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What is Region Locking and How does it Work? Science, Technology & Curiosity 11 OCT 2016

As the Internet makes the world grow ever smaller, the issue of region locking content becomes increasingly annoying. But what is region locking, why does it exist and how is it implemented?


In the purest sense of the term, region locking is literally that – locking content to a set region through either hardware or software restrictions, so as to ensure content cannot be shared across different regions. There are a number of reasons for this currently, though historically this was often due to the different broadcast technologies being employed in various parts of the world. These days though, there isn’t really a technical reason behind this annoying practice of locking content away behind geographically bound doors.

(That said, sometimes region locking can be slightly useful, say in the case of price discrimination, where essentially some areas with weaker exchange rates can get offered the same content at a slightly better price. So good if you are in the cheaper region, but a bit unfair if not.)

Anyway, Linus Sebastian of Linus Tech Tips put together a great video on the subject, doing a good job of succinctly explaining the concept of region locking:

As he says, thanks to the localised content distribution system we currently have in place, the concept of region locking is not going anywhere soon.


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Gorilla Glass vs Sapphire Glass in Touchscreens Science, Technology & Curiosity 30 AUG 2016

Most of us are pretty familiar with the term “gorilla glass” when it comes to selecting which phone we need to next buy, but did you know just why gorilla glass is so tough? (Hint, it is strong on a molecular basis!)

gorilla kissing glass with reflection

And then there is the new kid on the block known as sapphire glass, which is more or less made from, well sapphire.

Linus Sebastian’s team at Techquickie have put together a great little video explaining Touchscreen Glass as fast as possible:

Not that you need it for smartphones as such, but if you are looking for glass resistant to thermal shock, then there is always Borosilicate glass to be considered…

The science of glass – who knew? ;)

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