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Kids, Bikes and Country Mews in Gordon’s Bay (2016-08-20) Photo Gallery 29 AUG 2016

Jessica was enjoying quite a good Saturday. She had already had fun at Courtney’s birthday party in the morning (hence the face paint), then she had ice cream in kleinmond, following by a walk around the harbour and then some adventure on a coastal walkway.


Yet, despite all this, the girls still wanted more, meaning that regardless of the fact that neither Chantelle nor I wanted to leave the comfort of our couch following our return from the day’s outing, we had little choice but to given in to the incessant cry to go out for a sunset complex bike tag-along.


Which in the end wasn’t all that bad mind you.

A beautiful sunset, lots of flowers showing at the communal garden space, some play time on the jungle gym, and I guess, some nice fresh air.


Still, a snooze on the couch would have been rather nice!

Emily and her Push Bike My Life 12 NOV 2015

History tends to repeat itself, or so the saying goes, so it makes sense then that just a handful of years ago Jessica was entertaining herself on her green Big Jim push bike

2013-06-08-13.49.30 jessica lotter on her big jim green push bike

…and now two and a half years later, we have Emily zipping about on one as well!

emily on kid push bike at baby steps daycare

(At the moment, Emily is very much playing follow the leader when we go for rides around the complex – wherever Jess turns to ride to, Emily is close behind on the green push bike!)

Oh. And my child really does wake up with “bed hair” of note!

IMG_20151115_124353 emily lotter on her green push bike in country mews, gordon's bay

This Long Weekend My Life 15 JUN 2013

Thanks to the cold and wet weather last weekend, we didn’t get up to anything really worth reporting back about, and with Chantelle a bit busy on the Saturday, Jessica and I did the best to entertain ourselves by playing some Just Cause 2, stacking countless tuna tins, and sneaking out for rides on the push bike whenever a little break in the clouds would allow for it.

2013-06-08 13.49.30

Sunday on the other hand was a different story, with pretty much all the cloud cover gone, leaving behind a beautiful winter’s day which we made full use of by first doing a spot of shopping, and then following it up with a Sunday afternoon drive through to Grabouw, where we stopped off for a light lunch at the Red Tractor Cafe (part of the popular Peregrine Farm Stall), followed by a bit of a play session on their fun wooden play park.

2013-06-09 13.44.22

And as the attached video evidence goes on to show, this seems to really have knackered poor little Jessica, who ended up in bed long before her usual bed time!

This long weekend however is going to be a whole lot more awesome. Chantelle has organised a weekend away for the three of us, booking us in at the remote Rico Suter Country House which sits on the Rico Suter wine farm at the foot of the Waaihoek mountain range, somewhere between Worcester and Ceres. We leave today and come back on Monday afternoon and hopefully with our thumbs held tight, the weather will play along and treat us well! (And if not, well then there is little better than a roaring fireplace in a little farmhouse anyway!)

2013-06-08 11.48.15

Can’t wait! :)

Photo Gallery: Weekend Fun (Including a Trip to Red Tractor) (2013-06-09) Photo Gallery 09 JUN 2013

Weather over the weekend wasn’t particularly great, and with Chantelle out and about Jessica and I did our best to keep ourselves busy – you know doing things like stacking tuna tins and sneaking outside for a ride on the push bike when the clouds cleared just a little!

Luckily Sunday was a whole different story, with fantastic winter’s weather that allowed for an afternoon trip out to Grabouw, where we enjoyed a light lunch at the Red Tractor Cafe (part of the Peregrine Farm Stall), followed by some play time in their play park afterwards!

(And as you can see from the final photo, this must have really knackered young Jess in the process!)

2013-06-09 13.44.22

A Rather Relaxing Weekend My Life 29 MAY 2013

I have to say, I enjoyed a rather relaxing weekend this weekend past.

Ignoring the fact that Friday was a little shitty thanks to me having caught Chantelle’s 24 hour stomach bug that she had endured earlier in the week, and factoring in the inordinate amount of time I spent over the entire weekend playing and completing the thoroughly enjoyable Just Cause 2 on the XBOX, there was still more than enough time on Saturday for Jess and I to make the most of the gorgeous morning weather by taking a stroll out on the harbour wall, before spending a good 45 minutes on Bikini Beach playing in the sand, followed by a meet up with Chantelle (who had returned from her Stellenbosch Christmas Market application demo) at the Somerset Mall where we enjoyed a fun lunch at Tamaret, with Jessie taking a rather unhealthy liking to the cheese sauce that accompanied my food!

jessica lotter enjoying daddy's cheese sauce

Oh, and of course Saturday was also the day that Jessica received her first ever push bike!

jessica lotter riding her new push bike

With the winter rainy weather that had crept in over the course of Saturday continuing well into Sunday, the last day of the weekend saw us do little more than do a minor Pick ‘n Pay shop, sort out the house, braai, enjoy an afternoon snooze, and venture out for a little evening walk around the complex.

Oh, and did I mention all that Just Cause 2 I was playing during all of this?

So yup, a seriously relaxing weekend with not all that much to report back on then! :)