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Policewoman Quickie (Rina Akiyama) Cosplay 16 APR 2012

Japanese policewoman uniforms are quite cute in reality, so it is no real surprise that they are a popular dress up choice for cosplayers. That said, Rina Akiyama isn’t really a true cosplayer, rather she’s a successful actress, gravure idol and tarento. Nevertheless, she does look pretty cute dressed up as a Tokyo policewoman!

Covered: Wonder Woman #220 (J.G. Jones) Comic Book Art | Comic Books 02 APR 2011

It is not often that you see Diana (or Wonder Woman if you prefer) being escorted away in handcuffs, but that is exactly the scenario painted in Wonder Woman #220, written by Greg Rucka with interior art by David Lopez and Bit, released in 2005.

This particularly stunning, detailed cover comes to us courtesy of cover artist extraordinaire, J.G. Jones, capturing this moment in time almost photo realistically.

An American comic book artist, J.G. Jones is best known for his various cover artist pieces that span a variety of different titles and publishers, from Y: The Last Man all the way through to all 52 covers for the series 52. As for interior artwork, his credits include Wonder Woman: The Hiketeia from DC and Mark Millar’s Wanted from Top Cow.

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