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Knot in the Knee means no Driving for Me My Life 27 JAN 2016

So that’s bitterly disappointing. Since Sunday evening I’ve been struggling with a painful ‘knot’ in my left calf muscle, putting me in a lot of discomfort and making moving about even more difficult than what it already is.

I had a session with my physio (Carolise Botha) on Monday afternoon, and before we could get started on the knee stuff, she had a go at working out the knot (which was of course, super, super painful!! Chantelle had to bite her lip to stop laughing at my gritted teeth antics!), but sadly this proved a temporary measure because by the evening it was back again.

Chantelle’s organised medicine from the pharmacy, I’ve rested it on warm water bottles, I’ve stretched it out, I’ve slathered it with Deep Heat – no luck, it just doesn’t want to go away which means then I guess I need to wait it out.

I’m disappointed because chances were pretty high that I was going to start driving again this week – something I was so confident in that I even went ahead and made plans to go into work of all things! However, a drive around the complex last night with Chantelle quickly told me that with my current calf in spasms, driving a manual gear car is not going to happen any time soon.

It’s depressing.

Sigh, you have no idea of just how tired I am of this view, day in and day out…

IMG_20160127_091404 view from my chair

The Slow Recovery from a Complete Quadriceps Tendon Rupture My Life 26 JAN 2016

On the 22 January I did something pretty rare – I swore on my Facebook feed:

Fuck yeah!!!! Just managed to lift my left heel off the ground under my own strength. Haven’t been able to do that since the start of december last year! ‪#‎RoadToRecovery‬ ‪#‎SmallSteps‬

I had good reason to of course. I’ve spent almost two months since the start of December last year, sitting in my chair in the lounge because I’ve been unable to walk thanks to a complete rupture of the quadriceps tendon in my left leg.

emergency centre at vergelegen mediclinic in somerset west

Literally three days after rushing Chantelle to the Emergency Centre at Vergelegen Mediclinic Hospital for her dislocated toes, I found myself being rushed to the Emergency Centre after slipping down a single step outside my front door whilst taking the kids out for a bike ride around the complex.

A simple slip of the foot down a single step led to an agonizing scream of pain from me, forcing me to go down to my knees and then to lie flat on the ground. The girls were hysterical, and after gritting my teeth and pulling myself together, eventually I managed to pull myself upright and calm the situation.

Thankfully, my cellphone was in my pocket, meaning that I could phone Chantelle for help, send Jess on her way with her friends, calm Emily down, and then just sit there, snapping photos and contemplating life whilst waiting for backup to arrive.


As luck would have it, Retha was in the area and was available to come look after the kids, meaning that after the particularly difficult exercise of getting me into the car, Chantelle was able to drive me to the Emergency Centre where I then got to experience a ride in a wheelchair, endure a lengthy wait, and of course get some x-rays for check up purposes.

The swelling was already pretty severe, and with nothing conclusive showing up on the x-rays, orthopedic specialist Dr. Peter Hardcastle gave me some painkillers and crutches, and instructed me to return to him in a couple of days time so that he could have a better look into what exactly the problem might be.

IMG_20151209_160016 emily lotter in dr peter hardcastle waiting area at vergelegen

This all happened on Monday the 30th of November, and nine days later (in which, despite my non functioning leg, I managed to attend Zandea’s birthday party and make the long drive in to work), I found myself in Dr Hardcastle’s offices for with a more normal sized knee ready for examination.

His initial look pointed to a troubling patellar rupture below the knee, but not a 100% sure, he sent me off for an ultrasound, which after two tries and a lot of head scratching, lead to a new diagnosis of a complete quadriceps tendon rupture – less troubling than a patellar tendon rupture but still serious enough to make it a big problem.

Essentially, I no longer had a connection to my lower leg, meaning that an immediate operation was pretty much my only option.

(To be 100% sure of the diagnosis, I opted to undergo a private MRI session in Stellenbosch, where after quite a strange and tingly experience, the trained assistant confirmed that there was nothing but a big black hole where the tendon connection above my knee should be!)


Dr Hardcastle organized the medical aid authorization and booked me in for surgery the next day, and so early morning on the 10th of December I found myself delivered to Vergelegen Mediclinic, prepped and then knocked out, only to wake up again with a heavily bandaged knee, a long scar, and an unsightly drip draining fluid out of my leg.

I saw the surgeon, who confirmed that everything had gone swimmingly well (though to use Dr Hardcastle’s words, once he had opened me up, it “looked like a bomb had gone off in my knee” – which if I think about it makes sense, considering the difficulties and pain that I’ve had with the knee over the last couple of years), and then shortly after was visited by a rep from Orthocare who fitted me with a leg brace that was to become my constant companion for these last two months.

In short, the fix done was to open the knee via a long cut, trim and clean the edge of the torn tendon, drill three holes into the patella, and finally thread microfibre through the holes in the patella and then suture it to the tendon.

