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Misadventures of Major Naughtylust 004: Dealing with Dicks The Misadventures of Major Naughtylust 21 MAR 2012

I imagine being a urologist can’t exactly be the most glamorous of jobs considering the subject matter you have to deal with every day.

That said, a dick joke makes perfect sense here seeing as this is my little area on the web where I can cut loose and play around with NSFW material for a proper change of pace from all of the usual stuff.

Oh, and note I said a caped man stormed in. I’m not going to confirm nor deny whether or not that’s our beloved Major Naughtylust in the waiting room…

Misadventures of Major Naughtylust 001: Air Brake The Misadventures of Major Naughtylust 05 MAR 2011

Another “probably sounded funnier in his head” pencil, paper, eraser, black ballpoint pen and photoshop comic up for your enjoyment.

World, welcome your newest superhero dedicated to saving the day, and in most cases, gunning for your girl in the process! Put your hands together for… Major Naughtylust

Eish… Jokes & other Funny Stuff 23 AUG 2007

Because I’m in the mood for posting jokes, I thought I sneak this one in. Note, the nationalities of the men involved is pure coincidence. Van der Merwe, a blonde or an Irishman would have sufficed. Though hearing an Irishman saying “seriaaasss” just wouldn’t sound right :_)

A Zulu man, a Sotho man and a Venda man were all talking about their teenage daughters.

The Venda says, “A waz loooking for samethink in my daughta’s room the ada day and found a packet of cigarettes. I was really shocked, no! I didant even know she smoked…

The Sotho man says, “That’s naathing. I was loooking for somethink in my daughta’s room the ada day when I came across a full bottal of Vodka. I was really shocked, yes. I didant even know she drank…houw”

Then the Zulu man speaks up. “Both of you guys’ve got nathing to worry about. I was loooking for samethink in my daughta’s room The ada day and I found a packet of condoms.


“I was really shock ed, ne… I didant even know she had the penas.”


colourful condoms hanging on a washline