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Ambling about the Zandvlei Estuary Nature Reserve in Lakeside, Cape Town (2017-08-07) Photo Gallery | Travel Attractions 03 JAN 2018

The Zandvlei Estuary is the largest of the eight estuaries on the False Bay coastline, and more importantly, is the only remaining functional estuary/wetland on the False Bay Coast.

Bordered by the Cape Town suburbs of Lakeside, Marina da Gama, Muizenberg and Steenberg, the estuary is fed by the rivers coming down the slopes of the southern extension of the Table Mountain chain.

Given the fact that the estuary occurs amidst an area dense in residential suburbs, the Zandvlei estuary has historically suffered from pollution, encroaching urbanisation and poaching, with the area left neglected for long periods of time.

Although a 22ha area in the north was proclaimed as the Zandvlei Bird Sanctuary back in 1978, it was really only in 2006 when a 204ha area was formally proclaimed as the Greater Zandvlei Estuary Nature Reserve that the conservation efforts really kicked in. Headed up by the Zandvlei Trust, this got a further boost in 2015 when an additional bit of land was added and the 200ha Zandvlei Estuary Nature Reserve was proclaimed in terms of the Protected Areas Act.

The reserve functions as a fish hatchery, with it being one of the most important estuaries for recruitment of fish such as garrick, steenbras and two species of stumpnose. The surrounding wetland is an important habitat for birds (with around 166 species on its official list). It is also a vital habitat for amphibians and about 20 species of reptile such as the angulate tortoise, marsh terrapin, mole snake and brown water snake.

Interestingly enough Porcupines, grysbok, otters and mongoose can also occasionally be spotted in the reserve.

There is an environmental education center up in the northern section of the reserve, as well as a 1.5 km circular walk, complete with bird hides and picnic tables. Past the wetland area are large grass lawns along the banks of the estuary, open to the public (free of charge) and as such, creates a much needed green belt/recreational space for the local residents.

Given that I work in the area (yes, yes, I know that I’m technically only in office there one day a week), I often get the urge to stretch my legs and get some fresh air come lunch time – meaning more often than not I grab something to eat from the shop, pop down to Zandvlei via Boyes Drive, and tuck in while hopefully watching some sailboats on the water courtesy of the nearby Imperial Yacht Club.

Failing that, the birds are pretty entertaining too.

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So, as you might have noted by now, this then is exactly what I did on this particular day back in August last year. A tough life, I know… ;)

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The Beach, Ice Cream and a Festival at Surfers Corner in Muizenberg (2016-10-16) Photo Gallery | Travel Attractions 16 MAR 2017

It is difficult to deny that the South Peninsula is a particularly beautiful stretch of Cape Town’s surrounds, and in fact, South Africa in general. If you are a surfer or are looking to become one, then Muizenberg Beach’s Surfer’s Corner is probably the spot that you should be – that is if you don’t mind all the sharks in the water!

Funnily enough, despite my main work office being out in nearby Westlake, I hardly ever make the effort of visiting out in that area, so it was thus particularly pleasurable to find myself putting aside some time to visit the Muizenberg beach stretch with my girls for the first time come October last year.

So I guess I had better blog about it then.

As luck would have it, for their very first visit to the famous Muizenberg Beach, Jessica and Emily got to watch some good surfing action, courtesy of a surf competition that was currently on the go.

Also, they got to see a blue bottle (Portuguese man o’ war) for the very first time, which on learning that these things sting and that it hurts when that happens, immediately added it to their ever growing list of reasons not to EVER swim in the sea!

The little coloured changing huts/storage units were of course a big hit, as was the very messy (but delicious) softserve ice cream grabbed from the venerable (and super interesting in terms of vintage decor) Majestic Cafe.

Which just by the way, happens to be the oldest shop in Muizenberg – having opened its doors way back in 1937!

Ice cream. Cones. Sun. Small kids.

