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Kids Birthday Parties at Gan Eden Farm in Durbanville (2016-11-26) Photo Gallery 22 DEC 2016

By sheer chance, we discovered this great little kids party venue in Durbanville thanks to two of our friends independently deciding to host their child’s birthday there – meaning that in the space of a couple of weeks, Jess and Emily twice got to ride on a tractor trailer, feed the horses and grab an egg from a chicken!

First up was Logan’s dress-up party which the girls thoroughly enjoyed, followed a couple of weeks later by Lizzy’s birthday celebration.

Both Michelles (yes, both Logan and Lizzy’s moms are named Michelle) opted to have their kid’s party at Gumboot Parties which are based at Gan Eden farm in Durbanville (just past where the new Reddam school is being built).

They cater for the younger kids (that said, they do have an Amazing Race or Boeresport party offering for the older kids), with their farm party being held in a nice little closed off play area that has loads of jungle gym and play equipment scattered about, as well as a big tented area for the food/presents/adults.

The basic party package entitles the kids to a tractor ride (which they all love!), a chance to feed both the pigs and horses, as well as to collect a fresh hen’s egg from the chicken coop.

None of our kids grow up on a farm so of course this is great fun for them all, so needless to say, both parties were a big hit for both Jessica and Emily. (Although Emily wasn’t necessarily that comfortable around the big horses!)

Also, Logan’s party had a Piñata – and you can never go wrong with a Piñata.

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A handy map for when your kid gets invited to a party there:

(Also, seeing as you are in the area anyway, you might want to pop in to the new Xpresso takeaway coffee shop in Durbanville – their gimmick is that absolutely everything in the shop is priced at R10! Even more amazing is that even at that price point, the coffee and pastries are actually very good!)

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Photo Gallery: Toddlers and Braai at Country Mews (2013-01-19) Photo Gallery 19 JAN 2013

We invited the friends over for a January braai at our place, and answering our call came Evan and Natasha, and Damen and Michelle, all with little ones in tow of course! The wind died down enough to allow for an outside braai and an excuse to put up my new gazeebo, on what really was a sweltering hot day. By all accounts, the little ones all had a whale of a time, whilst the big ones sat around eating their fill on delicious braai food and much desired dessert.

In other words, a successful South African friends get together!


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Review: Wolverine #305 (Apr. 2012) Comic Books | My Reviews 18 SEP 2012

There is a nationwide killing spree on the go, the latest victims discovered in New York. One grizzly detail though – all the corpses are missing their brains – and by a young eyewitness’ account, the perpetrator appears to be none other than Wolverine himself!

Meanwhile, Wolverine has upped and disappeared from his school, and with recurring blackouts and nightmarish visions tormenting him, seeks out the cause of what, or whom, might be behind all of this – the answer of which probably lies at the nightmarish and long abandoned Dunwich Sanitorium…

With a new writer on board, Wolverine #305 kicks off with a new story arc entitled “Rot”, written by Wolverine newcomer Cullen Bunn.

It’s a pretty dark and twisted setup issue for what looks like it is going to turn into quite a satisfying, drama heavy, horror-driven tale, and does an excellent job in terms of bringing everyone up to speed and laying out Bunn’s take on the rather dark but now balanced character that is Logan.

In addition to the broody, dark horror setup, Bunn also manages to throw in plenty of slice and dice action, as he has Wolverine cut up a number of beasties made up of dripping human parts, courtesy of one very deranged, and dangerous individual, who doesn’t quite reveal himself until the very last page – in only a way that he could!

In other words, this is a comic well worth picking up.

Artwork is delivered courtesy of penciler Paul Pelletier, inker David Meikis and colorist Rain Beredo, and together they form quite a team, with Paul’s detailed pencils receiving just the right amount of weight from Meikis meticulous inks.

Visually, Wolverine #305 doesn’t put a step wrong, and combined with a fantastic story from Cullen, it really is worth picking up.

