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Anime Download: Kite Liberator Anime 28 AUG 2010

So roll around 2007 and director Yasuomi Umetsu, best known for his works Kite and Mezzo Forte, decides to make a follow up to his controversial but hugely successful Kite, which featured brutal and calculated teenage assassin Sawa cutting loose on the general populace. So what has he come up for us this time around then?

Several years after the events in Kite, a new teenage assassin is cleaning up the gritty streets of Tokyo. Her name is Monaka, the Angel of Death, and her calling card is an explosion of feathers scattered across her bloody crime scene.

To everyone else, however, Monaka is a clumsy teenager moonlighting in a maid café trying to get enough money to move out of her uncle’s apartment. Her father is an astronaut on the international space station, and she hasn’t seen him for four years.

But as unbelievable as all that sounds, even she’d never believe what’s become of him in space…

I found these files on RapidShare thanks to the always handy FileCrop file sharing search engine, so download the pieces, put them all together and voila: you should be good to go! :)


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Ubuntu Lucid Lynx: JDownloader for Easy File Download from MegaUpload CodeUnit 19 JUL 2010

If you enjoy downloading files from those useful but not always so user friendly online dump sites like megaupload.com, rapidshare.com or mediafire.com to name a few (be it as a premium OR free member), then taking a look at the clever file downloader named JDownloader might well be worth your while.

JDownloader is an open source, platform independent file download manager written in Java. It’s particular strength lies in downloading files from so-called one-click-hosters and as such handles all the annoying little things like automatic link decryption, as well as offering multiple parallel stream downloading, captcha recognition and automatic file extraction. It can import CCF, RSDF and DLC files, and in general is just a pretty useful file download manager to have running on your system.

To get it installed on your Ubuntu 10.0.4 Lucid Lynx installation is as easy as running the following from a terminal console:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:jd-team/jdownloader
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install jdownloader


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FileCrop: RapidShare and MegaUpload Search Engine CodeUnit 17 MAY 2010

I’ve mentioned the great MegaDownload.net RapidShare and MegaUpload search engine on this site before, but now a new site has caught my fancy, namely FileCrop.

Like I mention above, at the heart of it all, FileCrop is simply a search engine in the sense that it collects links to uploaded files hosted on RapidShare and MegaUpload, two of the Internet’s biggest providers of public accessible file drop sites. This of course opens up a wealth of download possibilities, be it downloads for those hard to find anime episodes you are looking for, or perhaps an desktop application you no longer can locate an official download point for.

FileCrop is quick, features a growing database of about 22 million links, is simple to use and doesn’t seem to feature any adverts or spam content. It gives a good amount of detail about the files retrieved based on your search criteria, and goes that extra step in allowing you to dictate in part where it searches and in what size range the results should be.

Slick, works well and a great little tool to find those gems you like holding on to as entertainment on those frequent little tea breaks of yours.

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MegaDownload.net CodeUnit 30 NOV 2009


File-sharing sites like megaupload.com, mediafire.com and rapidshare.com (just to name a few obviously) have proved themselves as an invaluable tool when it comes to shifting files between people that are otherwise to big to send via the traditional e-mail attachment route.

Of course, the premise of file-sharing websites is usually that you are sharing a resource with a select few, hence there’s no need for a file sharing service to go and blurt out to the world what exactly is sitting on its server, particularly if it wants to maintain some modicum of control over its monthly bandwidth usage bill.

Which is frustrating of course, particularly if you are trolling around the Net for resources that you suspect may just be sitting on these “shared” accounts.

However, it is exactly at this point where “search engines” like megadownload.net come in to play. Basically they scour forums and the like to pick up on forum members posts that reference files being linked on these file-sharing sites, essentially building up an index of files that should be sitting there, waiting to be grabbed whenever one needs them.

Megadownload.net is one of these search engines that I’ve come to enjoy using thanks to it’s decent result set for both rapidshare and megaupload servers, as well as for its relatively clean and informative layout of its search results (though in fairness this is slowly but surely being cluttered up by advertising that they’ve now seen fit to add). In addition, they also make a nifty note of related files found in relation to your search query results, something that comes in quite handy when you searching on something like a series or the like.

So, if you don’t want to give up some upload bandwidth by settling for a torrent and instead would prefer a direct download of something you “desperately” need, give it a spin. Really not too shabby at all! :)