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Another Weekend of Family and Friends My Life 03 AUG 2011

This weekend we got our visiting groove back on, despite the fact that Chantelle was called in to work to take care of Saturday night dinner and Sunday morning breakfast on what was supposed to be her off weekend. Oh well, what can one do, at least we got some leftovers out of the deal, meaning that she hasn’t had to cook on Monday or Tuesday evening thus far! :)

Whilst Friday evening was more about playing with Jessie, taking a break from our eating plan that we’ve been on for some time now (with some delicious home made chips and burgers in case you were wondering), and of course watching violent animated fare in the form of Hulk vs. Wolverine and Hulk vs. Thor, Saturday was a completely different kettle of fish as we made our way through to Bellville, in separate cars (oh woe is my pocket), after dealing with all the usual wonderful Saturday morning chores.

Taking full advantage of the beautiful weather we had been blessed with, I joined Robert at Wagner’s Golf Academy for a round of 18 on their little mashie course (more on this later), while Chantelle and Jessie enjoyed brunch with Oupa and Ouma. Of course, she had to leave for Gordon’s Bay early afternoon already, but with Jessica safely in the care of Monty and Cheryl, I took advantage of the eager babysitters and popped in for a solo visit with Ryan (where I also caught the Bulls vs Western Province game for good measure). With the day pretty much done, it was then time for Jessie and I to make the long trip home (with a quick stop at the KFC drive-through seeing as Chantelle would only be home much, much later), followed by the whole baby bedtime routine.

Sunday kicked off with a bath for the snot-covered, sleepy-eyed Jessie whilst Chantelle was back at work on breakfast duty, followed by another lock up of Country Mews as we made our way through to Bellville (again), though at least it was in one car this time around! :)

First stop was to Granny and Grandpa’s house, seeing as they had signed on for their very first babysitting gig, and after a whirlwind round of instructions and reassurances, it was off to Monty and Cheryl’s pad (who had been usurped as the day’s babysitters thanks to the early morning SMS plea from Mom and Dad) to pick up Zania’s birthday gifts which we had left with them on Saturday.

After that whirlwind stop, it was back on the N1 as we made our way up to Dean and Zania’s pad in Kraaifontein, with me driving for a change but still completely lost as all Hell (thank goodness for Chantelle’s sense of direction I tell you)! There it was a get together of all the friends (Damen and Michelle, Evan and Natasha, Karl-Heinz and Trish, Ryan, and of course the hosts Dean, Zania and little Zandea), paired with copious amounts of nibbles, cake and tart, one broken plate courtesy of my buttocks (apparently), and of course two guinea pigs, one of which made it out of the cage and into the awaiting arms of Karl, who seems to have some sort of a connection with furry animals (or at least one which I have now just made up).

One of Dean and Zania's furry critters...

It was an excellent catch up session with everyone, though we did eventually have to say our goodbyes and sneak out, hitting a dog with our car in the process, before we managed to even exit the complex! As for the dog(?), it appeared from nowhere, ran into/under our car, and then sprinted off again, so no idea how it is doing (or what it even is – didn’t see it!), though by the sound of the impact, I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if it is now dead. So not a great thing to happen, no.

Anyway, not dwelling on that unfortunate incident, we then headed back down to Bellville, where we proceeded to fit in a quality visit with Granny and Grandpa, who by all accounts had thoroughly enjoyed their day with Jessica, which had even included a long pram stroll with Dad around the neighbourhood and a visit from the pair of Great Grannies to boot! Of course, this being a Sunday evening meant that Chantelle simply had to have Idols running in the background (The Soap Girls? Seriously, did anyone see that one coming?), which really wasn’t all that much of a bad thing when you take into the consideration the leftover snoek snackwiches that Dad prepared for us for supper to go along with it!

And that was pretty much that, back home and beddy-time for the lot of us Lotters, bringing to an end what was simply a great weekend of friends, family and cake.


Final FIFA Foursome My Life 14 JUL 2011

So Monday night was our last ever XBOX FIFA Foursome including Mr. Brown, who leaves us in under two weeks’ time. Of course, this meant we had to make it a good one, which of course translates into loads of popcorn and some FIFA of course.

