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Touchwork Jonkershuis Lunch and Team-build Outing My Life 06 SEP 2011

Whilst I’m still barred from blogging regarding my work here at Touchwork, I always enjoy mentioning the few times we get to let down our hair and enjoy ourselves, like last Friday’s first Touchwork team lunch since the sales and marketing division joined, coupled with a clever little team-building session thought up by Rory and Robyn who had been tasked with organizing the whole event.

Having navigated through the morning’s various disasters (things always seem to go wrong on days when you plan not to be in the office!), the team eventually left around 12:00 and made their way through Constantia to the renowned Groot Constantia Wine Estate, where we successfully located our target of the Jonkershuis Constantia Eatery.

We had booked out one of the entertainment/conference rooms in the old classic Cape Dutch style farm buildings, with a huge roaring fire to ensure it remained cosy and four tables arranged in a square so that we could all be seated facing one another. A seating plan had already been drawn up in order to split the divisions and the four at each table then automatically became a team for the upcoming team-build events. As it turned out, I was placed in a team with John (marketing manager), Disha (QA tester) and Theo (sales guy).

After an introductory talk from Rory, the teams leapt straight into battle over 30 Seconds, with two teams featuring Sven and Rudi quickly proving to be the top dogs in that arena, whilst Rory’s troops and our team battled not to be last! The game was interrupted by the arrivals of starters, and I must comment that my beef teriyaki was simply divine! 30 Seconds continued until mains were served, and again the food (I had the steak) was absolutely fabulous, as was the conversation from the now warmed up crowd! :)

Lunch was followed up by the next fun task, this time with Robyn and Rory surprising us all by pulling out the Lego sets and setting us an initial task of building a bridge within a given time limit that needed to be strong enough to hold Robyn’s weighty iPhone without collapsing, but with the added criteria of being the longest and tallest in order to take top honours! This task was loads of fun (I must have been a kid the last time I touched any Lego!) and despite murmurings of foul play due to prior build plans, Rory and Robyn’s team easily walked off with the win.

The second task was even more fun, with the goal being to build the highest Lego tower, which was stable enough to stand upright for a minimum of 10 seconds in front of the office fan which had been hauled along for the ride. After some last minute corporate espionage to get the winning height right, our team actually won the challenge, weighing in with an impressively tall structure which was as solid as a rock in front of the fan!

All this fun was then followed up by dessert, which was pretty funny because there was a lot of dessert swapping going on as guys conveniently forgot what they had pre-ordered during the week, though I was luckily able to secure the chocolate bread pudding which I HAD ordered off the menu, and once again, I have to admit that it was absolutely delicious. Seriously, I can’t say anything bad about their food or service whatsoever! :)

A cheese platter with coffee, combined with the prize giving rounded out the day long event, I won a beautifully plain teal coffee cup in case you were wondering, before everyone finally decided to call it a day and abandon ship. A quick stop to drop Disha off at her house, and then it was the long road back to Gordon’s Bay, with me ready for a nice quite night with Jessie and Chantelle, followed by an early bedtime – because yes, I did have a little bit too much wine and beer in the system, let’s not lie about that! ;)

So thanks once again to Rudi, Rory and Robyn for organizing and hosting such a successful Touchwork outing!

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Photo Gallery: Christmas Lunch (2010-12-25) My Life | Photo Gallery 25 DEC 2010

Mom and Dad hosted us, the rest of the Lotter Clan and even the Montgomery Clan, as we enjoyed a lazy Christmas lunch on a beautiful Summer’s day, complete with lengthy swim in the inviting pool!

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Touchwork’s Year-end: Kalk Bay to Simon’s Town My Life 15 DEC 2010

When I started here at Touchwork two years ago, I joined up just in time to make the big Spintelligent (of which Touchwork was then still a part) year-end function which involved the hiring of a bus, taking it all the way through to Darling, and then enjoying a supper and show with South African satirist extraordinaire, Pieter-Dirk Uys. Pretty awesome stuff.

Then of course Touchwork broke free and so last year we started all the way down at the bottom in terms of year-end shenanigans, with a simple lunch mixed in with some Secret Santa for hoots. Of course, this means we can only go up from here and this year we were treated with something I thought was pretty awesome – and had never done before – a water taxi trip departing from Kalk Bay harbour, destination Simon’s Town, followed by lunch at the Meeting Place and then a return boat ride all the way back!

