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Jesus Saiz: Checkmate Vol. 2 #11 Cover (2007) Comic Book Art | Comic Books 13 APR 2013

Issue 11 of the 2006 Checkmate comic book series from DC Comics, entitled “Corvalho Part One”, sees Fire, currently the Black King’s Knight, trying to break free from Amanda Waller’s blackmail in a move that will shake the agency from top to bottom. Outside of that, Checkmate is drawn into the politics of Santa Prisca which appear to have possibly been manipulated by Bane. Friction begins to rise as the other three Royals suspect Waller has a hand in things she should not.

Written by the team of Nunzio Defilippis, Greg Rucka and Christina Weir, with interior pencils from Steve Scott, Issue 11 is wrapped in the fun “burnt through” cover courtesy of the always hot Fire and artist Jesus Saiz:

Jesus Saiz: Manhunter #8 Cover (2005) Comic Book Art | Comic Books 31 MAR 2012

From writer Marc Andreyko and art team Javier Pina and Jimmy Palmiotti came 2005’s Manhunter issue 8, “Trial by Fire Part 3: Bad Influence”, in which Kate Spencer escapes her exploding car and tracks down Shadow Thief, who is in the process of trying to escape from Cheshire.

Needless to say, this doesn’t end with a milkshake at McDonalds.

Anyway, this gorgeous cover of Kate leaping into a flurry of arrows was created by the very talented Jesus Saiz, one of the original creators of DC’s first female to don the Manhunter suit!

And in case you didn’t know, the suit is from a fallen Darkstar, the staff from a fallen Manhunter and the gauntlets from a fallen Azrael. Scavenging at its finest! :)