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Review: The Amazing Spider-Man (2012) Live-Action | My Reviews 24 SEP 2013

Marc Webb’s reboot of the cinematic world of Spider-man takes us back to a time before the popular Mary Jane Watson was ever on the scene, instead thrusting us back into a young Peter Parker’s teenage years, a time when he was still balancing academics, a crush on the popular Gwen Stacy, and just in general dealing with being a bit of an outcast and slightly cleverer than all of those around him at school.

Of course, an accident in the lab involving a spider bite and the subsequent death of his beloved uncle soon sees the birth of our new and unsure hero Spider-man, in the process putting him on a direct collision course with another by-product creation of the very lab that created him – the fearsome, regenerating Lizard!

the amazing spider-man screenshot

While the argument could probably be made that there wasn’t really any need to reboot the already strong Spider-man cinematic universe in the first place, I guess the call was made to try and attract a stronger following in the youth market by taking Spider-man a little further back to his roots – and to be fair The Amazing Spider-man certain does achieve this.

Although on a whole the story isn’t going to win any awards for drama or writing, not to mention actually remain a must see memorable comic book movie film, it does introduce a fairly young and very likable Andrew Garfield in the role of Spider-man who does an excellent job of bringing to life a very complicated young man who is struggling to find his identity in the world, a job made even harder by these new found abilities of his.

There is a decent amount of action to be had, a lot of fun swinging around the city Spider-man shots to take in, and a lot of good characterisation to enjoy – and despite one or two silly and downright cheesy moments, the film is actually a good comic book movie watch, and one which certainly entertained me once I finally got around to viewing it.

The actors are all well cast and the music is an excellent addition to the visuals on screen, not to mention just how good the special effects of course are.

Overall this is a polished action movie that comic book fans will certainly enjoy and even more importantly for Sony, makes Spider-man more relatable to the impressionable youth market once again!

the amazing spider-man screenshot gwen stacey

That doesn’t necessarily meant that I liked it though.

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Review: Ultimate Spider-man (2012) My Reviews 15 OCT 2012

Written by Brian Michael Bendis (who also happens to write the comic book series Ultimate Spider-man) together with Paul Dini and Man of Action (the guys behind Ben 10), Ultimate Spider-man gives us a fun to watch, often silly, but always very action-packed new take on Spider-man, new in the sense that while Spider-man is still the same insecure teenage Peter Parker we’re all pretty familiar with (and probably sick of by now), but now thrust into a new world of adventure by teaming up with Nick Fury’s S.H.I.E.L.D., gaining access to some pretty fancy gadgetry, and finally being put on a team of heroes consisting of White Tiger, Luke Cage, Nova and Iron Fist!

Ultimate Spider-man puts a twist into the origins of many of Spider-man’s more classic villains, but at the same time digs deep into the archives to bring back many of the minor faces as well as tease all the hardcore Marvel fanboys by inserting loads of references to different costumes, events and storylines which only a real fan would catch. A lot of the humor is slapstick based and gets combined with a very frequent breaking of the fourth wall, where the action freezes, you as the viewer gets directly addressed by Peter/Spider-man, before finally returning to the unfolding action.

This does get a little old fairly quickly, but it’s a minor annoyance when you realise just how much this action packed Spider-man and super pals adventure sucks you in, and at the same time makes you giggle more than once.

The animation is extremely slick, detailed and well done, particularly the choreography of the numerous fight scenes. Similarly, the voice actors all fit their respective characters like a glove, which is then wrapped in some fantastic soundtrack music.

Well worth the watch, and contains an extra sense of feel good to all the already hardcore comic book fans who will undoubtedly catch most of the little extras the writers seem so keen on including!

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First Impressions… Spectacular Spider-Man (2008) My Reviews 01 FEB 2012

I’m thoroughly, thoroughly enjoying this animated version of Spider-Man it must be said, even though it is telling all the stories we’ve heard before, just this time with more of a youthful, upbeat twist to them! :)

We all know the story, puny Peter Parker gets bitten by a radioactive spider, inherits a whole heap of spider-related abilities, which together with a little technical ingenuity from the genius himself, results in a youthful new masked hero flipping and swinging around New York City!

What the writers have cleverly done is taken the original Spider-Man story-arcs, condensed them and then reconfigured such that all the important classic and current characters appear together in the same timeline, but in such away that they are still in the process of evolving into the roles we’re accustomed to seeing them in, meaning that everything still feels very new.

This has resulted in a very accessible show that both kids and adults can enjoy together, with enough familiarity to please all the closet fanboys, and enough freshness to make you want to watch these well tread stories again, even if it is technically for the umpteenth time!

Matching this upbeat and more youthful approach is a fantastic simplified animation style which believe it or not, actually works for the show, and ends up being another contributing factor to the freshness of this new incarnation. Sure the show has its serious moments and commentary to make, but thanks to the animation style you are never have to be completely bogged down by all of this, and instead can just simply sit back and enjoy with a smile on your face.

The voice cast have been well picked, and the great mix of background and theme music round off the show well, and in a nutshell, if you have kids, make them watch this, and if you are a spider-man/comic book fan yourself, then sit down and watch it them.

The cutesy visuals are misleading – this really is an enjoyable outing! :)

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