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GUI Management of your Ubuntu Server with Webmin CodeUnit 01 JAN 2011

There is nothing more daunting than being given an Ubuntu Server to manage if you have never ever delved into the world of command line (or should that be terminal line) Linux. Thankfully though, someone saw it fit to lend a helping hand to these hapless system administrators, resulting in the very useful Webmin package.

Basically Webmin is nothing more than a web-based interface for system administration in Unix. Using any browser that supports tables and forms (and Java for the File Manager module), you can setup user accounts, Apache, DNS, file sharing, you can restart and shutdown, and so on and so forth.

Webmin consists of a simple web server, and a number of Perl CGI programs which directly update system files like /etc/inetd.conf and /etc/passwd.

Once installed on a machine (which may sometimes prove a bit tricky mind you), all a system administrator needs to do is hit that Server on port 10000 in a web browser and he’ll be good to go, now able to effortlessly control all sorts of behaviour using the nice and reasonably friendly web interface.


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Monitor Your MySQL Database: Spotlight on MySQL CodeUnit 24 MAY 2010

Spotlight on MySQL, or Spotlight for short, is a fantastic tool for monitoring the status of all your MySQL databases via one single screen display.

It basically allows you to specify a number of MySQL connection strings to various databases that you control and once connected, displays a host of valuable, real time information on a nice big black and green screen. It highlights essentially all database activity, from data flowing to and from the database, the number of active sessions, sql statments being executed and a host of more, indepth views of just what exactly is going on inside your MySQL server installation.

On top of all this, it also features a number of other graphical reports detailing various aspects of the MySQL server’s usage and allows you to set certain thresholds, triggering alarms when those thresholds do get crossed if you so wish.

An essential tool in monitoring the performance and stability of your MySQL installation, this really is one of those indispensable applications that you beg your boss to put up on a big screen over your work area, just so that someone at least can keep an eye on the all important backbone of your operation!

Oh, and in case you were wondering, Spotlight works on MySQL server versions 5.0.3 and up (or else basically any that employ the InnoDB storage engine).

Also, although you can purchase the product for Commercial usage, there is a freeware version available for download which you can grab here.

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Plugin to Manage Adverts on Your WordPress Blog CodeUnit 01 APR 2010

Managing your adverts on a WordPress blog becomes a pretty simple thing thanks to the great little WordPress plugin entitled Advertising Manager from developers Scott Switzer and Martin Fitzpatrick. Basically it allows you to manage and rotate your Google Adsense, AdBrite, Adify, AdGridWork, OpenX, Yahoo!PN and WidgetBucks (amongst others) adverts on your site – all from an easy to use settings panel that even allows you to place ads in a sidebar through the use of a widget!

It provides a simple way to import your adds, allows you to place adverts straight into your blog posts with a click of a button, has functions to facilitate placing adverts directly into your template files and even goes as far as allowing for advert limitations by author, category, tag and even page type.

Oh, and it also features auto-recognition for 15 ad networks which basically means you can manage these adverts directly from your WordPress blog instead of going all the way through to each website!


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