After a KFC for supper treat courtesy of Ryan, we arrived back at his pad just in time for the arrival of Mr. Brown and then eventually Dr. Storbeck as we sat down and got to the all important business of discussing Mr. Brown’s upcoming Japanese adventure and setting up the controllers. Oh, and then booting up FIFA as well.

To shake things up a bit, we reversed the team-up order and I started the evening partnered up with Karl, where we did fairly well in grabbing two draws (one of which we made the boys play catch up to us in!). However, we did also suffer a slapper of a loss – let us just say that by half time the boys were SERIOUSLY considering applying the mercy rule to us!

After a break for some Coke and popcorn, it was back to the lounge where Terrance and I took on Ryan and Karl, who for a change promised Karl right up front that this time around he wouldn’t shout at him too much – and bar only once, he did indeed keep that promise! (That said, it didn’t go well for them, with Ryan only being able to secure a single draw combined with his two losses in their three game outing).

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What, no Tales of XBOX FIFA Foursomes? My Life 09 JUL 2011

You might have noticed the lack of what was threatening at one stage to become a regular XBOX FIFA foursome report back feature, and you would be right – They have all of a sudden become scarce.

But that’s only because I didn’t get around to blogging about the last one, where in Karl finally managed to end his goal scoring drought, and Terrance claimed the overall top spot, thus distributing the last round of wins evenly between Ryan, Terrance and myself.

(Oh, and on the same night I got new contact lenses, grabbed some new manga, had McDonalds for the first time in a very long while, and ate chips instead of popcorn because we forgot to make).


However, now that we’ve played three and Mr. Brown is on the cusp of leaving for the Land of the Rising Sun at the end of the month, we can’t just leave it there and as such have organised a fourth and final showdown, giving Dr. Karl one last gasp attempt to secure an evening overall champion title.

The date is this coming Monday evening, the venue is Ryan’s pad, and the nourishment shall be popcorn.

You have been warned… that next week there’ll be another XBOX FIFA foursome report back. :)

Knocked off My Perch My Life 10 JUN 2011

Sigh, knocked off my perch so quickly.

After my epic championship performance at our four man FIFA battle (chronicled here), and due to another scheduling faux pas of the optometrist visit on my part (I do now actually have an appointment for next week, meaning that we’ll probably have our third FIFA get together in a row!), meant that I was back in Bellville on Tuesday evening, battling with the boys over a gamut of FIFA soccer games using nothing more than our dedicated thumbs and tireless wireless controllers.

This time around though, we did have the foresight to bring with a popcorn maker, popcorn and some Coke Zero, in order to fulfill the dual purpose of satisfying the munchies and acting as a distracting agent in order to beat another man’s defense as he reached for the bowl.

Ryan and I took on Karl-Heinz and Terrance for the first round of three, and surprise surprise, the level of play had increased tenfold since the previous week, meaning three hard fought battles in which KT even managed to draw a game for a change!

I did however score what was to be the top goal of the evening in one of these early bouts, blasting home a rocket from Totti into the top left corner, clipping the side of the goal post as the ball nearly tore through the roof of the net!

For the next round of three, Karl-Heinz and I went on the offensive and despite our best efforts, we too managed to only pull a single draw out of the hat, and yes, Karl failed to score again, much to our delight because it gives us a good target to rib. (You should have seen his major “welly” attempts. I think the ground staff had to send someone outside the stadium in order to retrieve the ball, that’s how far and high he blasted one particular shot over the net! :P)

I did however also manage to claim the most absurd goal of the evening during this round, with a half hearted header/bouncy thing off a Karl corner that trickled past everyone, hit the post and kind of just flopped over the line. Not exactly my finest attempt, but a goal is a goal so I’ll take it! :)

Anyway, for the final three, Ryan and Karl-Heinz took on the might pairing of Terrance and Craig and after the first real wallop for the evening in which Terrance I obliterated the RK pairing, the unbelievable happened and Ryan knocked me off my previous week’s perch, as he not only managed to draw a game with Dr. Storbeck, he even managed to win one!

