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Review: Everki Swift Light Laptop Backpack Accessories 05 MAY 2015

For years I’ve used the traditional, over the shoulder, laptop carry bag. It works just fine, I’ve used it for years, and my laptops don’t seem to mind being shuttled around in it. However, with an upcoming business trip I decided that perhaps it was time to ditch the inconvenience of “over the shoulder” and switch to a more hands free “on the back” model – hence my need for a laptop backpack.

Everki Swift Light 17.3 inch Laptop Backpack 1

Doing a quick search on Takealot, I turned up a rather good looking backpack for a pretty decent price – R289 for the Everki Swift Light Laptop Backpack.

Particularly happy with the look and feel (well, not really feel – this was all online after all), I did some further review searching on the bag, and happy with the results, placed my order.

(Takealot’s order system seems a lot more refined since the last time I used them – usually I use Loot.co.za because their warehouse is in the same business park as Touchwork, but seeing as I am no longer there quite as often as I used to be, getting it delivered to my home is now much more convenient – and for a time Takealot is offering free delivery when placing an order via their new app!).

A couple of days later, a call from Mr Delivery, and I was standing by my front gate signing for a big brown nondescript box containing my newfound treasure.

At first glance, I have to say I really am happy with the look and feel of the bag. I know I’ve said that before, but this time I have the actual bag in my possession. Plus, it’s a perfect match for work, seeing as orange (the backpack’s interior is bright orange) is Touchwork’s brand colour. (For years I’ve worked whilst sitting on a funky black and orange office chair!)

As advertised, my nice sized Fujitsu Lifebook A Series laptop fits perfectly in the bag, as do all the normal accessories that I carry around in my laptop bag – so far so good. I am a little wary of the laptop protective padding though – it just seems so thin. But if I compare it to recent laptop bags then it matches up – I can only guess that either laptops have gotten sturdier over time, thus not needing quite so much padding any more, or else manufacturers really, really do enjoy saving bits of money here and there, basically wherever they can scrape a few millimeters off of something.

The sleek look does come with a few disadvantages though. The pockets and compartments are a little inconveniently sized, all long rectangles instead of big squares, meaning that you’re going to have to play around with how you pack your things in there – but it’s a minor quibble if you are using this to only really ferry your laptop around in.

I like the tough material it is made out of, and I like the seemingly waterproof foot of the bag.

In other words, I think it is a great bag considering the price I paid for it. So happy, yes.

Everki Swift Light 17.3 inch Laptop Backpack 2

If you’re interested in the bag’s description, features and dimensions, I grabbed these off of the official website page:

Travel light with the Swift’s sleek profile, streamlined compartments and solid construction. Busy students and corporate users alike will love the spacious interior that can accommodate up to a 17” laptop, power adapter, and accessories.

The elastic Snug-Fit laptop compartment easily stows out of the way when not carrying a notebook, allowing the Swift to double as a multipurpose gym, school, or weekend bag. A variety of multifunction accessory pockets keep the main compartment clean and organized.

Exterior features include a zippered outer pocket for quick access to essential items, side pockets for water bottles or other small items, padded shoulder straps with integrated headphone cable management, and a reinforced hand-carry grip.



Employee of the Month My Life 14 OCT 2010

Nice. One of the things Simon introduced at Touchwork after starting a couple of months ago as the Development Manager was the concept of the Employee of the Month award, basically a recognition of one singled out office dweller (generally of the Dev team) who receives a nice little gift from the company, usually a R200 gift voucher from Kalahari.net.

The good news is I managed to walk away with the prize for September (the second time I’ve come away with it), completely irrelevant to us developers because of course we ALL pretty much work our hardest at the company, but perfect timing for me because as you can imagine, the whole house buying thing has pretty much tied up all my cash, meaning I have absolutely no idea when last I actually bought something cool for myself!

So it goes without saying that I instantly hopped on Kalahari.net and selected some absolute classics in the form of good old animated DVDs to keep me entertained, two from the West and two from the East.

First up is the brilliant Superman: Doomsday which I have been itching to lay my hands on in DVD format for absolute ages now, while the second from the West is Dead Space: Downfall, a game-related sampling from Studio Roman that providing such excellent work in Dante’s Inferno. As for the two from the East, I picked up two bargain bin classics in the form of the original Blood: The Last Vampire and Street Fighter Alpha 2: Generations.

Cheesy I know, but man I am I looking forward to those sweet, sweet sounds of the footsteps of the deliveryman coming up our stairs once more!

It’s been a while you know! :P