Right. As you might imagine then, I was very, VERY grateful for the (architecturally quite beautiful mind you) public amenities that allowed me to get rid of some of that sticky residue that the girls seem to literally manage to get everywhere!

And then the bonus: What we didn’t know was that the day that we had decided to visit this part of Cape Town also happened to be the start of the 2016 Muizenberg Festival – which kicked off right in front of us with a loud parade lead by a giant silver fish puppet being accompanied by a large costumed crowd, and some VERY enthusiastic drummers.

In other words, quite the loud affair.

So, a great vibe and colourful sight indeed, but unfortunately also a completely overwhelming in terms of noise experience for the girls (Emily in particular) – all of which meant that we had to quickly cut our visit short, hightail it out of ground zero, jump into the car, and try and navigate our way to nearby Kalk Bay before the route closed because of the ever approaching parade!

A pity, but I guess then the perfect excuse for another visit in the nearby future – especially since I would love to take Chantelle to the brilliant seafood restaurant Live Bait (which I’ve had the pleasure of eating at for a business lunch before).

She would appreciate that I think.

Also, if you do decide to visit, take your camera along (if you are not going to surf). There is plenty of nice photogenic things to snap away at…

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Also, just in case you can’t quite pinpoint where I am talking about on the map – a map:

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So a Heavy Metal Sign nearly Squashed My Car… My Life 18 MAR 2015

On Monday evening that infamous Muizenberg railroad bridge that has claimed the tops of so many buses and trucks over the years, tried its hand at taking me out too – by attempting to squash my car by dropping a heavy metal advertising sign down from above!

If you are familiar with the territory, then you’ll understand as I paint this picture. I had just finished up at Checkers, and was pulling out of the parking lot in order to join the road that takes me to down to the beach roads and ultimately on to Sunrise Circle, stopping behind one car that was in front of me, also patiently waiting to join the main road from the parking lot.

As this first car nudged forward, there was an almighty metal rending sound and all of a sudden, the steel frame of the big advertising board affixed to the bridge came crashing down, landing literally right in front of the car that was right in front of me!

Amazingly, the metal structure failed to actually hit and squash any car (or person – there are a lot people that walk under that bridge, not to mention all of the homeless people who live under there!).

I was in the fortunate position in that there was enough space for me to make a sharp left turn back into the parking lot and then make an exit under the building and past the railroad, making my way ultimately back up the road and then around the Zandvlei way of reaching Sunrise Circle – lucky because I imagine it took a fair bit of time to clean up that mangled mess and get the cars flowing again!

So yes, now I am positive that Muizenberg doesn’t like me very much.

view from muizenberg railroad bridge next to false bay college

My Home Alone Weekend: Part 1 (of 2) My Life 01 AUG 2012

Chantelle and Jessica left with Retha to visit the Vorster folks and family of Nieuwoudtville and Loeriesfontein, meaning that from Thursday afternoon to Monday evening, I was pretty much a bachelor again. Woo-hoo, untold freedom awaited!

Which is of course exactly why on Thursday evening, instead of putting my feet up and relaxing in front of the television, I found myself spending the whole evening completely rearranging the study. Right. Obviously I’ve been married for far too long now. In-between all of the taking apart and putting back together again of my PC setups, I did however manage to conduct a braai for myself, a little weird the act of braaing for one person I must add, but the results of which were pretty damn tasty!

Friday’s work day was split nicely in the middle by a company lunch, organised by Rudi to introduce the new new company organogram to Touchwork as well as bring everyone onboard with regards to all of the latest developments. The venue was once again the delightful Jake’s in Steenberg, and I have to say, as per usual their food was top notch!

At the end of the work day I decided to stop and take a short stroll along Muizenberg beach, for no other reason that for a change I had the time, and because I’ve never actually walked alone Muizenberg beach before. It was all right I guess, but the weather was a little grey and the chill factor a little to high to really say that I enjoyed it. But at least now I know what’s on the other side of the pavement I normally just drive along on my way to and from work!

