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What to look for when Choosing Workout Wear
[Partner Content] 19 MAR 2015

Nothing kills your motivation to move quicker than a workout outfit that offers zero comfort.

Whether you’re looking for a cute new something to add to your active wardrobe or building it up from the very beginning, it’s all about making sure you have the right pieces. Beyond just being the perfect fit for your body, make sure that they’re the perfect fit for your workout too.

So before you run for the tills, make this your go-to shopping game plan:

Fit First:

Nothing beats that feel-good confidence you get from wearing something that looks and feels like a win, and it’s that confidence that’ll inspire you to keep on working out. So before you make a beeline for the baggy layers, why not opt for a figure-flattering look that will accentuate your shape.

Basic leggings are the perfect starting point for going colour crazy with your pick of ladies gym tops – like the gym-ready racerback vest, the fun 2-in-1 or the old faithful V-neck tee.

lady in exercise wear holding a medicine ball

Dress Code:

Yoga in a tennis skirt, anyone? How about cycling in baggy track pants? The key to comfort starts with keeping your look activity appropriate. Keep in mind the moves you’ll be doing the most, and make this your starting point for loading up your shopping basket.

The best bet for beginners: comfy cropped leggings and a performance top that’s designed to wick away sweat. To be sure after you’ve bagged your pieces, try out a few signature workout moves in (or just outside) the changing room.

lady setting up to run on a track

Sweat Wicking Ability:

Working out and working up a sweat go hand-in-hand, and a sweat-soaked workout is never ideal. Shop for garments with moisture-wicking attributes that draw sweat away from the skin and to the outside of the fabric. These are designed to keep you cool in hotter conditions, and keep you comfy in colder climates.

Our signature moisture management material – Dri-Sport – features in a number of our garments. Look for synthetic blend fabrics such as polyester, nylon and lycra blends, as well as the Maxed Elite range of ladies gym tops and bottoms.

lady doing a star jump exercise in black leggings

Technological Touches:

It’s everywhere: from the waterproof mp3 players used by some swimmers to the impossibly lightweight running shoes used by marathon athletes. Technology continues to take the sporting world by storm, and it doesn’t stop at workout clothing.

Look out for laser cut holes for improved breathability, moisture management technology that wicks away sweat, or reflective details that ensure you’re more visible during low light training sessions.

Layer Up:

Just like your day-to-day wardrobe – getting your active wardrobe on track starts with investing in a few quality basics that are versatile enough to take you from season to season. Save on gear that can easily be layered up in the winter months, and dressed down to the bare essentials in the summer months – especially if you train outdoors.

Start with a moisture-wicking top and bottom as your base layer. Keep warm with a long sleeve running tee and complete your cold-climate look with a rain and windproof nylon shell. And as the days get warmer – dress it all down to the basics again.

man in blue vest doing a push up exercise

So before you shop that look because it looks hot on the hanger, or you love the colour – think twice about how it feels, fits your body and fits into your active lifestyle. You’ve got the tools, now all that’s left to do is rock that champion gear.

Have a winning look that you just have to share? Follow us on Twitter @MrPriceSport or Instagram @mrpsport and share your sporting look by tagging us with the hashtag #mymaxed.

Shop through our range of ladies’ fitness clothing perfect for any workout!

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mr price sport - mrp sport logo

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MRP.com: Mens Fashion T-shirts
[Partner Content] 16 AUG 2014

Spring is pretty much on our doorstep now, meaning that it’s back to shorts, t-shirts and slip-slops before you can blink again. As per usual, anything goes when it comes down to tees, and this season, MRP’s RT brand brings to you the hottest prints and coolest fits – at unbelievable prices.

Guys, we’ve got you covered with statement tees for just R49.99!

Get your message across with printed slogans, cool colours and fresh fits – and then complete the look with summer’s most wanted shades and caps.

For all the designs, prints and options, hit the official MRP.com wesbite!

mrp.com mens fashion t-shirts rectangle

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mrp.com mens fashion t-shirts banner

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MRP.com: Win Double Your Basket Back Competition
[Partner Content] 21 JUN 2014

Mr Price’s online store MRP.com is once again running a great promotion for all you clothes shoppers out there, basically offering you the chance to win back double the value of your basket following any online purchase from now through to 13 July.

Me, I’m kind of fondly looking at the rather sylish Harrington Jacket they have on sale at the moment.

mr price mrp.com double your basket competition

And while you’re at it, don’t forget about the Mr Price mobile app that was released a handful of weeks ago – a definite fashion best buddy. It lets you browse Mr Price’s full range from your phone or tablet, build your own virtual wardrobe and if your closest store doesn’t have an item in your size – no problem just scan the code and find another store that does!

In other words, rather nifty.

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Win a Winter Getaway with Mr Price!
[Partner Content] 03 JUN 2014

I don’t know about you, but now that we’ve hit the middle of the year, I KNOW that I could do with a nice break from work! This is probably why the latest promotion from the house of Mr Price sounds so tempting:

Need to escape the grind of the office? A weekend away is probably just what you need to recharge the batteries. We’re talking lazy afternoon braais, pool at the local pub, drinks under the stars and hey, some new gear wouldn’t hurt either.

