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Lunch on the Lawn of Voëlklip Beach in Hermanus (2021-01-09) Photo Gallery | Travel Attractions 12 MAR 2021

Having successfully dragged my girls and Cara all around Hermanus with me, strolling up Hoy’s Koppie, looking down over the town from Rotary Way, walking along the Cliff Path, and admiring the outdoor FynArts sculpture exhibition, naturally they were now at the point of rebellion, openly advocating a crippling strike if they didn’t get to have lunch right now, and most important of all, that they also get to choose what’s for lunch. I tried guiding them to selecting any one of the multitude of eatery options that call Hermanus home, but no, they wanted KFC. So that’s then what we got.

Of course, having let them choose the food, there was no way that I was leaving the choice of scenery in their hands, and so I drove them and their precious brown paper bag of fried chicken goodness over to the lawn above Voëlklip Beach, where we happily hunkered down into picnic mode in order to snack on our treats while watching the waves splash down below. (This was during the closed beaches stage of this year’s Covid-19 lockdown, so there were no people playing in the sand, no people tanning on the grass, and just a handful of incredibly bored lifeguards wasting their day away).

As for the beach itself, well the whole rugged coast of Walker Bay is littered with beautiful little coves and sandy beaches, and thus includes a number of Blue Flag status beaches, like Onrus, Kammabaai, Langbaai, Hawston, and of course Hermanus’ signature biggest and best beach, Grotto Beach. Tiny little Voelklip beach also counts itself among these Blug Flag pearls, and this little sandy bay is surrounded by rocks, generally sheltered from the wind, features a lush green lawn above the soft inviting sand, has ablution facilities and a little tuckshop selling all manner of snacks, and of course the aforementioned lifeguards during peak season. It is also by far the most popular spot for both the local surfer and bodyboard brigades.

German Measles and a Walk along the Strand Beachfront (2016-07-06) Photo Gallery 07 JUL 2016

Believe it or not, a little while ago I came down with German Measles of all things. Sadly for Jessica’s sake though, the Gordon’s Bay Lötters weren’t quite done with German Measles after all – second week into her holiday and bang, a big red rash spreads across her entire body, and with that, my little girl is down and out for the count.


Luckily it didn’t affect her nearly as long as what it did me but Monday, the first day of her illness, was tricky with both Chantelle and I needing to physically be at work on the day.

Thankfully Dad (who appears to be loving his new pensioner status by the way) was able to make the early morning trip through to Gordon’s Bay and look after her for us – which she rather enjoyed mind you!

Obviously holiday care at school was out thanks to the infectious nature of German Measles, so from Tuesday onward she stayed at home with me watching movies while I worked. An arrangement that also didn’t seem to bother her much!


Halfway through Tuesday she was already starting to feel much better, and so when Wednesday rolled by, I decided to treat my now very bored little girl to a lunch time break that saw us drive out and pick up some KFC pops for lunch, sit in our car at the beach with a view of the sea and devour them, and then finally enjoy a leisurely stroll along the Strand beachfront to stretch our legs for a bit!


Strand always feels a bit weirdly run down to me, what with its mixture of expensive high rise apartments right next to old, tired looking shopfronts. Nevertheless, that beachfront of theirs is great for a stroll, and Jessica was loving getting a bit of sunlight and fresh air after being cooped up in the house for so long!


I see the construction phase of the City of Cape Town’s R180 million project to refurbish the Strand sea wall and in doing so, update the promenade and attempt to breathe some new life into the tired Strand beachfront is already well underway.

I can only imagine the headaches this work will bring in the future (basically the same issue that has plagued Kalk Bay and Fishhoek for years now), but the long-term benefits should more than outweigh the short-term inconvenience I’m sure!


Despite being out for far longer than what I had originally planned, it was great to get out and enjoy the fresh sea air on such a beautiful, windless Winter sunny day, so definitely a lunch break well spent.


Plus, it was rather nice to have a healthy, albeit it quarantined, Jessica back again!

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(In case you are wondering, we think that Emily already had her German Measles first, so she should be okay. Hopefully.)

