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Know Your Meme: Mega Milk Cosplay (Marie Doll) Cosplay 29 JUN 2013

mega milk meme t-shirtHa ha, it’s not often that you get someone cosplaying a popular Internet meme, but I guess if you want to widen your audience (or appeal base) then that’s what you got to do. American cosplayer Marie Doll (Maria Ramos to her mom) brings to life the infamous Mega Milk meme in this not particularly SFW shot!

First, a bit of background:

Mega Milk, or Titty Monster, is an exploitable image of a woman holding her own large cleavage with a crazed expression on her face, while wearing a shirt which reads “Mega Milk”. The character is frequently redrawn to resemble other fictional characters, alongside with the facial expression become a common PhotoShop exploitable on other faces.

The original image comes from the hentai doujin “Tiny Boobs Giant Tits History” by Shiden Akira, originally published in 2007. The “plot” revolves around a brother who insults her sisters small chest, only for the two to later make up over some “family funtime”.

Page 3 of an english scanlation by the (currently inactive) translation group Rhapfan of the doujin was spammed on 4chan across multiple boards around 2008, most prominently /v/, in an apparent attempt to force a meme with the line “Shut the f@$% up you titty monster”. Due to the frequent spammings, interest in the original doujin grew, which led to the discovery of the pose on page 4, which then resulted in the actual meme being born.

And now, the cosplay:

mega milk meme cosplay by maria ramos aka mariedoll

And a bonus which has absolutely nothing to do with the meme other than the t-shirt:

mega milk meme cosplay by maria ramos aka mariedoll 2