But when we say win, you won’t believe how it happened. Although they were rightfully two one up in the second half, Terrance and I worked a fantastic goal, dummying the keeper and setting it up for an easy tap-in to score the equalizing goal. We were already celebrating with high fives when we realized that the whistle had blown after the celebratory animations and the referee then proceeded to call us back to take our free kick for a foul committed outside of the box. Outside of the box. And we scored a goal from the resulting advantage! Our jaws simply dropped to the floor.

But as Ryan says, all that matters is the numbers on the scoreboard at the end of the day, meaning Karl and him walked off with a win, making Ryan the undisputed overall champion for the night!

And as for Karl, nope he didn’t manage to score even once in the entire evening. Again. Shame man, at this rate he’s going to develop a complex about it… ;)

Anyway, it was loads of fun as per usual, so thanks to the boys for making this one happen, and hopefully we’ll be doing it all over again, come next week Tuesday!

Controllers and the Boys My Life 06 JUN 2011

Last Tuesday I was meant to take a trip through to Bellville after work in order to see Chantelle’s optometrist for a long overdue eye appointment plus contact lens order. However, seeing as he is currently on leave, this plan kind of fell through – which didn’t bode well considering that I had extended the original schedule by organizing with the gang a classic four man FIFA XBOX football gathering in the evening, something I really didn’t want to fall through considering we now have a very limited time with Mr. Brown before he leaves us for the Land of the Rising Sun.

So in other words, I went ahead with my trip to Bellville anyway.

The good news was that all four men were available on the night, and with the average age of the combatants now over 30 thanks to Karl-Heinz hitting the big number on Monday, you knew this was going to be a serious affair. No snacks, no drinks, just coffee (it was cold) and hands on the controllers.

Terrance’s copy of FIFA 11 was the game of choice, and we ran the full gamut of match-ups, with Ryan and myself pairing up for the first couple of games (and obliterating our opponents), then Karl-Heinz and myself for the next set (in which we were mostly obliterated apart from the one draw we managed to squeeze out) and the finally Terrance and myself where we obliterated the competition.

(And if you are doing the math, then yes, Karl-Heinz was indeed the weak link of the evening! :P)

As it turned out, my draw meant I was able to capture the title of most awesome player of the evening, something I’m sure to goad about when next we meet up (which is tomorrow by the way). It was a well deserved title looking back at it now, considering all those glorious goals I scored from start to finish…

(Oh and to seal my top dog position, I then went on to defeat Ryan post Terrance and Karl calling it a night).

Saturday I again got the opportunity for some competitive gaming when Robert swung by to say hi and also do a few jobs up in the ceiling for us. The work done and Jessica happily playing on her activity mat, we broke out Blur and started racing. Loads of fun as per usual, and I’m happy to say that the unfair advantage I held over Robert held up as I walked away overall champion for the day.

Hmm. Why is it my cap doesn’t want to fit on my head any more? :P

Fateful Fondue Fun My Life 26 MAY 2011

Friday 20 May saw us host our first big event at home since the arrival of Jessica late last year, and seeing as it is kind of our trademark, it was time once again to pull out the fondue pots and brandish our long sharp forks.

A good indication of the ever rising cost of food meant that the this particular fondue cost almost twice as much as what it used to cost back in the day, but nevertheless we soldiered on, with Chantelle organising a fantastic platter of ready to fry goodies on the evening, complemented with a delectable selection of breads and ugh, salad (because she says that we have to).

And for pudding?

Well let us just say that it was once again the turn of the world famous chocolate box cake to make its appearance in Country Mews! :)

As for the guests, despite having to arrive in the pitch black darkness of Winter and then having to kind of sit through the period where we battled to get Jessica fed, bathed and into bed, the list included the welcome faces of Ryan and Michelle, Damen and Michelle, Evan and Natasha, Karl and Trish, and of course Mr. Brown (who rumour has it won’t be on our sunny shores for all that much longer!)

What followed was a fun evening of fondue pot battling as the eleven of us elbowed for space in the three available pots, ducked my concerted photographic efforts, laughed at Ryan impaling his hand with a fork bad enough that the blood was flowing freely, attempted to find a working exit strategy for fried samoosas that didn’t involve them going to pieces on you, and of course just enjoyed a fun and stress-free evening of friends, food and cheese sauce. Heck, even the cats were enjoying all the welcome attention they were receiving from everyone!

