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Oupa and Jessica planted Beans! Jessica 18 MAY 2015

I forgot to mention that a fair couple of weeks ago, Jessica was in for a right treat when Monty prepared a bed of soil for her and tasked her with planting her very own green bean garden patch.

Of course, the actual planting was quite stressful for oupa Monty as he continuously reminded Jessica not to push the seeds down too deep, not to cover them with so much soil, not to press on them so much, not to give them so much water, etc.

jessica lotter planting her bean seeds with oupa in the garden

Nevertheless, each and every little bean was planted, patted and watered, and two weeks later I brought the girls back so that Jessica could inspect her gardening project.

Thankfully, the beans had all sprouted and were standing quite proud and tall – exactly what a little blonde princess might have been expecting!

jessica lotter proudly standing next to her bean garden

grandpa monty montgomery standing with jessica lotter next to her bean garden

Emily on the other hand couldn’t be bothered with the whole bean planting exercise. She was more than happy to continue being swung in Monty’s fun makeshift milk crate swing!

emily lotter swinging in a makeshift crate swing

So with beans now mastered, I wonder what gardening project is up next from Oupa and Ouma Montgomery? ;)

granny cheryl mongomery and grandpa monty montgomery sitting next to jessica lotter at stodels in bellville

Tackling the Lounge Flower Bed My Life 05 APR 2011

Now that things are more settled in our lives in terms of a routine for Jessica, we can finally turn to our more neglected duties around Country Mews, like the poor garden for example.

Over the last couple of weekends we have been tackling and beautifying what had become a slightly forlorn and disparaging sight over the hot summer months since Jessica’s unexpected arrival.

True, having the majority of our garden implements stolen out of our shed didn’t help, but nevertheless, that is what insurance is for (with a bloody HUGE excess I might snarkily add) I guess.

Anyway, one of the earliest projects we tackled (and I use the term we rather loosely, as the majority of work and ideas belong to Chantelle), was the lounge flower bed housing our big Sheena’s Gold tree.

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