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Photo Gallery: Muffins at The Garden Kitchen (2014-12-24) Photo Gallery 26 DEC 2014

Continuing our quest of trying to squeeze in as many activities with the kids over the course of this holiday period as possible, Wednesday morning saw Chantelle, the girls, and myself nip out to perennial favourite, The Garden Kitchen at Mountain Streams Nursery, with an eye on enjoying some coffee and a nibble to eat, and more importantly, for Jessica to take some time out in order to feed all of their chickens.

We lucked out that the Garden Kitchen was in fact open for the morning, so coffee and muffins were had, and of course, Jessica got to feed the chickens – even if her shotgun method often involves her simply emptying the whole bag in one go! :)


(And that’s why we bought two).

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Death to the Muffin, Man! My Life 18 SEP 2007

For two days straight now, I’ve avoided the alluring call of the work cafeteria’s muffins, danishes and samoosas. It has been incredibly difficult, with their sweet scents and sugary taste calling out to me oh so powerfully.

The desire to snack is becoming overwhelming. Water and Coke Light will only sustain my hunger for so long. I don’t know how I’m going to keep this up!

But I must be strong.

I must not give in to the temptation. Begone ye Muffin Man! Lest I seize upon you all in one big bite!

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