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Nail Clippers No More My Life 23 AUG 2011

Ah ha! I knew that my newly reinvigorated training regime would pay off. Only a few days back in, and already I have shown my remarkably increased strength by callously snapping my nail clippers’ compound lever right off the device whilst in the process of clipping my fingernails this weekend!

Ryan can attest to this seeing as I was speaking on the phone (via speaker phone) to him when this calamity occurred.

I need to be more careful in the future now. Don’t know the extent of my own strength any more…. handing out hugs might be dangerous from now on in.

How to Cut a Prem or Newborn Baby’s Nails Jessica 13 JAN 2011

Hey what do you know, at last Jessica is out of the minus X days old state, having finally passed her expected due date even though according to the calendar she has been with us for two whole months already! :)

Anyway, the point is that over these two months that she has been out of the womb, her soft little fingernails have grown to an alarming length, becoming a bit of an irritant to herself has she routinely scratches herself in the face or on the nose or against the eyelids.

Back when she was still at the hospital, we were advised just to leave the nails because at that point they were still too much a part of her skin to be able to do anything about without causing her pain, and so we left it and watched it grow.

However, we are now well out of this phase and at last the time to do something about the long nails has come to a head. Advice we got on dealing with this problem ranged from special baby clippers, using a pair of scissors and even biting them off, but in the end it was a piece of brilliance from Andy (who just had her beautiful little Annabella about a month ago co-incidentally) that put us on the right track:

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