So on Wednesday the 1st of December 2010 (the day marking the beginning of my third year here at Touchwork), the entire team piled into the nearest staff cars that were available (remember, I still park a good 10 minutes walk away from our offices!) and off we went to Kalk Bay, via the beautifully scenic Boyes Drive, where we met the brightly painted yellow and black water taxi happily awaiting us in the harbour.

The black and yellow water taxi

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Photo Gallery: Touchwork Christmas Lunch Simon’s Town (2010-12-01) My Life | Photo Gallery 01 DEC 2010

For our 2010 year end function, Touchwork organized a trip through to Simonstown from Kalk Bay via the water taxi, where we enjoyed a fantastic lunch on a fantastic day out!

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Photo Gallery: Our 1 Year Anniversary Lunch (2010-11-07) My Life | Photo Gallery 07 NOV 2010

We didn’t exactly celebrate our one year wedding anniversary in style due to certain circumstances, but we did at least manage to nip out for an enjoyable lunch at Mama Roma’s in Stellenbosch.

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Freedom Day and in Pain My Life 29 APR 2010

So as all we South Africans know, Tuesday was a grand old public holiday, Freedom Day if you’re counting. Now judging by the traffic pattern on Monday, it’s pretty clear that a lot of my fellow Capetonians decided to take Monday off and enjoy an extended long weekend – something I with my 0.25 days of available leave was unfortunately not able to emulate.

But that doesn’t mean I didn’t have a good day off. Apart from the usual time wasters like household chores that included doing the washing and cleaning the dishes, I still found the time to sink a lot of web development across my CodeUnit and Funakoshi sites in, as well as polish off all the remaining episodes of Batman: Brave and the Bold that I now own on DVD. Oh, and considering that I had Monday evening to play Red Faction: Guerilla all the way through to 00:30, I really can’t complain about not being entertained!

Of course, with Tuesday being such a particularly beautiful day, it would have been an absolute crime not to enjoy the outdoors, fresh air and sunshine a bit, and this then explains why at midday I found myself with hat on head, decked out in walking shoes, and happily trotting along the road with Chantelle up past Bikini Beach and the Naval College, down to the end of Gordon’s Bay Main Beach and then finally back up to the guest house again.

Seeing as Chantelle is currently in the whole detox, eat healthy and exercise more frame of mind (spurred on by the great success in this field that Retha is currently enjoying), it seems like this will be the order of the day for quite some time yet, something I quite look forward to (as you should know by now) as it is always good to get that little bit of extra exercise in! ;)

However, such a beautiful day couldn’t be satisfied with just a hour-long walk and so we decided to extend our outdoor session by going through to Bertie’s Mooring where we joined all the other patrons out on the shaded walkway next to all the fancy sailboats in the harbour and enjoyed a delightfully relaxed and slow-paced luncheon which saw Chantelle enjoy a healthy grilled fish with salad while I stuck to my guns and had the always tasty deep fried hake with chips. (But did select the much more calorie light Castle Lite as my tipple of choice for the day – if only to be able to sing Ice Ice Baby and not look like an idiot!)

And that pretty much summed up my Tuesday public holiday, though I must still mention one more little, teensy weensy detail – all of this was done whilst in absolute agony!!

My thighs were burning, my joints were stiff, my shoulders and arms were sore! Hell, I was like an old man who managed to get his shoelaces caught up in the wheel of a bus and who was then dragged for the next kilometer or two down the road!

The reason for my particular discomfort?

An exceptionally enjoyable karate training session on Monday night, marking my return to training following an off period of two weeks (i.e. four sessions) thanks to that stupid bout with flu and a chest cold I previously suffered through!

Although I had started to prepare for my return with some light sessions in the gym, obviously it wasn’t enough because the intensity level at karate in anticipation of Sensei Marius from Germany’s visit later this year and the upcoming grading has definitely been cranked up! It would seem I missed some pretty cool stuff (including the start of weapons training – something I haven’t done since I learned a bit of Chinese Broadsword back when I still did Kung Fu) during the time I was gone!

So in an effort to whip us into a respectable shape physically as well as to prepare us for the upcoming June grading, it looks like we’re going to be in some pain for quite a bit longer – but as always, well, well worth it if you ask me! :)

(Though I do feel a bit sorry for Chantelle who is going to just have to now deal with my moaning and groaning in pain every time I sit down and get up from the couch! :P)

Photo Gallery: Lunch at Claire & Riley’s New Pad (2010-04-04) My Life | Photo Gallery 04 APR 2010

Claire and Riley’s Newlands flat renovations were finally complete, resulting in the Lotter Clan being invited over for a nice lazy lunch. Unfortunately Chantelle was working so she couldn’t tag along, meaning I needed to drag the camera with and take as many pictures for her as possible!

