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Jessica with Physiotherapist Stephanie at Et Al Jessica | My Life 28 SEP 2012

Whilst I’m having fun teaching Jessica all the irrelevant stuff (she kicks out on my command of “karate kick”, she lifts her arms up at “hands up”, she tilts her head upwards and roars at the call of “roar”, and she dutifully takes your hand and shakes at the command of “shake hands”), it is without a doubt the awesome kiddie physiotherapist Stephanie Halford from Et Al that is doing all the important movement stuff with our little girl.

The improvement in her abilities in terms of shifting weight, standing up and traversing from one object to another has been huge, and although her lower body is still not quite strong enough to just stand there on her own without any support, you just know that she’ll be walking in a month or two’s time (well, we’re kind of hoping anyway).

Then of course there is that very big psychological fear of walking unaided that seems to also be holding her back, but that I assume is a story for yet another specialist to tackle. Meanwhile I’ll continue to amuse myself by teaching her “judo chop”, never mind improving her artistic drawing skills now that I’ve purchased for her her very first set of jumbo crayons!

Anyway, here are a couple of snaps I managed to take during the last physio session with Stephanie, where as luck would have it, Chantelle was able to join Jessie and myself on account of her being booked off sick!

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Jessica vs. Core Strength Jessica 19 JUL 2012

On Tuesday we took Jessica through to see a physiotherapist.

Chantelle has over the last little while been a bit worried about Jessica not making the transition through to walking. This is negatively impacting her life at the Baby Steps creche, as it is frustrating for little Jess not to join in with her peers, especially now that a lot of them have been upgraded to the slightly older children segment, leaving her behind with the smaller babies.

Having first contacted a clinical psychiatrist about the matter, Chantelle was instead referred to a physiotherapist, which made more sense as Jessica’s issue seems more physical than anything else. We met up with the lovely Stephanie Halford at the Et Al Therapy and Learning Centre in Somerset West, where Jessica took an immediate liking to all the simple tasks Stephanie set out for her, allowing Stephanie to observe and draw some much needed conclusions for us.

On the positive side, Jessica appears normal with no issues whatsoever in terms of her movements, body control and fine motor skills. What she is however lacking in is core strength, meaning that basically her trunk isn’t strong enough to give her good stability – all of which translates to the fact that Jessica only enjoys standing when she can hold on to something stable. This explains why she is not fond of walking whilst holding only one of our hands, as well as then obviously why she is unable to stand by herself, let alone actually walk.

Now that we know this, we know what to further investigate in terms of learning what sorts of exercises and games we need to play with Jess in order for her to strengthen her core muscles. (sorry my girl, but I foresee plenty of sit ups in your near future!)

We are also in the process of scheduling her in for a weekly physiotherapy session or two, which should speed up the strengthening process as well.

So yeah, good call by Chantelle and definitely money well spent. After all, knowing is half the battle! :)