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Goodbye 2009, Hello 2010! My Life 31 DEC 2009

So, tonight is New Year’s Eve celebrations, meaning that we finally say goodbye 2009 and hello 2010, and while I look forward to 2010, the year which will undoubtedly be driven by the World Cup soccer celebration here in South Africa, I must say that looking back over 2009, it was a pretty good year after all.

Naturally, the year was pretty much dominated by the lead up to and the eventual wedding that saw Chantelle and I finally become husband and wife, probably the greatest leap forward in my life for many a past year. Of course this year also saw our first real holiday together, that being our honeymoon roadtrip up the country, as well as the completion of my first year in my new job here at Touchwork, a position and place of work that I’ve really come to enjoy and take pride in.

2009 also marked the year I returned to karate after my lengthy departure from the discipline, starting up in a new style and once again, all the way from the ground up. Thankfully though, the people at the Funakoshi dojo are simply marvelous and I enjoy each and every session with them all, so much so that it looks like this may very well be the first style in which I attempt to go all the way and finally get that ever elusive black belt! Already got one tournament under the belt and sporting green at the moment, so I’m off to a good start it would seem! :)

Outside of that, my hobbies all continued as normal, gaming, anime, manga and comic books, though the one thing that did slack off is my webcomic production, something I’ll have to look into kicking off properly again come the new year. Blogging continued at the usual frenetic rate and I finally got around to claiming my own vanity URL towards the end of the year, hence you reading this on http://www.craiglotter.co.za instead of the old http://www.codeunit.co.za.

2009 also turned out to be the year of spending money on the pad, and as such we’ve got quite a couple of nifty things lying around the house now, and come January next year, the brand new couches should be sitting looking nice and pretty as well! Sadly, this was also the year that Coco went missing in action and while he is still sorely missed, it also turned out to be the year of Achilles, as our playful ginger boy joined our family way back in January believe it or not!

Not much else is jumping to mind as I type this (being brutally honest as always), but looking out over everything I’ve already typed so far, I can safely say that on the balance of things, 2009 was a fabulous year for both Chantelle and I. In other words, it is with a fond farewell we bid to what was an excellent year in our journey together and we eagerly look forward to 2010 – who knows, it might just be the year to usher in a little Lotter if the awesome Craig has his way! ;)

Chantelle performing a kiss attack directed at Craig’s nose

“Honey, I can’t help but feel that there is something coming between us”. Sadly, the elephant was not amused.

Incredibly, the dogi does somehow manage to stay closed around that enormous girth I carry around these days…

Yearning for Normality My Life 26 NOV 2009

head-in-hands-manSo, life still isn’t quite back to normal here at Nagua Bay number 45 just yet. The pad is finally starting to regain some of its old composure but there is still plenty to be done: mountains of dishes to be worked through, dirty and unpacked clothing scattered everywhere, wedding gifts to find cupboard space for, documentation to be filed and updated, you get the picture.

And that’s pretty much what has been keeping Chantelle and me busy in the evenings following our triumphant return from honeymoon on Monday afternoon, leaving in all honesty, little time for anything else.

Obviously with me not having lived at home for a long time and being pre-occupied with all things wedding-related has left a pile of administrative things to deal with, and in time I will catch up I’m sure, but seriously, I can’t wait to have everything back to normal in our lives and pretty much let life go on as what it always has.

I can’t wait to return to karate (damn work, traffic and chores kept me from returning on Wednesday evening already) as well as just the feeling of walking into our place after work, turning on the kettle and just sitting down in front of the TV, content that there is nothing that I have to do.

Sigh. But I guess there’s simply no rest for the wicked. After all, we still need to sit down, work out our new combined budget, discuss the various name change-affected things that need to happen and of course plan just where we want the future to take Mr. and Mrs. Lotter.

But at least nearly all the dishes is now done, and that in itself is a blessing I tell you! :P

And I’m Back Again :) My Life 24 NOV 2009

So I’m back again, back from a glorious two week long honeymoon trip that saw us travel all the way up to Sun City and then come back all the way along the Garden Route. Tons of things to report on (including of course the absolutely fantastic wedding event of the year!), and I’ll get cracking on all the writing as soon as I sort out all the admin stuff of living at home again (like doing the washing for instance).

Man, while it was good to be as unplugged and relaxed as what I currently am, I have to admit, it is good to be back! :)

a relaxed craig lotter sitting at the back of a boat