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Pussy in Unexpected Places My Life 10 AUG 2011

Ah Achilles the cat, how you annoy me so. There are however times when you don’t annoy me and I find you cute and adorable, for example, when you are not under my feet, not constantly rubbing yourself all over me, and not stealing my defrosting chicken.

And thus, in no particular order whatsoever, I provide some visual proof of these moments to you, my loyal and faithful readers.

1) Keeping the microwave warm and safe from all would be invaders. 2) Ensuring a tiny Jessica is kept safe from attack via any miscreants that might be lurking in the area. 3) Keeping my hand away from my bedtime books and/or tissues, obviously with the intention of making sure I get some much needed sleep.

Thank you my boy, I appreciate a pussy in these unexpected and often tight spaces.

7 Minute Microwave Chocolate Cake Recipe Recipes 11 JAN 2010

An absolute disaster it was I tell you. I couldn’t find my gran’s 7 minute microwave chocolate cake recipe anywhere and not wanting to let Chantelle whom I had promised a cake for down, I did a quick look about on the Internet and turned up this pretty good alternative recipe for the one I used to make.

Naturally, in the interests of prosperity and information storage, I now share this new 7 minute microwave cake recipe with you my dear blog reader, just in case you were feeling just that little bit left out. :P

So here goes:



Microwave Ovens and Sit-ups My Life 14 AUG 2007

I’ll confess: I still haven’t got around to replacing my microwave oven yet. It would seem as if I just don’t spend enough time at home to miss it yet. But I have now found a new model which I favour above the earlier mentioned LG machine I was looking at. Its a Samsung model that boasts a 28L capacity with 1000w power output, together with a pretty decent grill system. The inside of the microwave is a rather ugly looking bluish ceramic coating (not nice on the eye at all), but apparently its pretty easy to clean. The only problem (as always) is that the damn Tygervalley Game is out of stock of this one (again). *sigh* Oh well, guess I only really need it once Chantelle moves up to Gordon’s Bay in any case.

I did however manage to lay my hands on a lightweight sit-up bench instead though. I was initially looking at a small weight bench for the flat, but to be honest, most of those things are too bulky and difficult to move around for my purposes, so I settled on getting a small Trojan incline sit-up bench instead. It weighs about 7 kilograms and folds up for easy storage. It is also going to double up for me as a incline bench for shoulder and chest presses, so for R300 I think I got my money’s worth :) (Plus I got the manly satisfaction that comes from assembling it myself – it hasn’t collapsed on me thus far).

trojan sit up bench

But, my small sets of excited sit-ups on my new bench were cancelled out last night, when upon arrival at the guesthouse, I discovered that Chantelle had baked a cake. And not just any cake. Her cakes are the type that you buy at coffee and cake cafs, and this one was topped with a decadent mixture of pure chocolate and caramel. Blissful heaven. Guess Ill be doing some more sit-ups when I get home then tonight :)

Making Waves Craig Lotter 30 JUL 2007

LG_Microwave-grill_MB4344BSSo I think I’ve located the microwave oven with which to replace my blown Sharp . Yes, I know I could probably get the Sharp repaired (probably), but why not spend some money and get some newer technology in my kitchen. – Its more fun that way :)

Anyway, the LG Intellowave MB4344BS is the latest microwave oven with grill from LG (one of my favourite brands for household appliances in any case) and follows on the already well established Intellowave product lines. This time around the Intellowave has a nifty added feature of a proper oven grill installed, something which I always make use of, making it the perfect combo for me!

850w is a bit disappointing in terms of the microwave strength though and the 23 litre size is also quite a bit of a letdown if I think about the fact that most standard models come in 30 litre sizes. – But this one does feature a curved back wall, making it more capable of handling rectangular dishes than older models – and the fact that it has a rather large turntable of 320mm diameter helps as well.

Its fairly stylish I guess, but the silver model looks a lot better than the white or black model, so I guess Ill be getting that one then – not that it will go with anything else in my kitchen of course :(

Now the only problem is sourcing it – the damn thing is so popular, most shops are out of stock on it. Seems like nobody wants the white one after all :)