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Squishing in the Friends My Life 05 FEB 2010

I’m getting worse and worse at putting out these weekend in review posts you know. I’ve still got to talk a bit about the karate camp I attended at the beginning of the month as well as our weekend away at Warmwaterberg Spa, but I guess I’ll get to those when I get to those. Now apart from clocking Batman: Arkham Asylum the past weekend, the other highlights now doubt have to include the multitude of hours visiting with almost all our friends over the course of just about the entire weekend!

So let’s get started then. Despite being invited to attend the bubbly karateka Finja’s farewell party on Friday night (she’s finally returned to her home in Germany), Chantelle and I were forced to unfortunately cancel thanks to the utter exhaustion that had claimed us following a hard week that had just gone by. Most of Saturday too was spent in recovery mode and thanks to the discovery that Avatar is just too damn popular to be able to watch willy nilly, we ended up only making our way through to Bellville far, far later than originally planned. A quick stop to pick up our meat and drink, Ryan’s birthday present and have a quick look about for our four-slice toaster at both Willowbridge and Tygervalley, was followed by our triumphant appearance at Ryan’s first ever house-warming/birthday braai at his Oakdale pad – attended by the Stapelbergs, Mr. Brown, Dr. Storbeck, the Carpenters, Michelle and kid, Adam and his wife as well as some other former colleagues of Ryan.

With Riley tending to the Weber (where he managed to dip my boerewors in the coals), the rest of us got to drink, eat snacks and gently poke fun at Ryan who seems to be suffering with a bout of bladder infection (read kidney stones), and in the end, all enjoy a great social night out. It was good to see Riley and Claire in particular again, having not seen them in absolute ages: Apparently Riley’s kung fu is still going strong, making him the perfect candidate to join us when the Shaolin Monks show eventually rolls into town… (hint hint, nudge nudge).

Crashing at Mom and Dad’s place, Chantelle and I woke up to Mom and Pops returning from church, and after a freezing wake up dip in the pool (well, only I was brave enough apparently), we all headed out to Willowbridge where we enjoyed a great breakfast (sans croissants) at the Primi Corse cafe under a beautiful summer’s day sky. Just a note, those big cups that Primi boast about on their menu really are that ginormous in real life – and virtually indestructible it would seem following our waiter dropping one during the course of the morning!

From Mom and Dad it was then time to meet up with the next group of friends and so Chantelle and I found ourselves travelling through to the Nitida wine farm on the Durbanville Wine Route where we met up with Andri, Malcolm and little Corban for a delicious lunch in a very open, tented, family-friendly environment. Another note though: Keith’s famous curry chicken is pretty damn hot! (And by hot I mean lots of drinking water hot!).

Oh, and the Nitida Sauvignon Blanc is actually pretty damn flavoursome to boot!

Bidding our farewells after a fantastic visit with the Jacks, it was then off to the Montgomery Clan Stronghold for yet another visitation and the dropping off of Monty’s freshly populated newly purchased photo frame – the last one didn’t last too long in the end thanks to blown internal memory! Coffee and gossip were as always the focus of the visit, and once again we enjoyed a thoroughly entertaining stop-over with the Montgomeries. However, we still weren’t done and with the last legs of the day now in full swing, Chantelle and I headed down to Mugg & Bean at Tygervalley in order to visit with… the Smiths of all people!

Triumphant in snagging an audience with these usually elusive friends of ours, we ended up spending a good hour or two catching up and drinking copious amounts of coffee with Wayne and Candice – and tucking into Mugg & Bean’s famous giant muffins of course! ;)

Anyway, Sunday finally closed off with the long drive back home, but as per usual Chantelle and I were more than a little pleased with our work rate for the weekend – 5 audiences in a day and a half isn’t bad at all, wouldn’t you say? (And like I mentioned, I STILL managed to squeeze in clocking Batman as well! Salute! :P)

Master Jack certainly enjoyed making friends and running around the family friendly Nitida tented eatery... (Note Malcolm's hand desperately trying to keep him in one place long enough so that a photo could be snapped!)

Meanwhile on the other side of the table... a month's worth of gossip to catch up on turns out to be quite a bit! ;)

The food did eventually arrive just by the way.

The famous chicken curry. It. was. hot.