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My Tongue! My Life 20 MAR 2014

mr price mens running shoe gravity trainerA while back I needed to replace my jogging shoes because once again I had worn my existing pair out (pretty much because shoes aren’t generally built to withstand my weight, hence they die a fairly quick death).

Affordability being my primary criteria considering that this is more of a hobby on the side than anything else, I ended up picking up a nice pair of Mr Price Sport’s Chinese-manufactured, home brand running shoes, a pair of Maxed Gravity trainers.

And I have to admit, I was pretty pleased with my purchase – lightweight, comfortable and fairly cool thanks to its mesh outer.

Of course, I’ve been through a rather lazy patch the last couple of months as my RunKeeper profile can bear witness to, meaning that these new shoes of mine have been neatly packed away at the bottom of my cupboard. That was, until Monday when I thought it would be a great idea to take them out, blow off the dust and go for a afternoon walk during office lunch hour.

So there I was, sitting in my chair at my desk, pulling my shoes on whilst discussing the merits of Bitcoin as an international currency with my colleagues, when I heard the loudest of ripping sounds which in turn lead to an audible squeak from me as I lifted the tongue right out of my new right shoe.


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Punching Bag Martial Arts | My Life 04 APR 2012

Despite the fact that I love the people I train with here at the Gordon’s Bay Funakoshi Karate dojo, the one thing that I do lament is the lack of bag training, understandable due to the space restriction, class size, and low-cost nature of the operation, but lamentable nevertheless.

So finally I’ve decided to do something about this.

I went out and bought my very own, extra large punching bag.

Heading out to Somerset Mall one day during lunch (early searches on Gumtree and OLX had proved fruitless), I made a whirlwind tour of Sportsman’s Warehouse, Somerset Sports, Mr Price Sport, and Game – going into the hunt pretty much blind, but knowing just how much I was willing to spend.

As luck would have it, the last place I thought I would actually find something, never mind buy something (because they are usually the most expensive out of the lot), actually had what I was looking for – and even better yet, they were running a special, meaning that for an over-sized extra large bag, I could save R100 and pick it up for a cool R400 instead of the usual 500 bucks!

After much deliberation between the one available at Game and the one in Sportsman’s Warehouse (the other two shops had proved a bust), I opted to take the special and proceeded to grab a sturdy, bright red Headstart punching bag, carry it over to the tills, hand over my wad of cash (or swipe my credit card if you will), before bundling it into my little Getz and racing off back home before my lunch break finally ran out.

With a little ingenuity, help of a ladder and an old white karate belt, I proceeded to attach my heavy punching back to our driveway shade cover, before proceeding to happily beat and kick the crap out of the taunting red bag, in the process making sure that the new strain on the structure won’t bring down the carport on top of me – which of course wouldn’t be cool at all. (Or in other words, wifey would kill me!)

There is a bit of noise, but it seems to be alright and holding strong, meaning that from here on out, every time I walk in and out of my house, I can first work up a bit of a sweat and get rid of any frustrations which might be lingering around me! :)

(Oh, and it turns out that Chantelle is quite fond of giving it a good kick or a punch every time she comes in as well. Must be a lot of stress over at the guest house then…)

Gi Goodness Martial Arts | My Life 06 OCT 2010

Pleasingly, after the great debacle of the splitting of my one and only karate gi pants at the worst possible financial moment, I’ve managed to secure a replacement gi in a pretty short space of time – and at an absolute bargain price to boot!

Although I pushed my ripped pants into one or two more practices at the cost of my dignity, the fact of the matter was that it was beyond repair and was now showing off far too much of my tighty whiteys to be of any further use.

Now of course securing karate supplies in Gordon’s Bay is not a particularly easy task and so I didn’t have too much choice outside of the usual suspects of Sportsman Warehouse and Mr Price Sport down at Somerset Mall.

My first stop was Sportsman Warehouse, where unfortunately the biggest size they had in stock happened to be a 5 (Karate gi’s have a horrible sizing system in case you’re wondering. Nothing standard here I’m afraid). Although desperate and keen to give it a try, the fact of the matter was that I couldn’t pull the pants up beyond the middle of my thighs, and so with a big sad sigh, I abandoned the snug looking 5 and left, dejected.

Mr Price Sport was next, and the initial look wasn’t great. Lots of kids’ gi’s ranging from sizes 000 to 3, so no luck there. However, my eye then spotted some packaging sticking out from under the shelves. Grabbing at them, rather hopefully I’ll admit, I was thrilled to the core when out came two packets bearing a a great big 7 on them.

Ah ha, success!

Well more or less. Size 6 is what I’m actually looking for but at this point I’ll take what I can get. A quick trip to the dressing rom confirmed that I technically swim in these oversized gi’s, but nothing a trip to mom and her sewing equipment can’t fix I’m sure!

But that wasn’t the best part of my find. Oh no. The best part was by far the price on what is rather obviously old stock which the store simply can’t get rid of. At the top of a multitude of price stickers, one over the other, sat a bright orange sticker exclaiming its price to the world – R59!

R59 for a suit that usually costs between R300 and R400? Damn it, I’ll take 2 please!! :)

(Which I did by the way. And yes, I do look a little funny in these oversized threads! :P)