Jim Lee and Scott Williams: X-Men #5 Cover (1992) Comic Book Art | Comic Books 10 SEP 2011

1992’s issue 5 of X-Men from writer John Byrne delivered to us a story of Wolverine being captured by Omega Red and Fenris in their hunt for a long lost Carbonadium Synthesizer, Wolverine’s escape through the help of an unexpected ally, and then of course the X-Men who need to come and show up as well.

As per usual, penciller supreme Jim Lee and inking partner Scott Williams slapped together a terrific, detailed and thoroughly jaw-dropping action-packed cover for the issue, throwing us right into the middle of a proper knockdown-dragout battle between long time enemies, Wolverine and Omega Red!

Review: X-Men Origins: Wolverine (Uncaged Edition) Games | My Reviews 09 JUN 2011

South African director Gavin Hood’s 2009 X-Men Origins: Wolverine film was okay at best. Thankfully the movie tie-in XBOX 360 game, X-Men Origins: Wolverine (Uncaged) is a whole lot more satisfying! Well, if you enjoy nothing more than clobbering, disembowelling, hacking, dismembering, slashing and beating your entire way through a proper action title that is…

Developed by Raven Software and released by Activision in 2009, X-Men Origin: Wolverine (Uncaged Edition) is an action-adventure game that is heavy on the claw-wielding action and gore, and definitely not one for the kiddies.

The story for the game is a combination of the wolverine back story presented in the film and an all original script dreamt up by Raven Software(which is supposedly heavily influenced by major events in the X-men comic book universe). The main story thread follows much of the movie in that years after leaving the covert Team X military group, Wolverine and his girlfriend are attacked by Sabretooth, with Wolverine defeated and his bone claws broken – and his girlfriend left dead.

Colonel Stryker offers him a chance at revenge by suggesting the adamantium process, but as we all know, when Wolverine uncovers the double deception all hell breaks loose. This main thread is interwoven with a flashback thread which sees Logan tackling a mission deep in the African jungle years before, trying to locate Stryker’s possible meteorite deposits as part of the Team X military mission, and it is these two intertwined story threads that carry you through the acceptably long action game (though with too many flashback segments in my opinion).

Anyway, you basically have three attacks available to you as Wolverine, light attacks, heavy attacks and grabs, with these all being combined into various combo systems to provide for a very large set of attack options. You also have access to a spectacular lunge attack, a nasty beserk mode to tap into and of course your feral senses, which reveal otherwise hidden environmental attributes.

That mentioned, the environment also plays a big part in your attach arsenal, as you can impale or toss you enemy into just about any hazardous factor you can spot lying about.

And yes, you do have a healing factor.

For the Uncaged Edition of the game, Wolverine exhibits the damage he takes by losing chunks of his flesh with each bullet or knife hit, and these gory wounds then slowly heal themselves as your healing factor kicks in. Also, spectacular dispatch kills which dismember, disembowel, and generally do some pretty nasty stuff to his hapless enemies, are also always on hand.

The game is pretty simple in that respect, as it is pretty much kick, punch and jump all the way, with only a few pauses to do some environmental challenges like climbing up ropes or swinging around ledges. (There are also some pretty cool helicopter fight sequences thrown in as well, to be fair). In terms of enemies, the game literally throws them at you all the time without break, meaning that this really is one good and satisfying button masher – which is assured of releasing any work stress you might have come home with!

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Comic Book T-Shirt: Wolverine Comic Books 31 JUL 2010

Another week, another comic book related t-shirt from Pick ‘n Pay that makes its way onto my shelf back home. This week’s t-shirt marvel features none other than the ultimate bad boy of the comic book world: Wolverine!

I guess not much has to be said about the short, gruff ball of muscle and attitude that is Logan, aka Wolverine, what with his jump from comic books to big screen movie adaptations. But for those of you who don’t know, Wolverine is a mutant with enhanced senses, a heightened healing ability that allows him to recover from just about any injury or illness and most iconically important of all, an adamantium fused skeleton that comes complete with three retractable claws on each hand!

This is one anti-hero who you really don’t want to make angry, even if he is primarily with those goody two-shoes the X-Men!

Bub, don't mess with me. After all I'm the best at what I do... and what I do isn't nice.

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