, particularly when she was still in her tiny, fit in one hand growth stage. The hiccups literally shake her whole little body, leaving her wide-eyed and rather confused, if not to say more than a little bit uncomfortable.

This particular video was shot on her last day in hospital after her nearly two month long stay in the NICU, with Daddy visiting Mommy and baby in their private little room for the official sleepover ordeal. Needless to say, while Mommy was entertaining herself by watching 7de Laan (again), daddy had to do something to entertain himself! ;)