Jessica and the Projectile Vomit Jessica | My Life 03 APR 2012

Shame, poor wifey.

A couple of weekends ago, on a fateful Friday night, we found us actually both being home for Jessica’s bedtime routine for a change. Because it was a Willowbridge Market weekend, Chantelle had loads of baking to do in the evening, meaning that everything was optimized for speed so that once everything had settled down, she could jump right in and finish all the baking and packing for the following Saturday morning.

To this end I was tasked with picking up KFC for supper on my way home for work. I arrived home just after 18:15, Jessica had already been fed by Chantelle, and so we seized the moment to dish out the fried chicken and have an early supper while Jess entertained herself with her toys until bottle time when I would take over.

We eagerly tucked in to our tasty (but unhealthy) meal, but it wasn’t long before Jessica became really moany. She wouldn’t leave us alone and was crying incessantly, and I could see Chantelle started to lose her cool will little Jess. Certain that Jessica was throwing a tantrum because we weren’t giving her enough attention, Chantelle continued to ignore her, prompting even more wailing from Jess’ side. Eventually enough was enough, and Chantelle put down her food, bent down to pick up Jessica and was just about to admonish her for her crocodile tears, when all of a sudden with a rather violent lurch, Jessica started to do a proper projectile vomit, covering Mommy and the couch in all manner of food particles and slime.

Needless to say, Chantelle (who was beside herself at this point) started retching and gagging, before jumping up with Jessica still held tightly in her clutches, and running off to the shower, where the two of them had an emergency (and rather noisy) clean up operation.

Still laughing to myself, I grabbed some roller towels and started operation wipe up on aisle lounge.

Well at least we now know why Jessica was moaning so much, and needless to say, Mommy felt pretty bad – but pretty grossed out over the whole affair as well.

And yup, that was the end of Chantelle’s appetite as well. :)


(Just for the note, Jessica actually never vomits. I can probably count the number of times she has vomited since moving onto food on my two hands, and certainly the number of times she has projectile vomited probably on my one hand – lucky for us as parents I know, but certainly not quite so lucky for Chantelle this time around! Jessica on the other hand slept like a baby following all this drama…)

KFC: Keeping the Customers at Bay General Nonsense | My Life 16 JUL 2011

Ryan treated me to some KFC for supper before our final FIFA Foursome with Mr. Brown the other night (much appreciated of course), and our fast food outlet of choice was the KFC in Durban Road because a) it is right around the corner from Ryan’s pad, and b) because I don’t think the one in Tygervalley exists at the moment what with all their construction alterations.

Now I have been to a fair number of KFC outlets in the past, so it was quite a surprise to me that on entering this particular branch, I came face to face with a wire barrier placed over the top of the order counter so as to prevent me from leaning over and grabbing the employee behind the till on the other side – just in case they annoyed me.

Though I suppose thanks to it being in the ever popular night reveler spot of Edward Street and of course in a main street full of passing taxi traffic, that it is for this very reason that the barrier is up in the first place!

Note, it is actually pretty effective, though it does make it quite difficult to pass drinks through to the customer, resulting in some pretty hilarious moments. Also, the person dealing with drive-through orders has been moved to the side, isolated in an enclosed, locked little safe room.

Obviously Bellville/Durbanville is not a safe place for KFC employees any more!

Anyway, this sight was so foreign to me that I had to immediately embarrass Ryan by whipping out my phone and take in a snapshot, before of course generating this blog post.

Seriously, what I don’t all do just for the sake of you guys…

Banknote Lickin’ Good! General Nonsense 20 MAR 2008

KFCSouth Africa’s AMPS (that’s the “All Media and Products Study” group in case you don’t know) just made their 2007 research findings available recently and as is becoming more and more apparent on the streets, it has once again been confirmed that there are a lot more South Africans that now have money, jobs, basic services and… electronic appliances.

Of course, the most interesting question that needs answering is just what is everyone doing with this money? Well, if we take food into question, food being the one thing that everyone regardless of wealth level needs to purchase, we find that our good old friend Colonel Saunders is well ahead of the pack (well, at least when it comes to the fast food game).

