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Kiddie Reads: Quacky Quack-Quack! by Ian Whybrow Books 10 OCT 2013

quacky quack-quack children's book by ian whybrow and russell aytoThe book I’m currently tasked with reading to Jessica each and every night before bed is a cute kiddie’s tale entitled Quacky Quack-Quack! by children’s writer Ian Whybrow, the same guy who brought us all those Harry and the Dinosaurs titles.

Originally released back in 1991, Quacky Quack-Quack! tells the rhyming tale of a little baby whose mommy had given him some bread to feed to the ducks. However, he opted to eat the bread instead, thereby causing a right proper rumpus to ensue!

It’s a silly little story that encourages the kids to make all kinds of animal noises, like the quacks of ducks, the honks of geese, the eeauw of donkeys, and of course, the roar of lions in the zoo!

Artist Russell Ayto provides the visuals for this rhyming tale, and unfortunately I have to say, I’m not particularly keen on the visuals. The art is slightly too abstract for my liking and not polished enough, though that said Jess doesn’t appear to have too much difficulty in identifying her favourite animals!

Jess loves it enough to make me read it to her every night, meaning that it must be good enough then to recommend to you! :)

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Kiddie Reads: Cock-a-Doodle Quack Quack by Ivor Baddiel Books 30 AUG 2013

cock a doodle quack quack children book cover ivor baddielWithout a doubt Jessica’s favourite book in her ever expanding collection of kiddie books is the cute little Cock-a-Doodle Quack! Quack!, written by Ivor Baddiel with help from Sophie Jubb.

Basically it tells the story of a baby rooster whose job it is to wake all the animals up in the morning, but unfortunately he has no idea what to say in order to get them all out of bed. He turns to the various farm animals asking for their advice, but discovers in turn that none of their sounds are quite right for waking everybody up!

It’s cute, it’s fun, and there are a lot of farm animal noises to be made, meaning it’s a guaranteed hit.

The painted illustrations by Ailie Busby are very simple and exaggerated in terms of shapes and detail, but the colours are very vibrant, and the animal characters exceedingly cute and ‘happy’, meaning that it’s an absolute visual treat for Jessica to watch as I flip through the pages.

In summary, no wonder this is Jessie’s favourite book!

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