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Jessica kicking the Punching Bag Jessica | My Life 07 MAY 2012

I’m quite enjoying my punching bag hanging out front under the car port. I’ll randomly lash out at it with either a fist or foot whenever the opportunity presents, though it would seem I’m not the only one who is enjoying it.

Looks like Chantelle is already teaching Jessica the subtle art of the flying dragon kick! :)

Martial Arts in Action: One Hand Plant Reverse High Kick Martial Arts 27 APR 2011

The only real thing the one hand plant reverse or forward high kick has going for it is the element of surprise, mainly due to the fact it isn’t a commonly used technique and so your opponent might not react in the correct manner.

However, that is about all it has going for it. Not only does it completely destroy your center of balance thanks to your leaning over on one hand, it robs you of any defence against a counterattack, as your hands are now completely misplaced and worse still, you have left the back of your stationary leg and buttocks area completely wide open.

In other words, do it fast, land the blow and hope to heaven that your opponent is caught easily by surprise and has mercy on you by not planting his foot squarely in your buttocks!

Martial Arts in Action: Delivering an Axe Kick Martial Arts 25 APR 2011

Axe kicks are a little debatable as to whether or not they are actually effective as an offensive technique, and you often only really find them coming out towards the end of bouts as the combatants tire and their opponent’s defence lowers a little.

Because of the flexibility required to perform an effective axe kick, in other words striking directly on the collar bone, this kick is most associated with female fighters and the young, though there is nothing stopping a full grown man doing it every now and then.

Simple note though, don’t try it on someone who is taller than you, and most important of all, remember that this kick leaves you particularly vulnerable against someone who likes to move in to disrupt your techniques.

In other words, if you are too slow, expect to be lying flat on your back!

The House of C 009: Let Her Rip! The House of C 01 FEB 2010

This embarrassingly enough has happened to me before you know (not the g-string bit though). Just as class was about to get underway, still happily stretching in anticipation of a good bout of training, I squatted to loosen up my hears and was horrified to hear a loud ripping noise as I went down.

Needless to say, I had underestimated my dogi’s stretchiness and now had to contend with a rather large, gaping hole in my pants, underpants happily showing my bum cheek off to anyone who cared.

Still, the practice was good and I must say, it was certainly more airy training that way…