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Jessica’s Birthday Braai My Life 27 NOV 2012

On Sunday the 18th of November we found ourselves free of a market commitment and so organised a birthday boerewors braai in celebration of Jessica’s second birthday. And blessed as we are, pretty much all our friends could make it through on the day, not to mention the wind free, bright sunny afternoon we got to play in!

Chantelle worked hard to get the place spick-and-span, with me keeping Jessica out of her hair long enough to actually get most of the stuff set up and prepared. As for the outdoors, I got the outside braai cleaned up and ready to use, stuffed pretty much all our chairs around the braai, flicked on the front door fountain that only really runs when we’re expecting guests, and set up our solitary beach umbrella for some much needed shade.

It wasn’t too long before the rest of our guests started rolling in, and pretty soon we were playing host to the Stapelbergs, the Montgomerys, the Storbecks, the Grangers, the Oosthuizens and of course Ryan, who brought along the old Lotter Gazeebo which we promptly set up to cover the rather exposed side of the house where we were all gathered around the fire and enjoying the rather soft grass underfoot (which Chantelle had sneakily watered just a while earlier in the hope of making it a little softer).

Zandea, Evalynne, Logan and Jessie seemed to enjoy themselves on the day, Logan in particular loving splashing in the water fountain, and Jessica who seemed to find a new mom in the form of Zania, much to the consternation of poor little Zandea! And of course there was the usual playful squabbling between our little Jess and the even littler Evalynne, neither of which seem all that comfortable with the notion of sharing just yet!

My boerewors (enough to feed and army) came off the coals perfectly, and was complemented by a delicious potato salad and carrot salad to go with the rolls, followed of course by a decadent dessert of freshly cut bar-one chocolate cake!

Ryan had also brought along his Kinect for the XBOX, which was dutifully set up in the lounge for anyone to play – which of course was all that was needed to coax out the competitive side of Karl as he battled hard against anyone man enough to challenge him at Kinect Tennis.

All in all it was a gloriously awesome, long day of fun, sun and friends, and we are seriously blessed to have each and everyone that was there in our lives.

So happy birthday to you young Jess, I hope you enjoyed your special day (even if Mommy didn’t bake you a cool, customized cake)!

(Oh, and if you are worried that this post seems a little light on the photos, never fear, I posted all the snapshots taken on the day over here, just in case you’re wondering of course!)

Women’s Day 2012 My Life 10 AUG 2012

So Women’s Day 2012 has come and gone, not that it allowed us to do a whole lot seeing as Chantelle’s work doesn’t really allow her off for public holidays. Oh well, at least the weather played along nicely for Jessie and my day off from creche and work respectively, and so naturally we made the most of it!

With wifey off to work in the morning, Jessica and I spent the morning playing, before grabbing the pram and going for a nice lengthy walk, out on our shopping mission to Pick ‘n Pay. A successful bout of picking up and paying then saw us walk back home, just in time to receive a phone call from Mommy inviting us to join her on her split at the newish Bay Coffee Shop that had opened up on Beach Road in Gordon’s Bay.

It’s a cosy little coffee shop that served us some nice scones and coffee, while Jessie happily entertained herself with some toys the waitress put down in front of her. By the looks of things, my little Jessie is just about ready for her first dose of Duplo blocks (though Chantelle thinks I’m seeing things).

Back home Jessie went down fairly easily for her afternoon nap, which presented the perfect opportunity for Chantelle and I to follow suite, happily dozing off in the warm sun under the covers. Of course, like all good things that didn’t last, as Jessie eventually woke up, Chantelle got up to finish off Ryan’s order (gift box for his boss’ wife), and I sprung (more like dragged my feet) into action to gather up all Jessie’s stuff and get her packed for her mini-break with Oupa and Ouma.

Seeing that today is a school holiday due to the public holiday yesterday, creche also closes its doors, and seeing as both Chantelle and I work, we’ve been forced to ship young Jess off to Bellville to stay with her grandparents for a couple of nights. What it does mean is a Jessie-free Thursday night which will allow us to tidy up the house, followed by a Friday night date night for wifey and me. Saturday the plan is to either visit The World of Birds in Hout Bay or the Aquarium at the Waterfront depending on the weather, followed by a big family braai at the Montgomery Stronghold in the evening. Sunday depending on the weather will either be a trip through to Betty’s Bay in order to see the penguins, or alternatively a scenic drive through to Hillcrest for some of their always awesome scones and jam!

Anyway, back to Thursday. So I successfully dropped ‘the package’ off at Cheryl and Monty’s pad, and after a nice cup of coffee and a chat, I hit the road and made my way through to Ryan, to drop off his delivery. There he entertained me with his brand new Kinect on the XBOX, and boy must I say that I was thoroughly impressed (or rather enjoyed the fun experience) – so much so I’m seriously considering selling off a kidney to get one! (However, I somehow doubt Chantelle would approve…)

18:00 and I found myself back on the road, making the long trip back home, where I arrived to an empty house (Chantelle was still at work) and immediately set about tidying up the place – which really does look like a Tornado (also known as a Jessica) ran wild in it at the moment!

Supper, Olympics and a little web work, followed by a DVD of the rather naughty Cameron Diaz in Bad Teacher on the couch with wifey, rounded off the evening, thereby completing a rather non-celebratory Women’s Day 2012.

Oh well, at least a break from all the hectic admin I need to take care of at work these days was pretty appreciated! :)