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Joke Factory: Hairy Pussy Cat Jokes & other Funny Stuff 07 SEP 2012

A sexually frustrated wife buys a pair of crotchless panties in an attempt to reignite the spark that will hopefully resurrect her long dead sex life.

Arriving back home, she tries them on under a short skirt and then heads down to the lounge where she sits down on the sofa opposite her husband, who is busy reading the evening newspaper.

Every now and then, at strategic moments, she uncrosses her legs, eventually leading to her husband looking up, raising his eyebrow, and asking quizzically, “Are you wearing crotchless panties my dear?”

Smiling, she seductively half-whispers, “Yes – why does it turn you on?”

“Whew,” replied the husband. “For a minute there I thought you’d been sitting on top of the cat for the last twenty minutes!”

According to the coroner, he never heard the gunshot.

Joke Factory: Sheer Panties Jokes & other Funny Stuff 23 MAR 2012

A husband walks into Victoria’s Secret to purchase some sheer lingerie for his wife. He is shown several possibilities that range from R250 to R500 in price, the more sheer, the higher the price.

He opts for the most sheer item, pays the R500 and takes the lingerie home. He presents it to his wife and asks her to go upstairs to try it on and model it for him.

Upstairs, the wife thinks to herself, “Here’s an idea. It’s so sheer that it might as well be nothing. I won’t put it on, do the modeling naked, return it tomorrow and keep the R500 refund for myself.”

Happy with her underhanded plan, she appears naked on the balcony and strikes a pose.

Catching sight of his wife, the husband says, “Good Lord! You’d think that for R500, they’d at least iron it a bit!”

Born Digital’s Shaky Milk Mag Defence General Nonsense 25 FEB 2010

Milk Magazine, is a local Online Men’s Magazine in the mould of the ever popular FHM, GQ, etc. men’s magazines and seems to have been around for a fair bit already, judging by the fact that their archives say they’ve pushed at least 80 editions out. Featuring quite a slick flash-driven interface and generally quite nice design, the magazine is actually pretty well produced if you’re into this kind of publication (Me, I far prefer looking at pictures and reading the associated speech bubbles that generally go with spandex-clad people like the Batman, Green Lantern or even the Flash. And here I can’t understand why Chantelle loves me so at times! :P).

Anyway, what I actually wanted to point out with this particular post is the rather shaky legal defense approach the digital publisher has seen fit to adopt. If you’ll look at the highlighted bottom of the image above (hey, eyes back here. The other bottom, the other one!), you’ll see that I’ve marked in orange their strategy summed up in a single sentence:

“Born Digital is not responsible for obtaining any copyright permission from the owners of the materials or clearing the usage of the materials appearing on this website and shall not be liable for any loss or damage arising howsoever from its use.”

Brilliant. As their slogan puts it, “milking the net.”, these guys have thought it clever to jot down that they are in no way responsible for clearing any material that they publish – in other words, if I decided to sell a product but first adorned it with images of my favourite celebrity, they would not be able to sue me or claim royalties back just because I said I’m not responsible for finding out whether or not their trademark or copyright materials were in fact copyrighted.


Shaky to say the least. Hopefully you boys don’t offend one of the big brands out there any time soon…

Update: Well I never. I just learned from Chantelle that one of the head honchos behind Milk Mag turns out to be her cousin, a bloke that I’ve met more than a few times around the Montgomery Clan lunch table during their popular Sunday family get togethers! So Nic, how in the world did you guys come up with that gem at the back of the mag? ;)

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