Then it’s a case of simply sitting back for 8+ weeks and hope that everything grows back nice and strong.

IMG_20151214_191909 craig lotter in a leg brace holding jessica and emily on his lap

I spent a reasonably uneventful evening at hospital (peeing into carboard funnel bedpans is weird), was discharged the next morning, and then was whisked away back home, where I made myself comfortable in my tub chair, took my medicine and pretty much sat there for the next two months.

As you might expect, December and January were not great for me. Restricted in movement, helpless for the first part (Chantelle had to wash me!), melting in the extreme heat, my mood was sullen and my temper short.

Chantelle of course was super busy with work, so the kids spent a lot of time staying over with both sets of the grandparents, or alternatively the folks would come over and help me look after the kids here. (Shame, the kids missed out on having a fun holiday this time around – Jess in particular because I was meant to have been camping with her at the start of the holiday!).

I missed out on Retha’s big wedding, missed Jessica’s ‘graduation’ from Vergeet-My-Nie, her first day attending Grade R at Gordon’s Bay Primary, as well as her first ever run at the school’s athletics day.

So yeah, worst year end holiday ever!

That said, things are finally starting to look up now six weeks into this horrible ordeal. The pain is gone, meaning that activating all the muscles is now the name of the game, and together with the excellent physiotherapist Carolise Botha, progress is being made at a rapid pace.

My brace has now been set that I can bend my leg to 90 degrees, and the current primary goal is to start getting my knee functionally strong again. I’ve been told that I can attempt to start driving again (which is of course a big one), and so if all goes well it shouldn’t be too long until I can feel that 2016 has now at last properly kicked off for me.

So, let’s hold thumbs then, shall we?

So my knee gave out again… My Life 19 NOV 2014

So my knee gave out again… in the most public manner possible of course. I can’t really blame my bum left knee (which I heavily damaged via a karate tournament way back in July 2007) though, seeing as I’ve never even once taken it to be reviewed by medical experts in the 7 or so years that I’ve lived with the damage – never mind the fact that I’m anyway carrying far too much weight to ever allow it to heal properly!

It all went down this past Sunday, when we successfully hosted Jessica’s fourth birthday party at the always delightful Mondeor Restaurant in Somerset West. All the friends and family were present and accounted for, and given the surprisingly good weather we experienced, the kids were certainly making the most out of the kiddies splash pool.

Now the circular splash pool is ringed with an elevated wooden boardwalk, and therein lies the problem. The edge of the walking planks go well past the vertical boards holding them up, meaning that should too much weight be applied to the edge of the boardwalk you’ll probably find yourself in a spot of bother.

Which is exactly what happened to me.

jessica lotter at the pool - birthday party at mondeor restaurant

I was carrying Emily in my arms (for pretty much the whole day) and had strolled over to the pool to ask Jessica something or other (I can’t quite remember what). She wanted out, and she needed a towel, so taking her hand with my free hand, I strode off the boardwalk whilst deep in conversation with her – in other words, not paying attention to what I was doing.

There was an extremely loud snap as the board on which I had just stepped snapped in two, sending me and the two kids tumbling down to the ground. Of course, as my foot hit the ground, my knee gave in completely, shooting pain up through my leg and forcing me to neatly deposit both Emily (which from all eyewitness accounts was a pretty impressive feat) and Jessica before continuing with my tumble that had me ended up face first in the dirt.

The kids were crying, fine though, but obviously shaken up, whilst I on the other hand not so much. I could immediately feel that my knee had conked in and that I had possible twisted my ankle, which made pulling myself back to my feet a much more painful mission that what I care to remember.

(Chantelle says that my face was completely drained of colour for the next while following the tumble, but nevertheless, I limped to a convenient chair and plonked myself down for the rest of the party – which was still thoroughly enjoyable anyway)

Obviously it could have been much worse in that Emily or Jessica could have gotten hurt, but thank the stars that wasn’t the case.

Party done and back at home at last (thanks to Ryan for driving my car and myself home!), it quickly became apparent that I must have put some serious hurt on, because I couldn’t bend my knee at all – meaning an early Sunday evening trip to the pharmacy for Chantelle to pick up some anti-inflammatory tablets and painkillers, whilst Evan, Natasha stayed on to look after Evalynne, Jessica, Emily (and me).

Needless to say, I didn’t drive into work on Monday.

Today we are three days down the line, and I’m happy to report that with each passing day my knee and ankle are doing better and better, and I foresee being back to full mobility just in time for this coming weekend.

Not that I’ll be climbing up any stairs, hills or mountains mind you.

No more Running Away My Life 18 JUL 2007

Knee_Diagram3Aargh, the frustration is beginning to set in! Thanks to my knee injury I’ve been out of action for two weeks already and combined with the rest break for the karate tournament means that I’ve basically not done any physical activities/training for almost three weeks now. Grrr. I don’t even know when last I’ve been to gym, let alone play a nice round of squash. This is getting annoying :(