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jPlayer: Playing MP3 Audio with jQuery CodeUnit 03 FEB 2010

Loading and playing an Ogg or MP3 file using jQuery has just become easy, thanks to the very customizable and functional jPlayer jQuery plugin, brainchild of Happyworm’s Mark Boas and Mark Panaghiston.

Simply put, jPlayer is a plugin that allows you to play and control audio files on a webpage, create and style and audio player using only HTML and CSS and add sound effects to your jQuery projects. It technically also allows for faster audio streaming when using HTML5 with the alternative Ogg support.

And all of this is done without the help of visible Flash.

Implementing jPlayer is as easy as downloading the package and running this little bit of code to get things started:

	var global_lp = 0;
 	var global_ready = 0;
		ready: function ()

There are naturally a host of control functions that comes with the jplayer object that allows you to play, pause, stop, change volume, etc. as well as some important control events like onProgressChange and onSoundComplete which allow you to control the way in which the audio being played and handled on your page.

Admittedly, adding the extra styling and functionality in order to throw a little audio player up on your page does involve quite a bit more work, but thankfully though jPlayer comes with quite a few handy demos which should have most developers up and running in no time.

In other words, well worth taking a look (or should that be listen) then! :)

Related Link: http://www.happyworm.com/jquery/jplayer/

Preview MP3 Music Files in Ubuntu CodeUnit 08 JAN 2010

Ubuntu has for a while now (and this is still to be found in the latest Karmic Koala release) included an extremely nifty and helpful little built in preview tool that is aimed squarely at music files like the classic MP3 format for example.

And to see it in action is pretty easy.

Simply browse to any folder that contains some music files. Hover your mouse of any file that has been identified as an MP3 file and wait a split second or two – you’ll notice that the file icon will now be overlaid with a small music note in a speech bubble. Pretty soon you’ll hear you speakers spring to life and the MP3 that you are hovering over will be playing over them.

Now that’s nifty, right? Hopefully the next thing they manage to do is provide for movie file previews in the same manner – now that would be even more awesome! :)

Convert M4A to MP3 Music Files General Nonsense 05 MAR 2008

iTunes has been around since 2001 now and as an anti-Apple person myself, I’ve pretty much avoided it from the get go. However, I was finally forced to accept defeat, download and install the software after finding myself in possession of more and more .m4a music files.

The reason I conceded defeat and installed this admittedly rather good piece of software is because I like uniformity which means my music file compression of choice is the trusty old MP3 format. Now iTunes has the nifty feature of being able to convert between a number of different formats, including the m4a to mp3 conversion that I am interested in (in fact, iTunes 7 can currently read, write, and convert between MP3, AIFF, WAV, MPEG-4, AAC, and Apple Lossless. It can also convert unprotected WMV to MP3).

So, in order to convert your .m4a files to .mp3 files simply follow this process:

1) Go to the main menu and navigate to Edit -> Preferences. Once the preferences dialog box appears, click on the Advanced tab. Under the Advanced tab, go to the Importing sub-tab. The second dropdown box is labelled “Import Using:” and you need to set this to MP3 (or whatever other format you want to convert to). The “Settings” label allows you to adjust the quality of the generated files.

2) Once you have changed the preferences, simply navigate to the songs you wish to convert, select and right-click. You will see the “Convert Selection to MP3” option on the context menu. Select that and sit back, brew some coffee and wait for the conversion process to finish up.

Sorted. If you couldn’t follow the words completely, I’ve included to images to help you out. Simply click on them to enlarge.

iTunes1 Smaller iTunes2 Smaller
For more information on MPEG-4 Part 14, see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/.m4a
For more information on iTunes, see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Itunes