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A Birthday Rainbow Cake Surprise (2016-05-15) Photo Gallery 19 MAY 2016

On Sunday we enjoyed a brilliant braai at the Montgomery Clan Stronghold, welcoming back Rob and Tarryn who had just returned from their 3 week long honeymoon holiday in Thailand! It was brilliant to hear all about the sights and sounds that they had encountered, leaving both Chantelle and myself super jealous in the process!

IMG_20160515_162552 birthday rainbow cake from the velvet cake co

The best part of the day was however dessert time, when out of the blue, Chantelle came strolling out carrying a rainbow cake of all things! What I didn’t know was that it was a surprise cake for me in celebration of my birthday that had fallen earlier in the week, which meant that I got the Full Monty in terms of having Happy Birthday sung to me and blowing out the candles (which of course, Jessica did on my behalf).

I love rainbow cakes in general – how can one not like this happy clappy cake! – and this particular one from The Velvet Cake Co. (situated in Rosenpark, Bellville) was delicious, tasting as good as what it looks!

What a nice Sunday surprise.

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33 Reached! My Life 22 MAY 2013

I haven’t been a particularly active, hands-on blogger lately, so this post is a little late in coming (sorry), but obviously since the 11th of May, which was a week or two ago now, I’ve been sitting in the upgraded seat of 33, now well and truly in the middle of being a responsible good adult/parent stage of my life.

craig lotter with daughter jessica

And as I’ve learned over the past 2 or 3 years, with the combined time pressures of a good paying but work intensive job, being married, running a house, and of course trying to be the best possible dad to a little two-and-a-half year old daughter that one can be, you can pretty much forget about setting your sights on any personal achievements for the next 365 day period, unless of course you’re prepared to sacrifice on one of the things I just mentioned above – meaning that just like last year, I’m not going to.

Instead, I’m just going to enjoy my comfortable life exactly as it is now.

Anyway, while last weekend was a pretty relaxed affair, we shopped, installed the new oven, braaied multiple times, and took Jessica on a walk all the way to Pick ‘n Pay, the weekend before that, i.e. My Birthday Weekend, was pretty damn cool.


Friday night was a bit of a bust because I had work to do and as per usual Chantelle was in the kitchen baking, but Saturday was all win, as after a bit of shopping, we headed out to Bellville where we borrowed Mom and Dad’s home to set up shop, basically a boerewors braai, rainbow cake (the best I’ve ever seen!) munching, table tennis bashing visitation with 95% of the usual gang of friends (Stapelbergs,Grangers,Storbecks, plus Ryan) all present. (The table tennis was exceedingly fun by the way).

That was followed up by the exceedingly awesome Iron Man 3 at Tygervalley in the evening with Chantelle and Robert, rounded off by a late night coffee with peppermint crisp tart at the only joint still open in Tygervalley at that late hour!


Sleeping over in Bellville we then headed out on Sunday morning for a delicious Mother’s Day breakfast get together with Cheryl and Rob, Mom and Dad, and Ryam at the always pleasant Bamboo Garden Restuarant at the Cape Garden Centre in Joostenbergvlakte, after which I made another visitation to Mom and Dad’s pad in order to spend an hour or two playing non-stop table tennis against Dad (who unfortunately had to deal with my Birthday weekend luck, the result of which left him completely win-less on the day!).

Sunday evening we spent relaxing with Jess at home in Gordon’s Bay, and seeing that Touchwork has the awesome policy of giving you a day off for your birthday, I then proceeded to enjoy a rather peaceful Monday at home, doing a mall shopping run and then playing copious amounts of the very fun Just Cause 2 on the XBOX.

So yeah. It really wasn’t a bad way to mark the completion of yet another 365 days on this planet! :)

Photo Gallery: Craig’s Birthday Cake (2013-05-11) Photo Gallery 11 MAY 2013

I enjoyed a pretty good birthday weekend, thanks to the fact that my birthday fell on a Saturday this year, resulting in a nice long weekend for me thanks to Touchwork’s policy of getting a day off on one’s birthday. Anyway, Saturday afternoon we took over Mom and Dad’s house in Bellville, and with all the usual suspects in tow, we enjoyed a day of braai, boerewors rolls, rainbow cake and the all important table tennis!

But man, that rainbow cake. Did Chantelle do awesome or what?!? :)


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