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Fun Fact: Babies Mess on the Floor when they aren’t wearing Nappies Emily 19 MAR 2015

It’s a well known fact that the reason we are forced to put nappies on babies’ bums is because if we don’t, well then they tend to mess up all the floors with all manner of wet and sticky deposits.

Sadly, this fun fact is something that slipped Chantelle’s mind on Wednesday morning, as I am now about to elucidate.

After a long and good night’s sleep, Emily at last woke up, ready for a brand new day. Of course, she first needed to cry out in order to summon us, and on this fateful morning, Chantelle heeded that call. Picking Emily up out of the cot, Chantelle could smell a stinky poo had already previously erupted, and as such it was straight out of the cot and up onto the changing mat.

In the blink of an eye, the nappy was off, the icky sticky deposits wiped off, and the fanny gleaming with its new found wet wipe cleanliness.

However, it was exactly at this point that Chantelle made her mistake. Thinking it an excellent idea that Emily get some fresh air on her nether regions – you know, to allow everything to breathe – she opted not to immediately put a nappy on and instead placed Emily down on the carpet, confident in the fact that based on the nappy she had just taken off, no bodily functions would be erupting any time soon.

Of course, about 30 seconds later there was a light puddle on the carpet.


In one swift motion Chantelle promptly swore, picked up Emily, and deposited her in the lounge on the tiles by the TV, in order to start the carpet mop up operation.

At last, with the carpet saved, Chantelle triumphantly emerged from Emily’s room, only to look down in horror and find Emily standing above another yellow wet spot – and a pile of freshly squeezed poo.

What a wonderfully entertaining start to the morning for me and Jessica I tell you…

emily lotter baby eating pancake and looking mischievious

Daily Annoyance: Gero Yoghurt General Nonsense | My Life 05 JAN 2010

To me yoghurt is yoghurt, I eat any brand of the stuff (though I do prefer the smooth ones to the chunky types, I’ll admit to that), but it would seem that Chantelle has a penchant for Gero yoghurt, the low fat, diabetic friendly yoghurt that is marketed as having come all the way from Abkhasia, manufactured here locally by the dewfresh group.

Now the yoghurt itself isn’t bad at all (I quite like the strawberry come to think of it), but there is one thing that greatly annoys me about the Gero single serving tubs – the damn superglue they use to seal that annoying foil on-top of the plastic cup!

Seriously, you have to give some mean tugs to try and pull this thick foil off, and invariably when you do manage to lift a side up, you’ve torn the foil and squirted yoghurt all around – and everyone knows that the last thing you want to do after opening up a yoghurt is to first clean up around you.

Get it right guys. Or maybe get Pick ‘n Pay to handle the packaging for you. At least their No Name brand yoghurts open easily, first time around!

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