Mr Price have an epic collection of winter menswear featuring long-sleeved tees, fleece pullovers for easy layering, and sherpa-lined jackets – ideal for those chilly days. There’s also loads of printed and check shirts that’ll take you straight from the office and onto the road in style. If it’s denim you’re after, you’ll find jeans with distressed details and paneled button-ups with worn-in washes.

Right. Just about ready to hit the dusty trail? Then, you’ll want to enter this! Mr Price are offering you the chance to win a weekend getaway for you and three mates – Head to MRP.COM and let them know whether you’d prefer a ‘Berg, beach or bush experience’.

No matter which one you choose, one thing’s for sure – this will be an adventure to remember!

chilling around the campfire

mr price logo

I dunno about you, but I certainly don’t mind putting my hand up for that! :)

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Competition Link: Mr Price Winter Getaway Competition

Gi Goodness Martial Arts | My Life 06 OCT 2010

Pleasingly, after the great debacle of the splitting of my one and only karate gi pants at the worst possible financial moment, I’ve managed to secure a replacement gi in a pretty short space of time – and at an absolute bargain price to boot!

Although I pushed my ripped pants into one or two more practices at the cost of my dignity, the fact of the matter was that it was beyond repair and was now showing off far too much of my tighty whiteys to be of any further use.

Now of course securing karate supplies in Gordon’s Bay is not a particularly easy task and so I didn’t have too much choice outside of the usual suspects of Sportsman Warehouse and Mr Price Sport down at Somerset Mall.

My first stop was Sportsman Warehouse, where unfortunately the biggest size they had in stock happened to be a 5 (Karate gi’s have a horrible sizing system in case you’re wondering. Nothing standard here I’m afraid). Although desperate and keen to give it a try, the fact of the matter was that I couldn’t pull the pants up beyond the middle of my thighs, and so with a big sad sigh, I abandoned the snug looking 5 and left, dejected.

Mr Price Sport was next, and the initial look wasn’t great. Lots of kids’ gi’s ranging from sizes 000 to 3, so no luck there. However, my eye then spotted some packaging sticking out from under the shelves. Grabbing at them, rather hopefully I’ll admit, I was thrilled to the core when out came two packets bearing a a great big 7 on them.

Ah ha, success!

Well more or less. Size 6 is what I’m actually looking for but at this point I’ll take what I can get. A quick trip to the dressing rom confirmed that I technically swim in these oversized gi’s, but nothing a trip to mom and her sewing equipment can’t fix I’m sure!

But that wasn’t the best part of my find. Oh no. The best part was by far the price on what is rather obviously old stock which the store simply can’t get rid of. At the top of a multitude of price stickers, one over the other, sat a bright orange sticker exclaiming its price to the world – R59!

R59 for a suit that usually costs between R300 and R400? Damn it, I’ll take 2 please!! :)

(Which I did by the way. And yes, I do look a little funny in these oversized threads! :P)

A Ripped Decision General Nonsense | My Life 06 SEP 2010

I only have two shorts which I wear on a daily basis. Scratch that, of this weekend I have no shorts that I wear on a daily basis – a tragic loss that drove me straight to the mall and straight into overheated malice in the process.

The first of my beautiful cargo shorts to go was the sand coloured one, which inexplicably formed a tear above the back pocket which Chantelle duly pointed out to me. Not worth the repair, it was straight to the bin with shorts number 1. So backup no 2 was whipped out, my trusty green cargo shorts, also from Pick ‘n Pay’s fairly good Cherokee clothing range.

However, my faithful green shorts suffered an inhumane fate during my gardening stint in our new home’s garden late Saturday morning, ripping itself to shreds with an accompanying ungodly scream of tearing material as I bent down on my haunches to pluck out a particularly stubborn weed.


I hate shopping.

Or rather I hate clothing shopping, particularly if I can’t find something that fits me. And this is particularly true of pants, now that I find myself in the unenviable position of requiring huge XXL t-shirts and size 44 shorts to go along with it. Sure 42 size waists fit me, but thanks to my big thighs that’s about all that goes around me – sitting down with them would be inviting disaster to strike if my green shorts were anything to go by!

And believe you me, finding size 44’s in your bog standard clothing store chains appear to be next to impossible, what with them catering for all the normal (read tiny) sized men at the expense of us more manly, filled out gentlemen.

A frustrating search and try on experience at both Pick ‘n Pay Clothing Store and Mr. Price did in the end yield up an okay olive green cargo pants that will suffice for now, but the process of scratching through every single pants-bearing shelf in sight and standing in the seemingly never-ending queues that seem forever present in clothing stores was enough to spoil my afternoon and leave me fuming rather hot under the collar. (This was of course not helped by my big toe poking a great big hole in my sock during this horrible shopping experience).

And then I remembered – I need to go next weekend again to try and find that elusive second pair of shorts.

You know, as a spare considering my current luck with pants…

(I apologize for this seemingly pointless article. I’m tired from all the work at the new home this weekend and couldn’t seem to come up with anything more intelligent to say. I’ll try better the next time, promise…)