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Breakfast at The Pool Room, Oak Valley in Elgin (2015-11-05) Photo Gallery 14 NOV 2015

So having enjoyed an unintended (but delicious) cup of Hot Chocolate at Fred & Max in Elgin, I suggested to a dejected Chantelle that perhaps we should wander over to the nearby Oak Valley Estate to see if their beautiful The Pool Room restaurant could maybe help us out in terms of a nice breakfast.

(We were on our way to Caledon for a bit of a mid-week break from work in case you are wondering.)

IMG_20151105_095414 the pool at the pool room, oak valley, elgin

Situated in the picturesque and fertile Elgin, Oak Valley Estate is an old estate (established 1898), known these days for its multi-purpose functionality, namely its wines, flowers, meats, mountain bike trails, and now of course, restaurant.

IMG_20151105_094846 at the pool room, oak valley, elgin

The first thing that strikes you when you stop in the gravel parking lot in front of The Pool Room’s entrance is the sheer beauty of all the greenery around you. Lush lawns, plentiful trees… well, you get the picture.

The clean, spacious restaurant overlooks an elegantly shaped pool, with the water continuing that theme of tranquility which makes this such a special little dining spot.

IMG_20151105_095420 inside at the pool room, oak valley, elgin

Thankfully for Chantelle’s sake, The Pool Room does in fact have some delicious breakfast options available on their menu, and we enjoyed a thoroughly relaxed meal in an absolute perfect setting.

IMG_20151105_095436 chantelle at the pool room, oak valley, elgin

In other words, highly recommended as a fantastic breakfast stop! :)

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Some more Jessica in the Pool Shorts! Jessica 01 DEC 2011

Because these clips are crying out to be shared and because I have yet to do so, I do so now, by sharing these clips with you.

Another two short videos of Jessica enjoying her swimming lessons, proving that my international swimsuit model to be is already ballsy enough to start a water fight with the other babies when the mommies aren’t looking! :)

It’s really awesome to see just how much little Jess loves the water, really it is! :)

There, all shared.

Jessica Enjoying her Swimming Classes Jessica | My Life 22 NOV 2011

A week or two ago I finally got the opportunity to join Chantelle and Jessica on one of their Monday swimming lessons, held at the Blowfish Swimming School which operates out of a converted residential house in the Strand.

It was fantastic to actually be there in person for a change (up until now, I’ve only ever seen the video footage of Jessie in the heated pool), and to actually witness just how much Jess seems to enjoy the experience – and the water!

That said, shame, my little baby girl was well and truly put through her paces seeing as none of the other mommies that usually attend with Chantelle could make it, meaning that there were no rest breaks for our little dribble monster as they swiftly moved from one exercise to the next!

One of the best things to come out of this experience for me though is the fact that I now have a very good idea of what they do with Jessie in the pool, what she is used to, and more importantly what I can do with her in Granny and Grandpa’s pool come this Summer holiday.

Needless to say, I can’t wait! :)

Anyway, here are a couple of video that I managed to grab on the day:

And now you know! :)

2014-01-20 UPDATE: After numerous people contacting me for a contact number for Blowfish Swimming School, my wife went and dug up the number that we used when we were still utilizing their services a couple of years ago: Anke – 082 900 7614. Hopefully that helps.

The Weekend in Review My Life 23 APR 2007

squash racquet with ballNuts. Another glorious weekend has come to an end. Had a nice one this time round. Friday I ended the day off by going off to Karate and then following that up with a nice hour’s session of squash with Karl. To be honest, the less said about the squash the better – Karl kept apologising to me afterwards for his poor performance. (We’ll blame Thursday nights badminton this time round). Relaxed at home for a while playing some Canis Canem Edit from Rockstar Games – awesome game just by the way. Round 11:00 I felt like a drink so I popped down to Edward street – and ended up getting home at 03:30 in the morning :) I’m absolutely loving what Stones have done to expand their premises into a very decent dance venue.

Skipped squash on Saturday morning because I only woke up just after 07:00. Seeing as I’ve been using Ryan’s car for the week, I picked him up instead and we went shopping. I should have known it would end in disaster – every time I hit the shops with him I end up buying a game. This time was no different and I picked up Final Fantasy X-2 at long last. Back home Terrance popped around and Ryan, him and I wasted the afternoon away beating the crap out of each other in Naruto and Dragonball Z: Budokai 3. We popped out the evening to catch Hot Fuzz – thoroughly thoroughly enjoyable and worth it. Afterwards Ryan and I went to Ellingtons to shoot some pool. Again the place was as busy as a mortuary. I honestly can’t understand how it is still operating with this level of imaginary customers.

Sunday was nice and laid back. I slept in until 09:00 which is a fairly strange event for me. Usually its up at 06:30 for some squash, but I decided to give my body a bit of a break. Well, at least until the afternoon when I went for an enjoyable jog around the Welgemoed dam a couple of times. After that it was to the Bellville golf course to play a quick nine holes. Lets just say that Ernie Els has absolutely no reason to be worried ;)

Throw in some gaming and anime on the side and it all mixes together for quite a nice busy and thoroughly enjoyable weekend :)