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Resting Coffee Cups on the Coffee Table My Life 07 MAY 2016

I’ve a habit of opening floor space whenever we have a crawling baby in our lives, which of course means that I’ve bought and sold quite a few coffee tables in the past. However, now that Emily is well into her third year and could do with a work/eating/play surface more than what she needs open floor space, I convinced Chantelle that it was time to get a coffee table back into our lounge space.

emily and jessica sitting by our decofurn coffee table

So early in April, we did a spot of table hunting (though by hunting I mean that we went into a shop and pretty much bought the first table that we saw!).

The table in question is a beautiful solid wood coffee table from Decofurn, which we picked up for R1,600. It has a bit of a vintage feel to it with the shaped feet, edging and metal ‘corner bands’, assembly was super easy, and I have to say that I am kind of in love with it.

IMG_20160409_162805 our decofurn coffee table

Pleasingly, the girls seem rather happy with it too!

IMG_20160409_163433 emily lotter standing by our decofurn coffee table

IMG_20160409_162628 teddy bear on our decofurn coffee table

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My Lounge Table My Life 26 DEC 2009

Right. I mentioned the fact that I bought an awesome flat pack lounge table quite some time ago already, but as per usual, I’ve been a bit lacking in providing the evidence to back my boast up. So here it is. The awesomeness of my lounge table that’s been flown in all the way from Denmark of all places!


See, pretty cool. Love the look, love the build, and most important of all, love the under table hide away spots for coasters, remotes and cats.