53%! That is the percentage of people in South Africa who rate KFC as their number one take-away destination of choice. Not so surprising was the fact that McDonalds ran in at second place, but what is surprising is that they only got 24% of the votes. South African then went ahead and cemented chicken as being our most popular type of fast food by voting in Nandos at 19% and finally Chicken Licken at 14%. Fifth place is held down by King Pie, but I have honestly always seen King Pie as nothing more than a snack, a temporary place holder for the KFC that is to come.

Yes, there I have said it. Despite all the bad things said about KFC and the way they treat their chicks (like a lot of scumbag men in South Africa anyway) I still admit to craving for KFC whenever I feel like fast food and I think that probably won’t ever change – unless of course they start replacing the chicken with cat because that farmer on TV can’t get his wife to shake the tin sheet fast enough in order to get the chickens to mate faster! :(

No one else quite does chicken like KFC does, even if they still try and make you believe that it is all down to their secret blend of herbs and spices, and despite the rest’s efforts, KFC is still and probably always will be number one in my book! And number two as they may very well be, McDonalds shall forever continue to be ridiculed as that company that faxes their food in from the States…

Oh, and just in case you want to wash down your KFC, you might want to note that J&B came out tops as South Africa’s whisky of choice, grabbing a 6.6% percentage share of the market choice. Of course, when you look at the figure of 13.7% people that went to gym against the 37.9% people that went to a restaurant, then you may also just begin to understand why KFC’s profits are looking so healthy while the general population might not be! :)

And just for the fun of it, I must admit to thinking that this is a brilliant anti-KFC campaign that I stumbled upon while looking for pictures for this post. I just have one question though – why are PETA protestors always half naked? O.o

KFC Protest KFC Protest2
You’d think they would at least keep a hairy husky alongside them for warmth…

Weekend in Review: Friday My Life 25 AUG 2007

So as my previous post indicated, Friday turned out pretty good, with most of my work day being taken up by our staff lunch. Once we eventually got back to the office I did at least do some quick work before heading off home at 4 :)

Unfortunately my slightly inebriated state meant that going to run at gym was pretty much out of the question, so I dozed off in front of the TV instead (not before killing off my twelfth colossus in Shadow of Colossus I might add). After that, it was quick makeover time before heading out to join C at the guest house. This weekend she only has Mr. Nicholas Louw (Well known, popular Afrikaans Pop Rock singer) staying over, and seeing that he and his entourage were out for the evening meant that we finally had a night to ourselves for a change.

So some delicious KFC for supper (again, I was the only white person in the Voortrekker road KFC that place is always packed and I am almost always the only white guy there. Now I know how that Chinese immigrant feels like in all the AWB meetings), before being joined by Retha and heading off to join up with Karl and Patricia at Six of Nine’s gig at the Corner Bar in Durbanville. Of course getting there was a bit of a mission, as the guest houses gate packed up as we left, so we pretty much had to drop everything and fix it first. Didnt help that the key bent and we had to gippo the system a little, but we sorted it out in the end :)

Unfortunately (and I’m sad to say this), but we should have taken longer to fix the gate. I like Six of Nines music, but last night was the worst performance ever. The venues sound equipment was not playing along at all, leaving a cacophonic noise of mismatched instrument volumes, all which overpowered the vocals. My chance of impressing C with their performance was pretty much blown. At least my Millers wasnt all that bad.

Leaving Karl and Pat behind, C and I then headed off to Stones in Edward Street around midnight. A couple of drinks and some dancing (I still fail to impress her with my moves for some strange reason I don’t see how I look like Hammy the hyper speed squirrel thank you very much) and the earlier disappointment of the evening was soon forgotten.

Finally we called it a night and headed home, grateful to make it the relative safety of our bed for the evening. (I say relative safety because we stayed in room 5 last night, a delightful room that is sunk a couple of steps down, meaning a tricky trip to the bed if you are feeling slightly tipsy. I recommend diving down the stairs and onto the bed, but for some reason I don’t think C would be all that impressed.)

over the hedge hammy and rj