Oh, and needless to say, the cake went down a right treat with the hungry horde as well!

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An Evening of Poker with the Grangers My Life 21 MAY 2011

Saturday evening I found myself dropping Jessica off with Mommy who was on work duty and heading out along the N2 towards Bellville, where I made the arduous trek through to the De Akkers complex (located very much in my old home-base stomping grounds) to join up with the Grangers Two, as well as anyone else who would dare, for an evening of Poker, Blackjack and of course snacks. Lots and lots of snacks.

Evan and Natasha has been kind enough to host this evening of card-based debauchery, and I managed to pleasantly surprise myself by navigating all the way up to their back sliding door for the very first time without getting lost along the way. Joining us for the evening were the usual suspects of Damen and Michelle, and Karl and Trish, but missing in action was Mr. Brown who was struck down with some mysterious plague/virus/flu, Ryan who is currently gallivanting around Pinnacle Point, wifey who was of course at work, and Dean and Zania who were stopped dead in their tracks thanks to the age old problem of not finding a babysitter in time.

We pretty much got stuck in straight away, with Evan hauling out a nicely boosted poker deck they had picked up from Mr. Price Home (I know, weird place to find something like that, but it is true, I’ve seen them stock these sort of party game things before!), and after a fairly lengthy tutorial session in the hopes that we’d all quickly pick up to play, buy-in money was deposited into a winnings tin (only 10 bucks a piece this time around – didn’t want to scare anyone away!) and the evening went underway.

This was my first time playing Texas hold ’em style poker, and to be honest it has been years since I last played poker, evidenced by an early round “BooBoo” where I happily bet the pot up high, content in the knowledge I had an awesome, almost unbeatable hand consisting of a straight – but with only FOUR playing cards! D’oh! Talk about a rookie mistake, particularly when I was so cavalier in revealing my hand and reaching for the chips before being beaten back by the horde! :)

The use of the clever small blind and large blind with the blind amounts doubling after every few minutes or so was a stroke of genius, because it helped propel the game forward and ensured that no one could ever just sit on their chips by folding every round without costing them anything in the process.

As it turned though, this enjoyable back and forth of chips lasted a good two or so hours, with the final fight turning out to be a catfight between the two pregnant ladies, Michelle in the one corner and Natasha in the other. In the end the blind was doubling just about every minute, and with the stakes at an all time high, Natasha took the crown, quickly taking possession of the money tin before Evan could swindle some of her winnings away from her! :)

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Black Bean Braai My Life 11 MAY 2011

And on April the 30th, 2011, the long awaited braai opportunity at Mr. Brown’s house finally came to pass, after waiting for what seems like millennium since the last time we braaied at his family’s home.

Originally slated to be an American Barbecue in honour of the arrival of his American girl, that situation fell unfortunately through, but thanks to the incessant needling and noting that the date is already booked in our respective calendars, we eventually persuaded Mr. Brown to go ahead with a bring and braai evening – even if it is now too late in the season for Karl to take a dip in their mythical pool – which may or may not exist.

Seeing as Chantelle was on duty for that weekend, I abandoned Jessica to her mommy at work and made the trek through to Bellville, where I met the welcoming site of Ryan, Trish, Karl, Evan and Natasha, all camped out in Terrance’s backyard as he busied himself around the fire and charcoal.

After the obligatory tour through his dad’s gorgeously set up and maintained garden, it was time to chatter, covering all the inane topics we could think up of, including the big bombshell for the night that Mr. Brown seems to have been accepted into the Japanese JET programme, meaning that come end of July, he will be sitting pretty and teaching English in Japan!

(Man, I’m jealous. Really, really jealous!)

While the rest of us provided the standard assortment of meat, you know chops, steak and boerewors (thanks wifey for the meat supply packed in!), health nut Mr. Brown had to of course come to the party with something completely different and alien to the rest of us – vegan black bean patties, which to be quite fair looked like balls of animal poo – which proved to be even more convincing one they were placed on the coals, turning into steaming turd patties.

However, undeterred by our ribbing, Mr. Brown successfully cooked his black bean patties and purportedly enjoyed his burgers, though I’m not sure it this was simply because literally all eyes were on him as he took the first bite! :)

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