Next stop for the evening was Somerset Mall, where I did a little bit of browsing through the book and DVD shops that were still open, before sauntering over to Panarottis and indulge in a sit down meal for one. Comixology on my phone provided the entertainment while I waited, and again I must say, the pizza was excellent and certainly a great way to kick off the night.

Having now successfully killed enough time, I was now able to stroll over to Ster Kinekor, where I easily grabbed an empty seat in the pretty packed cinema showing Christopher Nolan’s latest Batman outing, The Dark Knight Rises. I must say that it was pretty pleasant for a change to arrive for a movie early, go directly to my seat without first waiting outside the toilets or outside the snack lines which is standard operation for whenever I’m there with Chantelle.

As it turned out, I ended up a little too early in my seat for the movie, as a scheduling mistake between the website and the cinema meant that the start of the film was delayed by a good twenty minutes or so. Nevertheless, the movie did eventually start and I was pleased to receive a competent, well made Batman movie, certainly a great end piece to Nolan’s Batman trilogy. However, in the same breath I could also say ‘meh’ about the movie, as I didn’t exactly love it. The “voice-over” effect used to make Bane audible is a big gripe, as is the distinct lack of Batman for a large section of the movie, never mind the just overbearing darkness of the whole affair.

So to be honest, now I’m not completely sure that I should have allowed Tristan to convince me to see Dark Knight Rises instead of the Amazing Spider-man which I had originally been leaning towards.

Anyway, the movie was a good 2 hours and 45 minutes in length, meaning a late exit from the cinema, followed by a drive back home, only to be welcomed by a rather quiet house and a very hungry cat.

So yeah, a pretty decent way to start my home alone weekend then! :)

TouchWork: Day 1 My Life 03 DEC 2008

TouchWorkMonday morning and I woke up feeling as fresh and bright as a daisy, got dressed, jumped into the car and hit the long road to Westlake, Tokai, eager to get cracking at my first day on the job as a TouchWork employee.

Cautious as ever, I had left a good hour and a half before my start time of 08:30, expecting at least a decent amount of resistance in the form of traffic on a route which I simply know nothing about. With that said, you can therefore imagine my surprise when I rocked up in Muizenberg at about 07:45, leaving me scratching my head and stopping off at the local Seven Eleven to purchase a cooldrink just to kill some time.

A phone call to Chantelle, a stop to finish my cooldrink, and a brisk morning stroll around the business park was enough to do the trick and at 08:30 I proudly entered through the Spintelligent building’s doors, only to be stopped dead in my tracks by the discovery that TouchWork was no longer based there!


(apparently Rory had sent me an email informing me about this move, but ’till this day where it ended up remains a complete and utter mystery!)

Luckily one of the guys there was good enough to fill me in on which direction to point the Jetta’s nose in and I was soon heading back into Muizenberg, screeching around some corners until I finally arrived at my rather unassuming destination. Though I’m not sure that you can call a residential house with a great big unfinished two storey extension sticking out of its side ‘unassuming’ I suppose!

It would seem that Rory’s once destined Home Entertainment Room (or warehouse as I like to think of it) is going to be TouchWork’s headquarters for the next couple of months while they complete the process of acquiring a new office building – something I’m certainly in no particular hurry for now that I’m so nicely settled in I tell you! :)

Anyway, day 1 turned out to be a pretty much meet and greet affair (including lunch with the FD and CEO), with a whole lot of talking, discussions and learning going on for basically the whole day. It sounds like there is a lot of work to be done and problems to be fixed, and it seems like I’m going to be playing quite a big role in sorting some of those issues out – so some exciting challenges to look forward to, that’s for sure!

So, so far so good, that’s all I can say.

Love the setup, love the people, looking forward to the work. Looks like I couldn’t have made any better choice in selecting my brand new employment of choice! :)

Ooh, forgot to mention that I’ve got a pretty sweet rig to work on thrown in as well. Oh, and a comfy (and OH so stylish) chair. Mustn’t forget the chair I tell you!