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Jessica with Physiotherapist Stephanie at Et Al Jessica | My Life 28 SEP 2012

Whilst I’m having fun teaching Jessica all the irrelevant stuff (she kicks out on my command of “karate kick”, she lifts her arms up at “hands up”, she tilts her head upwards and roars at the call of “roar”, and she dutifully takes your hand and shakes at the command of “shake hands”), it is without a doubt the awesome kiddie physiotherapist Stephanie Halford from Et Al that is doing all the important movement stuff with our little girl.

The improvement in her abilities in terms of shifting weight, standing up and traversing from one object to another has been huge, and although her lower body is still not quite strong enough to just stand there on her own without any support, you just know that she’ll be walking in a month or two’s time (well, we’re kind of hoping anyway).

Then of course there is that very big psychological fear of walking unaided that seems to also be holding her back, but that I assume is a story for yet another specialist to tackle. Meanwhile I’ll continue to amuse myself by teaching her “judo chop”, never mind improving her artistic drawing skills now that I’ve purchased for her her very first set of jumbo crayons!

Anyway, here are a couple of snaps I managed to take during the last physio session with Stephanie, where as luck would have it, Chantelle was able to join Jessie and myself on account of her being booked off sick!

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Jessica vs. the Physio Jessica 09 AUG 2012

Right, I took Jessica to her third session with the physio on Tuesday, and pleasingly just these couple of sessions with Stephanie from Et Al Therapy and Learning Centre in Somerset West seems to be moving us along the right track, as Jessica moves to strengthen her lower muscles at a fairly quick pace, whilst Chantelle and I learn how we can further aid her in achieving this goal, all working towards that all important final milestone for young Jess – the ability to walk unaided!

At this stage a big thanks needs to go out to Mom and Dad for enabling us to take her for physio twice a week instead of just once a week as what we could originally afford, and by the looks of things this is really going to pay off sooner than later. So thanks a ton for that guys! :)

The sessions aren’t more than a half an hour long (mainly because it tires the little ones out so), and involves a number of playful exercises that usually sees Jessica being forced to elevate herself, stretch and reach out for things, and traverse obstacles laid out in front of her – not to mention bounce along on some rather big balls!

It depends on her mood on the day as to whether or not she’s going to keenly participate in the session, but for the most part Jessica definitely seems to be enjoying it – and is almost always out for the count in the car following one of Stephanie’s obviously tiring sessions!

So far the only thing Jessica isn’t too keen on doing is crawling through a canvas tunnel – and not even magical bubbles or the presence of mommy in the tunnel is enough to coax her through! But we’ll crack that one eventually I’m sure.

All in all, so far so good, and now you’re all up to speed on Jessie vs. the Physio. Whew, my work here is done! :)