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Comic Book Art: Thor by Mike Mayhew Comic Book Art | Comic Books 27 AUG 2012

Mike Mayhew is a very talented American illustrator who specializes in photo-realism with regards to his work.

Having been in the industry since 1993, he has produced work for the likes of DC, Topps, Harris Comics, and Marvel, including both interior and cover runs on titles like Zorro, Vampirella, Mystique, Elektra and She-Hulk.

This particularly stunning piece of his depicts the ever popular Asgardian thunder god in action, i.e. Thor for any of you still lost, with trusty Mjolnir firmly in hand!

Comic Book Art: The Might Thor by Blaz Porenta Comic Book Art | Comic Books 12 JUN 2012

Slovenian artist Blaz Porenta is a fantastic artist, illustrator and digital painter who comes up with the most atmospheric and detailed portraits you could ever imagine.

Marvel’s The Mighty Thor of Asgard finds himself in the midst of a heated battle in this piece of mastery, courtesy of Mr. Porenta!

Some Chris Hemsworth for Chantelle on her Birthday General Nonsense 06 DEC 2011

And now, some Chris Hemsworth for Chantelle on her Birthday.

Seeing as I’m thoroughly enjoying the recent slew of Marvel movies hitting the cinemas over the last while, you can imagine that I am well and truly excited at the prospect of getting the Avengers on the big screen next year.

And I’m not alone in looking forward to this mind you.

By far the most enjoyable of the crop for me has been Thor, which funnily happens to be Chantelle’s personal favourite too – though I suspect for entirely different reasons! (hint, hint, it’s probably the biceps!)

Sigh, back to the dumbbells for me I suppose…